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  1. Another crazy side of Mad Wancock revealed in today's news. This man is unstoppable?! So he is using Hollywood movie as his inspiration. humnn Demand would be 'Huge'? huh? Completely deluded. Such man is easy to fall. There are many potholes around the Westminster and the council hasn't done much about them. Anyway I think once they are done with him, the poster boy would be chucked out like a bin bag. We will celebrate then.
  2. Can't reveal a story but that is true.
  3. I don't know if he's for real or whether they have set this up to print 'conspiracy theorist' in people's mind but guys.... he didn't do it right if they came looking for him. You have to do it so that they won't come for you. Just use your mind for electric to go wrong, vaxx defrosted, job done.
  4. Since we are no longer in EU it won't matter so much but it would be easier for them to set up another unelected commission with a president and produce their version of 'vaccine certificate'. ;) Status wise both parties will be on equal keel.
  5. Is that the terrorist wearing a balaclava? I hope they'll release the hostage soon.
  6. Missed that, well spotted! And they are wearing blue... Tory supporters no doubt. Labour support would have worn red. I wonder who they are? Other than the obvious, any other connection etc?
  7. Sorry to deflate such action as above but NEVER launch a project or legal proceeding when Mercury is retrograde. It's destine to fail. People are wasting time and oppportunity by not knowing when to act. I would delay it till at least 22nd Feb.
  8. Do you think fact check will know if this piece of info is correct or not?
  9. Dead or Alive one brings up a lot of memory at the Sanctuary back in the day. Danni's version is ok but you can't beat the gold short pants. She's spinning as well. lol
  10. This is a new one on me. I didn't know Covid could travel via the internet to infect people. Quite serious case, isn't it?
  11. How many countries? May be not many because he might not last that long. There are leaks from inside, apparently he's mentally unstable....like forgetting what he said a few moments ago etc.
  12. You are good to go. Exporting...lol Where to buy marijuana: http://webehigh.org/zanzibar-tanzania/
  13. This Oirish clown makes me want to throw a pie at him. Offence: for waffling. No more Christmas for you. It will continue FOREVERRRRR.
  14. Hilarious. yeah make sure you've got this print out and persuade everyone standing to "ACT and play the part". Can't go wrong with NHS and Gov logo, can ya?!
  15. Some idea I had if I were in your situation, I'd set up a copycat website like fantastic cleaners, gardners, removers, services etc in a city. You don't need to know how to set up a website, there are people who can make this for you at reasonable cost in Phillipines etc. Obviously I don't know nothing about Tanzania, is it like S. Africa? If so, I'd imagine there is a market for it. OR become an agent for future expats so that when they move to Tanzania, you can help them find property etc
  16. Plenty more madness. Market stall holders, you'll be next for serving your customers. I don't see any difference, do you?
  17. ^ This is what I was thinking as well. Next Protest! It better be on a sunny day for obvious reason but all lay down on the pavement and if pigs ask you, we'll all say "We are acting like we have Covid per the government propaganda poster."
  18. Surely our government don't do such thing as psyop?
  19. Exactly. Both US and UK lost billions, they don't know where it's gone. We don't hear about that anymore though. lol
  20. Just bin the letter. If they harass you with text etc.... reply with one word "Decline". It's an offer...right?
  21. Good job I don't use Amazon. Anyway, I'm pretty certain drivers are open for negotiation if you bribe them. ;)
  22. aww, it's always Derbyshire, intit? lol Covid case is 145 in total and the whole nation is in lockdown till September?
  23. I've heard quite a few people saying someone went into hospital for something other than Covid who was tested negative but after having received an injection died. Common story. This doc who talks about that doctor who bled to death in Florida.... "I've had it." badge of honour. But comments and likes are encouraging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UijQ-6jhVuc
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