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  1. Well repond nothing is a wise choice but how about telling them that "there is a programme going on to kill the dumbest and most stupid of the human herd" hence I am staying away from..... Let them mull over that.
  2. Thanks but I could only spare about 1.5 mins of it. She could be a distant relative of an old bag who spoke to me exactly like her in British accent. Since this experience, if I encounter such zombie, I ask if they had a vaxx and I praise them. Even suggesting they should have one weekly and make sure they are registered for organ donation because it's a 'descent' things to do for the humanity and suggest she'd triple her mask. At this point, I really see a danger in having a righteous moral. fuck it. I'm a renegade.
  3. I would also like to add since I've read a few posts where people have become weary and very frustrated to the point of breaking. We are raising vibration and as you go higher up and normies aren't moving, you would notice the gap even more. The normies can stay where they feel 'safe' in vaccinated camp but from the spiritual pov, there is one way up if you were to avoid the recycling centre. You can ben rinsed and recycled so many times but you will be still here UNTIL you realise you need to do some work and get out. Everybody including the evil cunts work for the god. We all have purpose. But you cannot understand this view unless you raise yourself from where you are (3D).
  4. This is SICK y'all. While they are praising her for being an angel this angel that..... I'm thinking, there is nothing you can do if the whole family is dumb and completely oblivious after a year of this. Look at the time stamp @11:11.
  5. She would do anything for money. A bit like Katie Price....may be they are distantly related.
  6. I wouldn't believe this to be the final lockdown. It is likely to continue for the next 10 years...., definitely a possibility apparently. Bollocks.
  7. I thought Costa Rica was nice once but I heard that this is where US alphabet agency operative retire or something rather. Also I heard that it's expensive there.
  8. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what they do if you are not affected by it....isn't that right? You might say, but my friends, colleauges don't know anything about this and they are affected. well, are you responsible for your friends' life? Are you striving to save the whole world like Jesus? (though he didn't...right? lol) Do you pay for their food, rent and nurse them? We need to start to focus back to self-responsibility. Too much focus on others mean that one can neglect one's need and development.
  9. This is what I do, if they insist and are watching me use the hand sanitiser, I place my hand on the pump, push it but it doesn't land on my hand. I quickly rub my hands and move on. Or I carry my own spray, I won't reveal its content. ;)
  10. This post. PCR = unreliable fake test? https://forum.davidicke.com/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=4638 I don't know what your people received. Were they on some kind of medication? I don't know how mRNA could have got into their system. Or that they didn't have any. It was simply a diahrea followed by temperature and flu like symptoms. And they believe they had it because AZT was making them ill anyways? There are too many variables here.
  11. My understainding from a thread lont time ago is this. Depending on the country you get tested, there are different markers they use. This means that you could be HIV+ in one country and not in other country which uses different marker. Sounds like fucked up? They haven't been able to isolate the virus either. My suspicion is that it was created....like this Covid vaxx, a trojan horse so that there is no virus but your immune system made useless and prone to all kinds of illness.
  12. Think of sunlight, it contains all colour. When you use a prism, it will split into different colour/frequencies. We are like this. The infinite consciousness contains everything and when a soul descend into a physical body (lower, slower vibration to manifest as solid) we are like red, blue, green and so on. Some of them will be evil, others saint-like and that depends on when and what time they were born. If this makes it difficult for you to understand, think of a rotating ceiling fan. When it is spinning fast, you cannot see but when it slows down, it solidifies into separate blades. Do not harm is because, it's not karma as such, you are surrounding yourself with 'harm' vibration that that comes to you. This is simply LOA. What you think, you will become. Now, some will know how to escape this and it's all a perception. That's why when I read posts here and people are angry, I feel sorry for them because they are bringing down their life. Even if you hate the elites, wish them well or say nothing at all. I know it probably sounds like a fucvked up comment but you don't have to take it now. Just simmer it and may be one day, it will click. Life is like surfing. Go against the tide and you'll fail but if you ride with the tide, you can have fun. Be like water so that you can always adjust to any situation. Having said this, you need to practise and experience many failures before you get a hang of it. Some pack up the surf board and go home. EDIT: I wouldn't blame on Shiva. After all, you guys are trying to destroy the NWO? Unless you destroy something which is present, you can't bring on new. For example, if you want to divorce OH, you have to destroy the marital status to become single. Another one is motherhood/parenthood. A childless couple to become parents, they have to destroy their childless status. As long as you are thinking in terms of good/bad, you cannot ascend.
  13. I read somewhere today that they are already advicing people on upcoming autumn jab. You are so right in saying it will go on and on and on. lol
  14. Do we see recurring situation? The inventor of PCR test dead, this one is also dead.....
  15. I bet ya, Greg Abbott is related to George Bush.
  16. No reason is needed. Obviously, your higherself, speaking to your through intuition, can see better and all you need is this unknown certainty which will change things over time for our good.
  17. It's year of the Bull/Ox, let's make it ours. Chinese new year in a week.
  18. So this comes out of the bible? In another words, they don't want God's protection? Your explanation makes sense but it doesn't go with that door sign. Second thoughts, they've got protection from Moloch or whatever they are referring to therefore they don't need God's protection?
  19. And if you keep silent and stare, they get really uneasy. This is when I transmit my mind control and do all kinds of stuff to them. ;) LOL
  20. At this point in this ridiculous game, you might as well say I am waiting for my turn and if anybody argues with you say that you have a freedom of choice. Since euthanasia is still banned and you haven't got the fund to fly to Switzerland or they won't let you fly without the vaccine (catch 22) so tell them to f-off. Can they argue with your wish? And if they have mask on or say they have been vaxxed, remind them that they are safe and question if their logic is sane. If they turn around that mask dosen't protect 100% (whch is true) then suggest that they wear 6 masks. lol
  21. Funny but I can't believe we are even entertaining this!!
  22. FAct Checked!! https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/dec/10/blog-posting/no-pfizers-head-research-didnt-say-covid-19-vaccin/ well of course if you don't explore, there is no evidence. lol
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