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  1. Can we gate crash the zoom meeting? Send us the link. We won't tell it was you who passed it on and we will ask pertinent questions with data to back it up. This is a huge opportunity we can't miss. lol
  2. So someone mentioned about Bojo. I also think that he could well be in deep shit, ransomed etc... and I am even thinking possibly the Queen too.... Prince Phillip held hostage in the hospital that she had to do her cameo to do the vaxx promotion before he could be released from the captivity. The plot is getting darker.... what da ya think?
  3. Now you reminded me, I need to go n buy a yellow pen. I'm in two minds if I'm going to tick satanist or JW in the religious section this time. I guess it all depends on how I'm feeling that day. I'm wondering if they will be offering FB style gender boxes as wel....
  4. The thing is the majority has no knowledge of it hence don't/can't use it. Need re-education. Anyway, I take it he did it right in the video?
  5. Like it's as empty as the testing centre?
  6. wow I didn't know this. I presume this virus can penetrate a concrete wall and travel over a mobile network?
  7. Normies believe about Covid, 'effectiveness' of mask etc.... if they were to activate the Project Bluebeam, they will believe the 2nd coming of Jesus.
  8. I know emotion can run high but pretend that you are an actor. Actors have to laugh like they are having a really good time on screen when in fact they are going through a terrible divorce etc.... For your safety (garrh I said it! lol), learn to bite your tongue and channel that anger and use it else where like you work your arse out to throw Mr Wancock in a bin. That anger will bring joy in the end. Make sure you video it when that happens. lol
  9. I know it's tiresome but the only way to share is to go to archive.org and put that link in FB or in the comment section in Oz. Use a VPN to access a page which is banned and take a screenshot and post it on blog where server is outside of Oz too. blah... Learn from Chinese dissedents.... :(
  10. Call it a conspiracy, for organ harvesting in the future.
  11. wtf. Just found this. Remembering a brave new world?! All seeing eye? yeah... https://www.timeout.com/london/news/this-amazing-light-installation-celebrates-diwali-on-the-front-of-tate-britain-111320
  12. You know, as we discuss our plan out in the open, the agents are making notes and reporting it to their higher up so that they can plan the next script/strategy and you will have to take it. They are relying on us to reveal what approach we may take. Makes me think our discussion is actually working against us. Sorry I have suggested alternative but none takes up on it so I guess we continue to reveal our plan here...leh? lol
  13. This suits me fine. Who wants to be with Covidiots especially if they are wearing a double, triple masks, possibly wearing a condom over their head and queueing up for their 2nd shot of lucifer juice?! Reject them! I think first thing you should ask when dating is "Have you had your vaccine?" If they say YES, just walk away and do not even waste 2 seconds of your time.
  14. Dear o dear.... Do you think it's time that we start promoting #BrokenBritain? It's been a year since we've been locked up, businesses are in tatters.... I'm feelin' it. I know it's Mercury retrograde and all right now but... tried to log into two different commercial websites to access my account and websites are broken. Thank goodness DIF is functioning. I know it may seem obvious to you and me that Britain is broken but we need to get this into people's head perhaps....they might not know lol.....in denial possibly.
  15. I understand how you may be feeling angry etc but they are not "systematically breaking us down". We are not breaking them down quick enough!! If we are, their plan is breaking down instead. Think about that. It may sound harsh but shouting FREEDOM will do nothing I'm afraid. If we shout FREEDOM all together, do you think they will give it to you??? Is that simple? Really? People use energy in a wrong way and waste valuable resources. I would keep shtum, preserve and strike them hard out of nowhere in ninja style.
  16. But pubs are shut and if they were open, they aren't allowed to sell alcohol.
  17. I reckon this is more effective protest than walking the streets because normies have to engage with us whereas if you are walking, they think they are just looking at a circus.
  18. At Stansted airport. Nightmare. Test centre - closed. (un)Helpful airport staff The girl is clueless of the agenda....god help us.
  19. First they need to get rid of the majority of the dumbest. Then think about how to cook the rest of us.
  20. I think his use of Dr is illegal. Let's strike him off. Come to think of it... do you think he's GMP from the old forum? He's a retired nurse teacher who belongs to a lodge of some kind.
  21. I know! There is something not right about this one. Just click offensive and he'll get a strike off. First round 1 week of peace n joy.
  22. You would think so but.... this behavioural trend is already in place. You get together to complain, and your request goes on deaf ear. If they'd listened and followed the law, Assange wouldn't be in jail right now. There are so many people dwp said they would pay, yet no payment and complaints disappear into aether as if you don't exist. No need for digital currency, it's already happening. And so many petition have been signed, yet nothing happens because it gets deleted. You need to wake up Captain Mac. We need another approach. Sombody mentioned about the Common law court, but will it ever? The problem with the Common law supporters is that they only say they will and nothing happens either.
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