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  1. Pathetic! EDIT: Having said the above, I think it may be worthwhile to check with a fact-checker to see if your point is correct. It would be an interesting answer either way. lol
  2. ah, America....FINISHED. lol Look at the poor dog that has been strangled.
  3. I hope you didn't go to ASDA carrying a toy pistol. Listen woman, you've never done things like this b4? Just go in and nobody would see you....then just walk out.
  4. Ah you have truly arrived. Welcome to Britain. Blimey. so you spend £1750 for your cell aka a hotel room, £210 for the kit and if you leg it, you get fined for £2K. We are raking it guys. lol
  5. If you don't know you have tools in your pocket, yeah you are not gonna use it, are you? Thus, DI says Remember Who You Are....... Know yourself. Anyhoo, children of Zion? Are we being trained? In this video, it questions whether children were the red pill itself.... I guess people can be a key to another person's life so....that does make sense.
  6. I'd say knowing the truth. :( I think you might be right. Don't read the following because things that may come to pass will make this lockdown...child's play. :( From astrological perspective according to an astrologer, there has been a nuclear crisis everytime there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction followed by Aquarius year. 1962, 1986 (Chernobyl), 2011 (Fukushima) and some of you know we've just had another conjunction back in December. So 2022 is looking dangerous. I'm thinking it could be Chernobyl or Fukushima again since they had mag 7.3 earthquake in Fukushima this year. Or that there could be a crisis at one of many nuclear power plants somewhere in the world. It doesn't look like a favourable time is coming up for travelling or even emigrating anytime soon. :( He also said that Covid thing will ease this year but US will go to war which will last for 13 years. It will not happen in the US though so it looks like they are going to go and start a war in another country.... There will be financial difficulties next year but real financial crisis will happen in 2030 so you'd better prepare yourself. You've got 10 years. There were some good stuff as well but I don't remember those...lol
  7. Yeah read that. So we are locked up till September....then come autum/winter we will still be locked up. Gotcha. I hope they will get together. It's something we can't really contribute other than provide information because it's really within their industry, we are outsiders. It's their battle.
  8. War is draining. Someone also mentioned earlier tiredness. If a word like 'tired' or 'draining' doesn't actually solve the problem, then you are actually causing more of that situation to surround you. To me, these are words that should not be uttered knowing how it works. Imagine if you have a flu...aching body, haven't had much sleep but you'd still have to crawl....and fight....as long as you/we are moving. Imagine this fight will go on for the next ten years. Can you dig it? I don't know how many of you have battled in war.
  9. Great idea! A new kind of airline. Experience a hyperbaric chamber while you fly over to wherever you want to go. I bet nobody thought of this till now. You are genius.
  10. Why? Because he is loaded. You become immune if you have a million+. So choice is either to have vaxx or have dough. Funny that....innit?
  11. Somebody mentioned in earlier page...in thousands. Didn't take note exactly how many as whole lot is passing over my head now.
  12. In war you gotta use what/whoever you can, weaponise it. In this way, we can weaponise 'them'...like for like. Imagine if you had two enemies. You use one of the powerful one against the other, by this you don't have to lift a finger. lol
  13. This is why you need to get out of the Matrix while you can. With genetic manipulation, our connection to the source will be either cut or disrupted, in another words, hard wired to the illusion with no escape...recycle...repeat! Masters will be waiting for you so that they can molest you, to cause pain so that they can suck it up with joy. When you come back, you don't know if you would have this kind of opportunity or the amount of information available since they are busy burning/deleting books. If your telephone line (DNA) is all messed up you cannot even access the Akashic record to draw any information. Our connection has been damaged already in the aether deliberately and some travellers are going backs and forwards to remake the path. As for 'idiots' who had vaccines, they made up their mind regardless of what you have told. for the past 12 months, we all had the same chance to find out information. They decided their fate and you should be happy for their choice. We will all die sooner or later and moreover you should, by now, know that we don't die. Another way to look at these 'idiots' is that they may have volunteered to die for the humanity at this occasion. This was their contract, a mission to be sacrificial so that some more human might wake up as a result of their death. In this sense, 'indiots' are actually higher beings though some of them are really idiots. Others came here to fight now. You wanted to experience war, power struggle, how victory feels etc. Each to their own. We will never know the purpose of others let alone trying to figure out our own. lol
  14. May be we should start using "experimental vaccine" more e.g. "Are you looking forward to having an experimental vaccine? OR I can't wait to have the experimental vaccine etc" to get that into normies head. IF that doesn't sink in....you know they are fully goners. The section 112 & 119 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/&do=findComment&comment=227185 Also the section 29 Provision of services, etc.
  15. Out of likes. What is the equivalent of this in the UK? Of course if someone bust this in the US it will catch like a wildfire globally.
  16. Looking forward to the day their replitian features will be captured by many iphone holding onlookers. What would the normies say then? David Icke was right? lol Don't ask me how at this minute but I've heard that there is a way to draw a certain soul into this world e.g a child so what you say does make sense. If you guys learn how-to then you, too, can bring more of good natured soul into this world to counteract.
  17. My thinking is that they'd naturally look pale after a hospital stay hence wearing red would compensate their complexion. On the other hand, you could say it's a signal to say they had their blood or whatever they want to communicate. lol When Kate had George, she was wearing a light blue dress but we suspected that she gave birth much earlier....
  18. It's spinning our heads alright already. LOL
  19. I take it you didn't say "You might not be here for two days after having the vaccine." You could say people are uninformed, uneducated, mislead and sorry to say but it just shows people are completely not in touch with the reality. At least she is hopeful that she'd live another twenty years.....that sounds ambitious at this minute for everyone. Anyway, I asked this lady, in a takeaway place I know of, if she checked the ingredients of the vaccine she received and she replied no. It's like there was no question of doubt that the vaccine could have been anything harmful. She didn't even question me why I asked that so I just said let's hope for the best eh?...... Sad really.
  20. Just to clarify, should anyone decide to go ahead and start a NO WIN NO FEE discrimination case, the case will be against the shop and not the security guard (individual) or the security firm. This bit was clarified by a lawyer. You only have six months from the date of incident to proceed so one needs to find a solicitor who would take up your case quickly. Told you before, you will find that the god gives you a gem disguised as an unfortunate event. It's up to you to giddit. If I were you, I wouldn't settle for a mickey mouse shopping voucher. To put it this way, would you settle for a M&S voucher if your car get damaged by other careless driver? NO, of course not. You'd claim a full refund. Humiliation in front of shoppers was unnecessary.
  21. The thing is though, for all we know odds is an OAP legitimately face nappy exempt and he can't even buy a piece of steak in peace.....what kind of lives are we forced to live in? Terrible. In war, even if we didn't want to fight, no choice but to pick up a weapon to defend ourselves and body cam is just that. If police and security staff are wearing theirs, we might as well. It's f'ing state but we need to defend ourselves hence likes of Subject Access uploading protest streams. As Morph said whether it is entrapment or not, I don't know. Whether shops are classed as private space I don't know either but when I find out I'll let you know. If face nappy isn't going away, we need to fight back. Odds didn't film the face of attackers but at least it proves that he was in the shop and hopefully he's kept the reciept.
  22. Dear me.... so the law breakers all ganged up on a poor disabled person and even assaulted with a ball of paper. Take action mate. Asking for police would have come to nothing. Take notes of their names, their position, time, date, keep your reciept etc. If you had a phone record! Don't take shit like this. You could email the customer service and have the record that you've request a cctv footage but it's possible that they will ignore you. But at least you've asked and they ignored and that says something.
  23. One would hope so but the more I delve into the subject it doesn't happen like that...not like in the bible at least. That's why I feel sorry when I see well meaning people who are doing good things but completely obvlivious. Because their good deed is still good deed but that they will have to do more time till they awaken. It is not about good or evil, it's about whether you live according to the Universal law which we haven't been taught. Just my opinion anyways.
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