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  1. Natural alternative. Make some strong/stewed tea and gargle. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2018/9105261/
  2. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/pentagon-reveal-microchip-that-can-detect-virus-in-you-hugo-talks-lockdown_8B7sUen1Dai2nmZ.html Never satisfied. Poor Hugo is keeping it as cool as possible....
  3. Then I'll tell him to stay at home and never come out if he is that scared. Surely there must be something he said that can be flagged to shut him up?
  4. My antenna is usually up before my logic kicks in to understand what it means. So there is something up with the banks/financial part. Give it another 3 months or so. Something has got started, someone pushed the button.
  5. Back in the 70s, I played Pong as well...... How can we join the dots from Covid vaxx/scandemic to ^ this for them? Sounds like they are recruiting even without a brain science background e.g. guinea pigs
  6. My god, I never paid too much attention to PP but the stuff he said just shows how unaccomplished person he was. Possibly worse than BG. I guess he couldn't give a toss what he said knowing that he is protected, can say what he liked and nobody would have said anything about it. JS must have welcomed him into the world and probably chatting about the good old days now.
  7. So a day visit to Brighton is now out of the question then.... No point in visiting there if I can't sit down in a cafe or restaurant. I would have thought that the area is filled with people of alternative views but I guess they are a kind of LGBTLQ01+ woke brigade then.
  8. Talk about disproportionate... You'll get 10 years for damaging a statue and only 5 years for rape. You know we are in trouble when they deem to value statues than people.
  9. Brexit punishment continues. "How dare you left us." lol
  10. MDF type of Kitchen cabinets also covered with formaldehyde. Irony is that we put food stuff in there. Where can I buy a duvet without any of these shit on it? They even said about the asbestos that there was no danger.
  11. If one is wanting to be like God, it will never be. It will keep attracting 'wanting' and not be able to claim the spot. If you were a God, you just be. Some people have to claim "I am this and that" because they aren't. King does not have to say I am the king. He knew a lot. He's a real master in so many ways. May be you could show them the shoulder injury info and ask if their arms were injured by the vaccine. It's rather coincidental, isn't it? Both of them? After vaccine? Have they ever experienced a synchronised medical condition aside from catching a cold from each other or having a diarrhea after having a takeaway? I didn't know there was another verse that mentions the mark of the beast. Rev 16:2 fits so well now. For all we know, vaxxed developing sore could be a possibility at some point. HIV patients suffered Kaposi's sarcoma.
  12. Is this shopped? Or a real marketing material? I just don't know what is real or not anymore. I mean if people don't question looking at this..... we are in zombie apocalyse.
  13. Fuck me! Towards the end, Hugo asks us whether we'd like slow or fast moving zombies. Read the comments too. I don't know whether to watch Cell. All I know is that we are not alone. I guess it's like the space invader game in the 70s, the fighting momentum escalates exponentially towards the end as we battle. The path to paradise begins in hell. - Dante Alighieri
  14. Yes, it's all to do with how you 'lead' the conversation. Switch to a 'question mode'. "Why do you think that is?" More than likely they will probably say IDK. But you could go on to say, "I've heard a group of doctors have started a court case" etc. Plant the seed that something ain't right.
  15. This is typical. They are on the side of criminals. They always think for them first rather than the victim. You would have ended up being investigated instead. It's that f'd up.
  16. I like these reversed meme. They love inversion by saying 'because we care' and jab you, rob you etc... It's about time we, too, have started to have fun and see if it gets through to normies.
  17. Do you have a roadmap on this cycle? At least we'd know where we are at! lol Agree and we can start with Matt.
  18. Variant vaccine: Covid-1984.v1.0 <-click here for an update. lol ReadMe.txt - Even more nasty stuff. BG is waving his arms and indeminity has been waved again.
  19. Why should anyone has to carry a quote? Onus is on them to know. After all, you don't carry a highway code booklet and present it to the other driver if their careless driving causes damage to your car. We meant to know these things....especially a PC.
  20. imo, he spent far too much time arguing. He should have just said "I don't need to" then if they started arguing he should have said "my solicitor will contact you (met)" and turn to the tesco staff "and tesco". He is in for a double whammy. lol
  21. A simple question which americans may be able to answer. They took down the monolith last year. Why is it that the Georgia guidestone hasn't been removed? Did someone apply for a permission? If so then we'd know who put it there. Also, have you noticed? They are pushing NHS workers to have vaccines yet nobody is saying pigs need injecting. After all, they come in contact with people up close and personal. Strange that....
  22. NO, we are beginning to accept that we have been in hell all along. lol
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