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  1. I can clearly see, from mask malarkey that is happening now, who are robots with hijacked brain and who are trying to remain as human. So from this experience, when I get backlash, I just laugh inside and tell myself who will be stuck in hell. Let them yell at you for they do not know anything and they will be the ones crying in darkness when the time comes. This is one way you keep your vibration and not go down with their level of hatred.
  2. Reading between the lines from so called Secret Covenant of the Archons... Yeah you bet. Ye cannot hide, some has ALL SEEING EYE. It's silly to expose one's weakness like this anyway. This sentence makes me think that this Covenant is probably written by a man...not from them. The prime creator is all love. Fury is human emotion. The Creator is understanding even to those who tried to take over it.
  3. I take it you haven't watched this? https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hay3FYxce9yv/
  4. I personally think that rfid microchip is obsolete now since they want to kill us off in four years, no point.
  5. Well your first call could be your gp? I'm not a doctor and not knowing what symptoms you are suffering, it could be malnutrition, anxiety to anything else. Sorry but I smell a rat from your posting style. It's all about vibration baby. ;)
  6. Though I want out now, my purpose of trying to live as long as I can is because I want to gather information and act accordingly before I go so that I might have a chance of getting out of the hell. For other people, it's because they have family etc. If anything, this community is more knowledgable than the masses out there and hopefully you should recognise booby traps the elites have laid out and survive to live a full life. Remember, we are in hell and the level below this (2D) is also hell but even harder so try not to go there. This life is not one of easy journey but what you overcome....is important. If you look at it that way, the more obstacles you clear, hopefully your consciousness is rising at the same time because unless you look at problems from higher above, you cannot see wood for the trees. Trust me, an idea/solution will pop into your head, people who are vibrating high will come and make your life easier when YOU take off your own mental shackle.
  7. When you find a problem in this world, there is a solution born at the same time in duality. Sweat not, we just need to find what that is. Tap into other dimension for clues. As they will be using frequency as weapon e.g. 5G, the future of medicine will equally be vibrational. Remember, if 100Hz is used to attack us, reverse phase will cancel it out. OK, this is very simplistic since they will not use single sine wave frequency but noise cancellation headphones work. We might think time is running out but they are probably thinking the same and you can see this because they are rushing to bring one poison after the other this year. Time is against them as we are entering a new era. This is why we need to work outside of the time. 5 mins is not 5 mins if you know how to play the game. When people experience OBE, even they might be dead for 5 mins, their experience is like time stretched for years, even when people have an accident, time kinda go into slow motion. We need to do more of turning fear into laughter because only high vibration you hold will open the gate. Don't get stuck in fear or anger, these are lower vibration and you cannot shift. Hopefully you have been practising.
  8. I was thinking, it looks like they are winning. BUT it's so easy to upset an organisation and to destroy their agenda. Look what happened to Domic GoingGoingGone? He was booted simply because he called Bojo's OH Princess nut nuts.... lol They may appears to be authoritive yet have fragile ego. All we need to do is to upset a chain, like playing jenga....pull out one piece and the whole thing come crashing down. lol Like David said, will be fighting till the very end.
  9. I've just watched David's bitchute video that was posted on 19th November 2020. well.... I am speechless now. I could just about say f'ck me. So they have four years to eradicate us?! One thing for sure. We are all going to die at some point. No doubt about that. What worries me is that if they take over our brain, this is their way of entrapping us in hell (either 2nd or 4th D) when we die. Just as I thought I found the way to get out of the Matrix. *sigh*
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