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  1. 15 hours ago, kj35 said:

    I watched 2001 a space Odyssey again recently and had a minor revelation.  I'd never really understood the film before. But if you switch Jupiter to Saturn and look at the radio broadcasts we know are coming from Saturn and also look at the fact that when Bowman lands on Jupiter (saturn) time for him no longer exists as he is simultaneously a foetus or old man or an egg etc.. The implication being the broadcasts to earth via the moon monolith which acts as a receiver/ transmitter in the film for signals from Jupiter to the moon then earth  give us our sense of linear time and also obviously implement evolution in the chosen tribe of apes...ie it makes one have weapons and strength over the others...



    So ....signalling from a planet to the moon and transmitted to earth. Chosen tribe given special powers and weaponry over others....interference in the earth's evolutionary path by unknown alien species...and outside of the transmission zone linear time doesn't exist..



    Or maybe I just need to get out more.


    I think you are spot on there.

    It doesn't matter what it is made of. According to G map, it's been there for 5 years before being discovered.

    As in "So within, So without" everything we see out there comes from inside. We need a mirror, a reflection to know ourselves, just like the Creator, the force needed to create something e.g. human, aliens to get to know itself. If you pay attention to what's around you, you get the message at an appropriate time. So yeah, some are dusting off special powers and weaponry alright. The beginning of the occult war.


  2. 1 hour ago, Beachcomber said:

    So if everyone who wants the vaccine gets it, they’ll be protected from ‘the virus’, surely then they’ll have nothing to fear from those who don’t want it? Theyll be all nice and vaxxed up so they should have nothing to worry about - am I missing something? There shouldn’t be a need to ban unvaxxed ppl from anywhere, they’d only be a danger to themselves? 


    We can think that because we still have our brains intact.

    Look what's happening to the mask situation. The same scenario. Almost everyone is wearing it therefore they are protected but still insists on you exempt people to wear it. *doh*


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  3. 4 minutes ago, Illmatic said:


    Yeah I think sadly if there is an economic crash that's when we will see some serious resistance. Until then too many are happy sitting in their flats virtue-signalling on Twitter and claiming furlough money for vegetating on their sofas.


    So it sort of makes me wonder what the plan is. Can they avoid a crash by borrowing more and more until they transition to a UBI based on vaccine history and social credit? Will they just let the bubble burst and watch people blow each other up for a few years so they can pick up the pieces? Maybe they know both possibilities have good outlooks for getting their reset in the long run.


    Furlough will end in March...many things are ending in March then we'll see multiple avalanches. :(

    But if we spread words now, we can end the lockdown, go back to where it was before and live fairly 'normally'.

    Forget the government announcements and guidelines. I am all for it IF it was a real pandemic but not for the FAKE one.

  4. 1 hour ago, shadowmoon said:


    The excuse this time is... "There are some people who cannot get vaccinated because 'various reasons' so everyone else needs to be vaccinated to protect them."

    Yet again playing the old heart strings, these conditions like vaccine allergy and depleted immunity already existed with the old vaccine system & that was never propagandaised.


    What are the various reasons? I think I may belong to this category.

    I'm not immunosupressed though.

  5. 1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

    All the key workers will be one of the first to get it, so they are the governments Guinea pigs this time around. The government used to test its vaccines on the military, so no doubt they will do that as well. Like with the Spanish flu, the great risk here with this vaccine is that it spreads a virus of some kind itself. The Spanish flu was basically a result of failed vaccine experiment and 100 years later they are still at it. Just a shame they are going to give it to all the poor old people first and they will have no means available to them to turn it down. Watch the old age death rates shoot up through the roof when they start forcibly handing it out in "care" homes. Got to reduce the those pensions liabilities some how...




    I don't have a link but there is a group of nurses who are protesting about vaxx in the UK.

    We should warn them what happened to the soldiers in the past and tell them that it's their turn to be the governments Guinea pigs this time. Will they still go along or stop to think and protest?

  6. 7 hours ago, Velma said:


    Wancock said we won't get back to 'normal' till Easter, now he's saying "after Easter."


    After Easter is a very long time! How long is a piece of string?


    And when England comes out of lockdown, it's going into a stricter one!


    It's neverending!




    It's neverending because we are letting it carry on.

    I think it's a wrong way to go about waiting the government to announce the End of Madness.

    It is us who declares that the madness ends here and we have quite a list of it, one being that the Covid does not exist according to the FOI.


    Unfortunately, people only moves when money is involved and I think it is the united SME businessmen who should just go back to business and the rest of masses will carry on living as back to normal.

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  7. 9 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



    I am sure it is a good use of taxpayer's money in the scale of thing. lol

    The thing with psychopaths is that they can't do much of creative thinking due to calcified pineal gland that they think if they increase the number we may get *scared*. Like more is power.... not so and we, the creative god's force which is chaotic, see it through. Utterly ridiculous. Seen it all before.


    btw, this is OUR TIME, not theirs. hehehe

    It's time to unleash our god's given talent. Be it your social communication skills, a gift of gab or even having no talent is also a talent. Because when you don't have it, you will end up seeking a path where trained people have not walked. Often, new way of doing thing is found when someone makes a *mistake*.

    Enjoy it guys. It's your birth right to mess someone else's life.... BG et all those hiding behind, we are coming at ya.

    We will destroy your wet dreams once and for all. hahaha



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    Read comments for this video and it's alarming to see so many people have already accepted that this is coming. It's like they are willingly walking into the slaughter house. They haven't even considered the next phase where people will be sueing the government. How about a possibility based on the system that what you think is what you will create? This works and may be that the world will split...those that listen to the elites will end up in one world and those who have an end dream for our victory ends up in another. It's all possible. We are separating as we split into different frequency level. I'd like to stir so I am going for the dream for the elites to crumble. :D

    At the end of the day, none of us, including the elites, are perfect. That's why we've seen psy-ops exposed time and time again. There is room for more stories than the one that the elites' wet dream.

    I bet they didn't calculate that someone would start a lawsuit against the government for Covid.

    Come on guys! Create a better picture and feed it to manifest.


    btw, someone said in the comment, waiting for god to wake everyone up.

    Unfortunately, god ain't going to because Enki wanted this.

    But even the so called gods e.g. Sumerian gods aka aliens feared that we might revolt at some point as our ancestors showed intelligence they didn't expect. If you bypass them and hook directly to the Creator, then your power is much greator than the Sumerian gods. Think about that. Enki and all them lot went against the Creator so they are on their own.



  9. On 10/22/2020 at 1:29 AM, oddsnsods said:


    Silk road & BTC back then was free market capitalism, which couldn't be tolerated. Shows what the internet could be without all the Paypals & Ebay, Amazon fleece markets.

    Real anarchy.


    This is like a change over of old elites to emergence of new younger elites likes of Elon.

    Now Amazon/Ebay/Paypals are becoming old hats and we welcome the new era of silk road  & BTC.


    Apparently banks are buying it so there's going to be a big push.

  10. 6 hours ago, kj35 said:

    I had to administer his test myself. It made him cry. He's 82 with advanced dementia.  Needless to say I hardly went into his nostril ...certainly not the brain deep picture they show. He still cried..with confusion. I did the minimum I could get away with. 



    He now isolates before his care home admission. With my mother in law who has not been asked to have a test. What was the fooking point of any of that other than useless box ticking so they can stay open.


    garrh too late in replying. You should have brought an apple and tested it if you were allowed to self-test.

    The PCR test is 50/50 chance bugger all so it don't matter whether he test positive or not. What matter is, from the care home perspective, that he went to have a test.

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  11. 14 hours ago, magu said:

    wiithout the internet we wouldn't be anywhere near the level of understanding we are presently at...inherently the internet is the most major advance in human discovery in perhaps the last 500 years...i think perhaps a better solution would be to reverse the government interference in it and either disband/destroy /or some other means of curtailing them, all of the government agencies involved in the efforts to  censor reasoned discussion,,,,,we could also use the collaborators to decorate lamposts across the land in a festival of gaiety for the coming wimterval and as a warning to others


    Here is a good thing about living in duality.

    Back in 70s, 80s, they may have set up the internet as a mean to surveillance us in the future while selling it as an entertainment tool. It's backfiring now. lol When they introduce something evil, there is always a flip side....we'll flip our evilness too them. LOL

  12. 15 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    agreed, they want to have everyone vaccinated by April!


    To vaccinate approx 70 million people within 5 months.....there's going to be some turbulence ahead


    We are not even going there.


    Surely, if everyone is informed of the government FOI should be enough that there is no Covid/pandemic. End of.

    If people still wanted lockdown and vaccine, I doubt they still have brain.


    The next question people should be asking is 1) what were they testing for? 2) what vaccines have they been producing? 3) will the government compensate for people who lost job and business due to illegal lockdown?

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  13. 19 hours ago, kj35 said:

    I got chucked out of the doctors surgery yesterday for not wearing a mask. I have a genuine 100% unquestionable reason for being exempt.  Both medical and psychological. When I explained to the receptionist that i was exempt she sneered at me and chucked me out. Then slagged me off to the nurse (I could see through the window) that I had been meant to see. Now. This would make a fantastic lawsuit to take the nhs to court as it's not because I think face nappies are shit. Which they are. It's a total unquestionable reason for not being able to wear one in line with the government guidelines. And yet this medically untrained idiot chucked me out of the surgery....



    I,too have a perfectly unquestionable reason for being exempt.

    But the problem is always with the uneducated who don't read law or guidelines properly and tell me off or rather they tell the wrong version as the guideline which means that they are making up. I had a numerous run ins with G4S goons, they insist that the government guidline states that I have to carry an exempt card. Another thing about carrying a knife or tools. I've read the guidline about carrying knives and the tool I carry is like 1 inch. This woman at a bus stop tell me that I am breaking the law. F off. I read the guidline, I even showed a blade...more like craft knife....lol to the police and he though I was going take out a great big knife from my bag. lol Anyway, he was fine with that but my point is that I get told off for their ignorance!!


    When I watched this short movie, immediately I picked up on "fear" used as an ultimate weapon of con-troll.

    imo, it's a poor choice. FEAR may be a weapon but we have better amo. But of course, the elites are vibrating so low that they have no access to the higher vibration. Hence they must stay in hell and they have no intention of going up higher. This is their weakness guys. Home in on it...they too have fear because they have no access to higher vibration to remedy. mwahahaha It's easy to push someone into the lower realm but I am aware that someday I might have to rescue enemies.... spare that thought for now. Gotta do what I/we gotta do.


    Someone mentioned about the Anthrax island in Scotland.

    I know what I'd do if I had a chance to go there but won't disclose the methods obviously.

    There is solution to everything. I'm surprised that the government hasn't done this but they are not in the business of making things better of course.


    Anyway, virus is not alive, therefore, they cannot multiply on its own like bacteria can. This is crucial.

    If they have spread 10,000 spores on the island, it will not become 100,000+ spores. It remain as 10,000 spores.

    They are parasitic, they are like....a USB stick with information on it. Unless it is plugged into a computer (human cells), they do not operate.



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  15. 6 hours ago, Saved said:

    I've noticed a widespread increase in 77th type posts this last few days. They like and love each others posts, up voting them across the board. There are three main types:


    1) False scientific. Lots of long words and when pushed, they offer no explanation except to say 'search for yourselves - I'm not going to do your research for you.


    2) Brace yourselves! Internet experts and conspiracy nuts incoming.


    3) You should spend a day on my ward. You should tell this to the families of those dying horrible deaths. Shame on you. You absolutely disgust me.


    ah this post should be in a thread "77th, paid shill" if such one exist and pinned.

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  16. Thanks @Oakwise and @DarianF


    You have put your points across the way even I can understand it and I'm not that familiar with the law.


    Please spread this information out there guys so that someone, non-truther lawyers, doctors, business man those in power who are still human might be able to use it in their argument. With all the censorship going on i.e. big G and tube, people might not find these info. Also difficulty is that likes of me and other masses will type in "Nurembourg virus" and read factcheck website and might end up thinking what you guys say is another conspiracy.

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  17. 2 hours ago, numnuts said:

    North Korea?


    Good luck!

    I couldn't believe such place existed but THIS is truly hell on earth. You have luxury.

    They protect their poo. Did you know that?

    Human/animal poo is a precious commodity because they don't have chemical fertiliser. They have to take de-worming meds every year.



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  18. 49 minutes ago, Oakwise said:



    Cheers for posting the images. 


    As mentioned in the article, it's eerily similar to Kubrick's Space Odyssey:




    Do you think someone's trying to tell us something? lol


    Interestinly enough, I was watching a recently uploaded video where someone was on about 2001 Odessy monolith only the other day.

    Remember, after this monolith (cube = kubaba, queen of Sumer) appearance in the movie, monkeys have started to use bones and tools.

    So if it was installed by man, then the message could be to mark a start of an evolution?

    If it was installed by alien, to emit knowledge, to spread particular frequency/to expand consciousness/knowledge? I would be interested to know what material (stainless steel , a stone, another metal?) it is made of.

    Can someone go and scratch the surface and do a composition analysis?



    "after being spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter"

    ^ LOL

  19. 1 hour ago, Sexpistol50 said:

    Boris Johnson answering a question on health passport and complusary vaccines, he replied ' Let's be clear there will be no complusary vaccination, that's not the way we do things in this country we think it's a good idea and I totally reject the propaganda of the Anti-vaxers they're wrong , everybody should get a vaccine as soon as it's available' .


    He didn't answer the question about health passport but why say it will not be complusary then say we think it's a good idea?


     Watch them demonize the anti-vaxers and call them super spreaders.


    I can clearly see, from mask malarkey that is happening now, who are robots with hijacked brain and who are trying to remain as human. So from this experience, when I get backlash, I just laugh inside and tell myself who will be stuck in hell. Let them yell at you for they do not know anything and they will be the ones crying in darkness when the time comes. This is one way you keep your vibration and not go down with their level of hatred.

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