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  1. I don't know if you've ever battled with a psychopath but my experience is that unless you stop them, they won't. It's like their brain is a robot, they will carry on doing the same thing over and over again and it really made me question about their intelligence even though they have more educational qualification than I.


    So guys, you have to stop them. Obviously, try not to break the law in doing so, not worth the agro. There are many other ways to tackle it. Some will employ proxy method to escape the man-made law. Just be creative about it.

    I'd put loads of obstacles and derail their plans. There was a cauliflower accident recently. Nobody was hurt. Just imagine that being hundreds of ampoules. lol


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  2. This is a carrot and stick situation. Just dangling, dangling.


    We need to stop following the carrot!! The thing is though, people are in trance and even if you tell them, it's not going in.


    We don't need a militalia, sorry Frank. We need a very large speakers for someone to shout "On my count of 3, you will wake up feeling refreshed and awake. 3...2...1"


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  3. Just now, Newbiebrbr said:

    Does anyone feel like the lockdown is in it's end stage now? Tory MP's are rebelling against the lockdown. The government is rushing for the vaccination to be carried out as much as possible from December. Also lots and lots of protests all around the country and people. People are losing their jobs too.

    I really hope and do think this lockdown will end in two months. Want to go back to nightclubs badly.


    I don't know, there is a talk of it continuing till April!!

    This is why we must stop this malarkey now.

  4. 8 minutes ago, BridgeBuilder said:


    Fuck me, I 'm registered as JW for blood purpose. When it is time to go, it's time to go.

    We seriously need to form a new religious group!!


    If LaVey started the Satanic church for a laugh...so can we. Obviously not another satanic church though.


  5. 1 minute ago, Illmatic said:


    Indeed. I do agree we need further action, but we don't need a militia, that's exactly what they want. Great excuse to call a stage of emergency and put the army on the streets.


    What we really need is communication and mobilisation of all the "non-essential" SMEs to reopen en-masse. Imagine if even half the bars, shops and restaurants in London opened tomorrow and started inviting customers back. They would be fucked. Good luck stopping that.

    Exactly! They are itching to open and carry on the business they so need. Punters are waiting at home as well.


    In order to do this, we need to do almost door to door, wherever possible to spread the FOI info.

    If you own a business, may be you could form a local group and do a class action to sue the government.

    According to this site, certain chambers are told not to deal with this case.


  6. 9 minutes ago, Traveller said:


    Speaking to my Jehovah Witness Aunt last week. They actually have synthetic vaccines, whatever that is, due to not being allowed foreign DNA or summat. She'd had one a few months ago and exclaimed that her lungs and breathing have not been the same since. I called vaccine damage as asthma/lungs are one of the primary signs though this is a knock on affect of bowel damage. She said that I would say that but still said she'd be checking the ingredients next time. She was lucky to have a high level of health throughout her life but at 75, it's time such things will chip away at her. I think, in part, it's karma for force feeding me that sprout when I was 3, which I subsequently threw up. I actually quite like her though she has a few twists but don't we all!


    Fuck me, I 'm registered as JW for blood purpose. When it is time to go, it's time to go.

    We seriously need to form a new religious group!!


    If LaVey started the Satanic church for a laugh...so can we.

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  7. I forgot to add to my previous post....

    If you are divided like this...you will not get into 5D.



    It is about whether you follow the Creator's universal law. Good vs Evil is dualistic (3D) concept.

    I'm not promoting paedo, killing and all that stuff but on higher up what is good and evil blurs. It all depends.


    Practise alchemy. Energy is energy, neither good nor bad. It's men who puts meaning to it to suit them.


    If you think that we are all one, then you are at one with JS and BG as well as satan.

    satan is part of you if we are all one. Think about that.


  8. 2 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

    UK ppl:


    Quiet protests are not working. Things are getting out of hand. The "british" way just isn't doing it.




    The popo today are just insane. They are drunk on power. We need to stand up to this shit.







    mnn I thought this was what they were leading us to.


    There is a solution, as I said earlier, it's very easy.

    Ignore the government lockdown, all the business to go back. WE decide.

    If they ask question, ask your MP to question Boris about FOI.

    How are they going to answer that I wonder...

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  9. 19 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

     My brother-in-law is 69.....He had his first ever flu jab in Nov 2019.

    Since then he's gone from being an active energetic guy for his age to a complete sack of shit who is permanently unwell and has aged bodily and facially about 10 years.

     He insists it was the injection that caused it.

    I did warn him not to have it but he wouldn't listen.



    I spoke to a neighbour OAP a couple of months ago. He knows about Zionist. I told him not to take the vaxx and he said he wouldn't. Today I met him and we chatted a bit and he told me that he had a flu vaxx 3 weeks ago. *doh*

    He said his daughter also told him not to take it but doctor insisted.


    Let this be a lesson. You've done your bit. Now move on. We ain't got much time.

    I'm sorry for the guy but with ignorance or inability to say NO cost him not just this life time but really sealed his fate for the next.

  10. Hi guys,

    I've just found this information, along the line of birth cert and claiming nationality subject.


    I don't quite understand this yet but I made a note which may send you off to the moon. lol


    Trump signed this. Claim nationality
    Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2017 115th Congress (2017-2018). Law.


    In America,
    Even if you have a birth cert and dead, if any certificate e.g. death certificate, census etc says your family were/are coloured, you can claim that you are Indian. There was no birth cert prior to 1933 in America.
    This can apply to people in the West even people living in Carribean.


    In UK

    Become a Secured party creditor. Natural law, private rights


    If you go through this, you may end up not paying tax and exempt from Covid madness as well when it comes to vaxx.

    This could be a way out.


    Some video and info




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  11. 43 minutes ago, Demonstryt said:

    How would you know if you're in a loveless 2D hell? Like what are the signs? I don't know want to be in that and I don't know if me or others are in that. And how do I reach out to higher dimensions like 4d and 5d too?


    First of all, you can only save yourself. You can, by all means help people around you like what I am trying to do here but at the end of the day, they have to take it up and do it for themselves. This means study and practise. You don't go to higher heaven by chance.


    Most people will end up in 2D. Certainly majority of religious folks who have been fed wrong information e.g. worshipping god and many other teachings such as there is no afterlife hasn't remembered who they are and because of these lower vibrational reason, they will be stuck in hell. That's a lot of people!


    4D is holds information so it's like mental realm. You can access this but when you are there you cannot create.

    So ideally you want to go higher than 5D. This is where you will find angels, gods (used to be human from ancient time) resides.


    In this dark time, there are pumping out fear and heavy vibration everyday, you need to spiritually work out everyday, cleanse yourself to counter balance.

    The more you get rid of dirt of you, you will be able to keep peace and bliss in your life even if you are in war.

    It's like, if you are dirty and cook a meal, the meal will be laced with negativity.

    Do you have any tools in your bag to raise vibration?

    You will need to be manifesting things in your life right now. If you got a problem, great! It is there so that you can practice to bend the reality the way you want it.


    You don't wait till you die to access the higher dimensions. You have to be doing it right now so that when you die, you are vibrating at that light/consciousness and can enter that realm. Do you see why most unprepared people end up in 2D now?

    While everybody's been entertaining themselves I have been studying full time for a number of years.

    Because, as you know, shit is going down in this realm and would not want to come back.

    The benefit of keeping your vibration high is that as we separate from each other in this realm, I get to go to the parallel world of things working out while others remain in hellish world due to self maintained low vibration. Remember Mandela effect? We are separated into different realms and didn't even notice it. Only saw it as glitch.


    I posted this video yesterday. Can you identify where you are? Unless you have gone through the whole circle, you haven't figured out who you are and what you are capable of.







  12. LOL

    There is no coincident y'all.


    Social distancing = 6 ft apart

    A number of group can be up to 6 people.


    Then this...

    TRACE Act H.R. 6666


    "Microsoft has a patent application with the numbers 060606 in it, for a system which rewards physical activity with cryptocurrency"


    yeah we get the message Bill.



  13. 2 hours ago, Traveller said:


    I became homeless the day first lockdown started. Neighbours knew what I was packing my car to do. As I left the small town, I was followed by a white Merc 4x4 who began agressively tailgating me. I pulled over to let him past. Instead, he pulled alongside and started shouting at me. I am registered disabled and had never met this guy. He screamed that I was fucking spastic and should get the fuck back for lockdown. So, he knew where I lived as well.


    I pulled off and carried on driving and he continued to tailgate to the point of near crashes, screaming and making gun gestures at me. For what it was worth, I rang 999 and spoke to them as it was occurring. They told me to go where there was cctv so I drove a mile to nearest BP garage. He continued to chase me around the forecourt in full cctv view which he must've known would be there and was not concerned about. When I tried to get out of my car to enter the shop, he went to get out to so I remained in my vehicle.


    After a while, he left. Workers in the shop came out to see if I was OK and tell me they had called the Police. The Police called me back to say they would take no action and warn the fella when they found the car. It transpired that they never sought him out. I made a police complaint on the basis of what has gone before. 2nd complaint with first being upheld. If I'd have in anyway fronted the guy, I'd have been the perpetrator., for sure.


    Since being homeless, the worst nimbys (not in my back yard) have been hard right folk. It's been my experience that they are well organised wherever you go.


    I read a write up on Targeted Individuals and the theory he put forward to it's rise was that similar happens whenever some force wishes to implant a dictatorship. With the militarisation of the police, discussed here, and all the points of control mentioned in this thread, one is left thinking that this is actually the case. Nazism is alive and well.


    But I am moved to share a quote that reads "Mussolini and Hitler were only the primary spokesmen of an attitude for domination and power that exists in the hearts of nearly all individiuals. Not until the source is cleared will there be change".


    Glad you kept your cool. No need to have react to the idiot's invitation to hell.

    Yeah TI is real.

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  14. https://www.bitchute.com/embed/fAYvnYcaA9rL


    As David mentioned in his recent vid, let's revisit this topic.

    Last time we talked about this, we watched the British drama and said any food stash will be taken, no point in having a generator because the sound would attract looters and you'll risk your life etc.


    Anyway, I bought a camping gas stove but then realised that it will be ok to heat up some boiling water for a cup of tea or warm up a tinned food but I will soon run out of gas canister.

    I then looked at BioLite to cook and recharge electric at the same time but realised that you have to use it every 6 months to keep it functioning.




    I guess if they do a blackout, of course, there will be no internet. If fire breaks out in your neighbourhood, you have to walk to the nearest fire station to tell them etc...

    Sick people who rely on machines to keep them alive will die unless they are in hospital where there is a back-up generator.

    Oh dear, this post is not very positive, is it?


    I personally think they won't do it in the UK.

    If we can't use phones, internet, the elites have to walk to No.10 to discuss issues with our PM etc....

    No more Zoom or netflicks guys. lol


  15. WOW, I've just received a gift from the Universe and I'd like to share this with you all.

    It's really well put together with many of our favourite movie clips.

    So many words spoken to illustrate the original book will resonate with you now.

    I have come to an end of a journey and I didn't know about this but I can so much associate the stages with what I have gone through.

    I can also identify which stage the masses are going through right now.

    Which stage are you going through?




    From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero's_journey


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  16. Welcome to the forum OP.

    If your colleagues are behaving like that, they must be more or less thinking the same as you but not knowing what to do.

    I think the way forward is.... gather numbers, form a group and spread that movement across NHS.

    There are good nurses and doctors still and hate to see you going down with vaxx.


    On 11/22/2020 at 2:16 PM, Tom bombadil said:

    Understand that things are changed.  They are not going back to how they were.  It has become dog eat dog and your fellow man has zero respect for you so they will make you wear a mask or get the sack.  So fuck them.  You just need an attack plan


    ^ This. But it's not truely dog eat dog yet....if you know what I mean. Though we have no guns but when people are hungry, they'll do anything.

  17. So what did you do OP?


    Just as the elites trying to bankrupt everyone, it's extending its tenticles to the housing market as well.

    How the government killed buy-to-let market. See the calculation on this page.



    The stamp duty holiday ends at the end of March but unless you've got a buyer now, paperwork etc will take so long that buyer has just about missed the deadline.

    Yeah Neil's video are educational.




  18. 1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

    These lot need to fuck right off now. "Its not a conspiracy!" The sheep say. Like shite its not, it's being done right before your eyes. Just open them for a second with some subjectivity and you will see. Ah fuck it, just jump off that cliff and be done with it.  🤬


    Allegedly, people got antsy about Qantas. It is the beginning where people will vote what business they want to associate with. They can no longer force or dictate how they want to run the business. If people didn't back their business.... Power to the people!



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