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  1. doh! Who would have thought we could turn the street theatre scenario into our gain?! Brilliant. Collectively we have many experience. We must thank the agents for covertly training us over the years. Now we can use their weapon against them (Art of War page....) LOL
  2. Yes, the video was based on that book, a graphical presentation. I can see masses have just about started "Call to Adventure". Some of them are still in denial. You will know you've gone through the cycle once we have an upper hand over the dark forces. Collectively we are at random stages of the cycle when it comes to Covid war but I've just finished one personal war and "what now?" stage, ready to start the next one. But once you've complete the full cycle, you have the experience under your belt and it is easier because you are not completely blind.
  3. Have you ever questioned who is the Lord?
  4. Whatever. Your cover is blown anyway. lol
  5. Don't worry, British Bullshit Corporation has a page that says What are you allowed to do? Probably you can breath air and drink a cup of tea and eat a scotch egg or two? Suits me fine. I love scotch eggs.... Unfortunately, M&S lacks salt content and tastes bland but their bakery is generally yummy so I forgive them. Waitrose, Tesco & Sainsburys are OK, pick your choice.
  6. Before acusing someone due to lack of your knowledge, please update yours at wikipedia. They have plan for 6&7G. If you go to other sites there are more info. Anyway, I got my info from someone who is not in the public eye but work behind the scene, in the loop so to speak.
  7. The nature of the organisation hasn't change though. It has always been corrupt but now in bed with China and Russia.
  8. LOL I must stop watching funny video before I go to bed. I woke up laughing last night....yet again. Act Like You've Got it..... Give me a break. TriggerHappy: Hello?! Is this the NHS Covid helpline? Agent: Yes, that's right. How can I help you? TH: The latest NHS advertisement says "Act Like You've Got It". How shall I behave? It says that you don't need symptoms to have coronavirus so how should I act? I may have to enroll for a drama class because I don't know how to act. In fact, your telling me to act is making me very anxious as I am not an actor. Agent: ... Ok, I'll stop now. lol
  9. @jesuitsdidit I'm no expert in making up chant and Covid anthem. There are far more qualified people out there who could come up with something punchy. But yeah what you said are good.
  10. By looking at the turn out of the protest over the weekend....I think that might have been the largest I've seen out of many. Some even came from outside London, bless them. Now, if all these people did a little bit of leafleting to strangers, business....just a few when you are out shopping.... it will be massive. Leaflet could be quite simple. How to end the Covid-19 saga 1: Know the fact. The Department of Health and Social Care has admitted they don't hold information about Covid-19. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/679704/response/1666239/attach/4/IR 1243364.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1 2: Ask yourself, if Covid-19 is not known, what are the test for? What vaccines are they making? 3: Why do we have the tier system in place when there is no Covid-19? EDIT: We need to shout "We don't want nanoparticles in us!" Let's draw masses' attention to that word.
  11. Thank you J for the heads up. It's all good. They keep me in shape and good practise and all that. ;) I just talk.... because I would like my closest people, even though we have never met,...truthers to not end up in hell. It's much easier to help people while we are here than in the lower realm. You will get less helpers down there too. I would like people to wake up that it's possible to have blissful moment for no reason in the midst of war but it takes practise of a new way.
  12. Wow there has been a shooting at a server facility in Frankfurt stormed by Delta force (US army 5 dead, alphabet agency one dead). It appears that both alphabet agencies weren't informed of the attack. MSM probably won't report this. https://thepn.org/2020/11/29/report-lt-gen-mcinerney-reports-us-special-forces-attacked-cia-server-farm-in-germany-in-server-seizure-operation-5-soldiers-killed-servers-secured/
  13. I also have other knowledge and agreed by other people who know these stuff so it's not a copy & paste job. I have included my opinion. Is that OK? Why angry?
  14. You should be careful if you want to have a better life. "what we say on this forum?" isn't quite what I meant. I meant in the forum or in your offline life, anytime. Of course you can say what you like but you may want to think whether your choice of words will affect your vibration. I became aware of power of words, vibration eachh words carries. When I stop using certain phrases, words and started to do my daily mantra with high vibrational words, things have started to change. In fact many people's life changed dramatically. Because we are shifting more into vibrational era, the power will be more emphasised. If you are working for a cause, why make it difficult for yourself? It doesn't make sense.
  15. My understanding based on the fact that they have future plan e.g. 6 &7G. I think some of you know this plan. So what's elaborate about it?
  16. It's time to let go of these people. Obiouvsly they cannot lift themself up. If you get angry, upset about it you will end up with them. Be very conscious about what you say, what you spell, words that you use. You are not aware that you are lowering your vibration when in fact you need to be raising it. In war, if you let your emotion control you, you will lose. Be centrered.
  17. Which bit are you referring to? My post contained various things.
  18. Yep. When they are hungry especially if they have children, they will sell their soul. This is a test of time. Spiritual journey is perilous.
  19. OK, so from what I understand, they are not going to kill us all yet. You know why? Because, as they have planned the internet back in 50 years ago, they are already working on 6 & 7G. By the time they get to 7G, they want to establish a holographic world where you can manifest as you think like in 5D. Beecause the elites cannot go to the higher plain, they want to create that in 3D. They still need people to build this. The Air era is dawning upon us, from 21st December 2020, 22 according to Kabbalah is one of change, turning point and 00 indicating the scale that affects the entire earth. Air is invisible and this will be the trend, anything that can't be seen will prosper. Also air is very changeable compared to Earth era which are fixed and those that don't change will be left behind. Now... this is where the ancient history becomes important. Know who place your allegiance to. This technological 'evolution' has been started with Enki, the one who turned against the Creator. Just because majority might go along with the change, does not make it right. It is your choice but you need to know the consequence. Because the trap is so complex that Christian might think they've reached the heaven when they meet likes of Jesus but it is Jesus's heaven/universe. It is heaven because those that reaches there will all be Jesus fans. See how likes of Rhianna (Sledgehammer) and Lady Gaga (Rain on Me: "I'll be your galaxy") sings about it. So you are a slave in 3D and will be a slave in their universe after this one. Best chance to escape is this one.
  20. Things we learned from this Covid also mentioned by DI in the video... people filled up their freezers but in a blackout, it will quickly perish. So even though it's not very nutritious, definitely tinned food, dried food like pasta, powdered custard, instant soup powdered milk, vaccuum packed rice, crackers etc
  21. That happened to me as well. I now don't deal with them and sort matters out by myself with a help of my bodyguards.
  22. Oh you have given me a business idea! Why not make a mask to fit chickens and turkeys. :p Obviously the beak needs to be open but can cover the nose(?) area. If they want to be extra careful, they could buy turkey goggles for them too. Mask works...right? We will never have another avian flu. Job done. LOL I haven't searched but if it already exists.....I am speechless.
  23. I agree about taking all these stuff. I feel overwhelmed trying to explain the whole thing to a newbie. lol We've been at it for so long and you guys are all familiar with banking scum, paedo to occult stuff which all ties in. You can see them all connected. It dawned on me since writing my post yesterday, even WE ARE caught in the Inversion hypnosis which David highlighted a lot by giving example in his latest video. Well done to the video uploader who put the pigs in the right place by saying they are not the authority. The taxpayers pay their wages and they are in service for us, not the other way around. One pig tried to say 'correct' though....lol Another inversion we see is with councils. Their wages are paid by the taxpayer similar situation happens all the time. You know why this happens? This is where what Beachcomer says is important. Most, even the truthers, owns smartphones. This is where daily inversion hypnosis is broadcasted. Computer screen and phones are portal and spirits are dispatched through this screen as well. I've had an experience when I was watching a video of someone who dispatches his bodyguards to check his viewers to see if that person has a malicious intent or could become its food. I told him about it and the cat was out. Now that we have so many zoom meetings, spirits attached to unsuspecting people could pay a visit to your home. That happened too. Lucky for me, I don't miss and know what to do. It's not a problem normally but if you are not aware of these things, you could end up having problems and you don't know why. So have some programmed crystals or other spiritual weapon so that negatives, not just spirits but hypnosis does not come through.
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