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  1. The Soulless One: Cloning a Counterfeit Creation by Mark L. Prophet
  2. btw, I don't think this photo is a real Kim. There are dozens of his impersonators. I heard a rumour that Kim is ill...and his wife too. We need to act now otherwise, we will all be living in NK/Chinese style regime.
  3. Funny you say that.... was thinking along the similar scenario. For a start, the six-pointed stars (nanoparticles) are supposed to be expelled eventually though I suspect that some will stay in the gut and cause further gastric problems. Then it's like GMO tomato/corn/rice experiment, how do we know that stuff that are expelled into our water system won't come back to us? Because of its nano nature, I doubt that they will be filtred through. If you ask Gates, they will more likely to say "We have not thought about that." Of course they wouldn't have. There are more implications but I'm not gonna spend my time and energy thinking about infinite number of worst case scenario when we only need to focus on what we are going to achieve which will put a stop to all the nonsense anyway.
  4. SEE! SEE this one!! Told you 'authorities' are altering the government guideline and making up their own version. YOU do not have to show a certificate or an exempt card. It says it on the government website. Been stopped by a pig yesterday while shopping. I ignored him as I was on the phone but he followed me to tell me that I had to wear a mask. I wish they'd catch real criminals when reported.
  5. Just been watching David's latest video Lab Rats. He mentioned about Stephen Lightfoot of MHRA so I searched and it's clear who he honours. His twitter account @66usual I kid you not. LOL So Mad Hancock lies again. We haven't left the EU....yet. Boris is even talking about no deal fgs. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EoO7A8EXYAEexJP?format=png&name=small
  6. Actually people have been asked to wear a mask, if not then one needs to explain themselves. It would be fair to say that if staff are intending to have a shot and if they say YES, just walkaway by saying I'm boycotting places and people who would get one.
  7. There will be nobody coming to save us. That concept of Jesus coming back to save us all....did much harm. But didn't he save us already? If that's what you call saving us. lol Yeah I agree with allymisfit and people will be fooled. These are the people who would meet Jesus/Allah when they die and get conned to return to the prison.
  8. Well it's been a hard work today. We are in trouble and we need to up our game. There are so many clueless. It's like I have to start from Conspiracy 101....I mean that should have been at least 5 years ago.
  9. Think what you will. Not everyone judges you by reading what you type. ;)
  10. Have you ever served JS on a cruise ship? You are not gonna start, I know this person and that person and everyone else? lol
  11. The way things are moving, really kids don't need to be in school unless they want to be a doctor, lawyer of that elk. Even then, A.I. is going to take their job as well in the future so steer them towards what they like to do. Many of us would agree that schooling was a waste of time. I know a few young ones making ton of money.
  12. I think we need to inform parents about the truth of PCR test. 1) The test is not designed to find out if one has covid or not. Hence it's bogus. 2) I don't know if they will do a spit test or use that long cotton bud which penetrates the blood brain barrier. Easiest thing to do is to hand out a piece of paper with a zoom meeting invitation while parents are waiting to pick up their kids. Who is doing this already?
  13. Talking about the Quantum Dot, this is where we are heading. In cinematic presentation... this isn't that far fetched now.
  14. I love scotch eggs but I think I've suddenly developed an allergy to it. lol I don't know how far this will stretch...
  15. After 594 pages, nobody mentioned of 'Operation Moonshot'. I bet they chose 'Moon' to trigger us. lol
  16. If you are interested, please speak your mind in this questionnaire. "Quite frankly, affect of the Covid scandemic on our mental health has been terrible since we know that the UK or US government doesn't hold information about the SAR-COV2-virus yet we are going to be injected with unlicensed solution and forced to wear a mask. British people are used to standing inline but having made to stand on a dot is a joke gone too far." Now, why NHS is doing an international survey? Project title: Psychological impact of COVID- 19- pandemic and experience: An international survey. bit.ly link https://bitly.com/36ok8nK+ Which goes to https://southernhealthnhs.fra1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8H6lIPRGKm4kp93
  17. Here we go guys. They talk about 'fluid'....I wonder they are coagulating? 6 ft apart - social distancing 6 people as the maximum number allowed for a group 6 pointed star..."twinkle twinkle nano stars....how I wonder what you are....." Suddenly the lyrics became very sinister. Look at the keywords in it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twinkle%2C_Twinkle%2C_Little_Star
  18. I think the red chicken mask will suit you. ;)
  19. I have an answer for you but you know I have reptilian stalkers in this forum and can't be teaching them all the good stuff unfortunately. You are good.
  20. Even RT is featuring...this is terrible. Same with G4S though. They asks you for an exempt card and when I question why they are not wearing their name badge, they walk away. Pathetic.
  21. Ladies and gents hello, and not forgetting my stalkers, yo whatsup? How is the business on the street? HAHAHA We should up our support/campaign towards the health care workers. It must be terrible knowing what the vaccine is about and forced to be stubbed. Let's make some noise for the bros and sisters out there. If we tell strangers about the content of the vaccines, even three people per day, they will tell their friends and family. 1. aborted fetus cells (MCR-5) - how would the veggies, even think about this? 2. nanoparticles - it's official now. 3. the government holds no Covid virus info. If it still doesn't ring a bell in their head....which means it's empty, move on to the next. British Bullshit Corporation spewing lies yet again. Vaccine rumours debunked: Microchips, 'altered DNA' and more https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/54893437
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