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  1. It's exodus in London. The shops which were open till late were like Christmas eve/sales kinda vibe. Obviously, this was going to be the only opportunity for cash strapped shops to cash in before Xmas so the social distancing gone out the window. LOL
  2. What a day! Boris has announced to enslave all Londoners and queue of Xmas shoppers grew so long that I am surprised people didn't start Do the Conga (now that this hideous hairstyle is back in fashion apparently). I guess you can't do that while anti-socially distancing. In the meanwhile, the crash between pigs and protesters continued today.
  3. Fuck me! Tier 4 starts from tomorrow morning....Boris Johnson says. People haven't finished their Xmas shopping yet. You'd better get your skates on. :O
  4. BridgeBuilder


    Creepy drive-through grotto. Wrong time of the year. May be next year will be a hit. Probably discussed in mums dot net. *cough* https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-55376683
  5. So here we are. They are at it again! You can be with friends and family over Christmas but not in London. What is Tier 4? Will they ever keep on increasing the number of tears in the future? What is the difference between Tier 4 and a lockdown? Q: (Boris) How to contain the new variant Covid strain? A: Ignore? We can't keep up with this. Just give it a rest.
  6. Thanks Gareth for bringing up about people that has Covid filtre on. I was thinking the same. No matter what you say, info misses them and they are beyond help. They simply handed over their brain, short of signing off their life, to satan. For your ultimate safety....made with wool probably.... *Drum rolls* Tadah! Social Distancing Jumper! You gotta laugh....
  7. First 5 mins of David's latest video made me chuckle. He said the elites are frantically trying to stump out fires, I literally imagined it, so funny. I don't know if anyone is realising this but the beauty of psychopaths/narc is that they are not empathic i.e. unable to think about others/situation other than their own. This is a massive disadvantage especially now. They think that their plan is GOLD when it is not. I see this played out time and time again. And if you are a Kung Flu master, you will gently steer them in the direction that they'll keep on digging their own rabbit hole so deep enough that they don't know where the fuck they are. Sorry I am having a laughing fits as usual. It must be the Kung Flu symptom number..... oh I won't mention the number it might trigger those who are into numbers. LOL
  8. I feel for Americans including expats. Most expats exited the country because they wanted to get away from the U.S system but Biden will come to hunt you down even when abroad. The only way out is to have dual nationality or even get rid of your US passport. The new tax which he's going to bring in sounds like really bad....makes it look like the UK isn't so bad...really.
  9. Think like a chess game. Do not complain their hands. Good thing is, you KNOW their narrative by now...the Agenda 2030, Great Reset yada yada yada. Occassional rant is ok but complaining is a waste of your time or energy as it brings your vibration down. Instead use it for something that brings joy into your life. Have your steps in place and you'll be more than OK. 2021 is going to be great guys. ;)
  10. If only if it was that simple. I get nonce coming up to me to tell me that I am breaking the law for one thing or another when I have 1) checked the law in the first place, 2) asked even police about it and was given OK. The problem is 'authority' figures, whoever that may be, make up their own law out of their ignorance. These idiots don't know that they are being very idiotic..... or as Steph describes 'lunatics'. You can't reason with an idiot. Just as you have seen in the abusive police thread. I am taking more and more ignoring stance and not looking or even answering when someone calls me. Just walk away, even better smile at them.
  11. I don't indulge in a place where you'd find those. It will make you ill by simply reading it! Should have known....mums dot net. *doh* Full of fear. From my timeline, all is looking jolly good. Vaccine plan is falling apart left, right and centre. LOL
  12. They read your comment. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55332242
  13. Breaking News! NO DEAL Brexit Boris CONFIRMS WTO In Private Group WhatsApp Message
  14. Stop listening to doctors, scientists and Boris. BG knows all about the Covid future. He says "you don't want your loved ones to die the last".... meaning you want your loved one to die first...right? Die ASAP... lol Funny he speaks like a spokesman for the all vaccine companies. lol
  15. Being a faithful JW is blown since Velma told us about the synthetic vaccine. May be I ought to convert to Jewish now. You guys don't blame me for being one. Shalom I am all kosher. lol
  16. Aw, in't that lovely Pru.... OFF you go. lol She added the process was "amazing" and "so efficient". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55315802
  17. Make a note, different fetal cells are used by different manufacturers. NB: use of immortalised cells (keeps on replicating....as in tumour) Info from https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/fda-cancer-cells-in-vaccines/
  18. You want to post that in here. Contravened the Equalities Act 2010.
  19. It's clear that they will go on and on with the madness. We'll be in lockdown FOREVER if we don't do anything about it. Clearly we need to put a stop to this nonsense. Rather than protesting (asking), shops needs to open up (action) and we'll carry on. Shouting on the street so that our voice may be heard....you know they are very good at ignoring. Only action works. The business owners have not got the correct information like we do, therefore, they are afraid to do non-complaince dance. If they had the truth, instead of being scared of the 'virus', they would be able to actually question the government for legitimacy of the lockdown. If businesses are going down, the owners have nothing (left) to lose so might as well fight back. They don't like the table turned guys. TRY. lol
  20. 'New variant' of coronavirus identified - Hancock https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55308211 So on it goes, merry go round...and round. London in Tier 3 (whatever that means....I stopped following) from Wednesday. They didn't even allow enough time for Christmas shopping. Is it essential? Last time, I remember a woman in Wales couldn't even buy a pack of underwear so I assume buying a toy won't be essential? Tell your kids, father Christmas has been arrested for breaking the Covid rules and now in jail. Pity shops are scheduled to open till midnight this Christmas. It will be frenzy from tomorrow. Marvelous.
  21. Thanks for the heads up. So basically they are saying Did not "APPROVE" The Pfizer Vaccine, They AUTHORIZED, so that anyone who has been damaged by the vaccine cannot claim compensation? Is it like this in the UK as well? As far as I understand the vaxx is not authorized by the EU which we are still part of so it is unlicensed drug like heroin. lol I didn't quite see it as magical like incantation but play on words OK. Just counting on people's ignorance?
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