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  1. This is the beauty of psychopaths. They cannot think outside of their confined box! Also true that if it doesn't work once, they will pile it high, multiply, multiply and multiply. This is how their mind works. It's comical and massisve LOL Trust me, I have to deal with this on daily basis. LOL So funny. :D I wonder how it escaped their mind....lol LOL Indeed, they can't get it. :D
  2. My first impression reading that piece of shyte was.... "What the hell does he know?" After all, he's not a doctor and BG is a software developer with different kind of viruses.
  3. To psychopaths, narcs, stalkers, thieves and liars.
    You sought attention, now you've got our full attention.
    Be careful what you read because seemingly ordinary single message may contain poison that is only poisonous to you while the same message can be a soothing balm to others.


    I leave you with these beautiful images.

  4. ^ mnn this boldie. We have a problem.
  5. What we need to be aware in the UK is that they are now trying to change the Human Rights which we are not discussing so far. Whatever changes they are making, it won't be good for us and we may not be able to say it's discrimination. One to watch out for. I'm sure there are some barristers who are looking into it though.
  6. Oh so that's where she is connected. Makes sense. Well done oddsnsods. Definitely demand a live tv jab for her. No saline swap allowed.
  7. It's hard to get the picture from just reading a text, also I have not been in the whole conversation for comparison. But it's interesting you say others noticed the change too. It's important to notice these subtle nuiances which tells a lot so well done for noticing. I'd say, document everything. When the time comes, you may have to join the rest of the victims' family to claim, to do justice for your departed family members.
  8. LOL Correction! Most garlic comes from China, Isle of Wight and spain. Yeah punish em! Well said.
  9. I'm sorry to hear you news. :( What do you mean by display of noticeable reaction? Was it like "That can't be right!" or "Oh it can't be!" or "not another one!" ?? Sounds suspicious to me. Not you telling us but two people, even though they might have had pre condition, passed away straight after the vaccine? Too much of a coincidence, don't you think?
  10. A perfect place to do a peaceful protest is in Kent. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55405299 3000 truck drivers who has nothing to do. Leaflet them with truth. They are stuck and can't go won't go anywhere.
  11. You are right! They are even talking about releasing prisoners so that they won't get infected?! Think about that logic..... May be they are considering all the peados, cereal killers and bike thieves to be released in the wild so that the lockdown breakers could be put in them?
  12. The state of affair this evening.... Dale Winton has been at it again. The game is ON! Has he been to your area? All the veg has been cleared out!! Thin on pasta stock as well. Of course, I headed to the booze section first and that wasn't so bad. I know it's Christmas 'n' all but nobody is inviting anybody so where did all the veg go? Usually it isn't like this till 23/24th.
  13. nah satan doesn't care who he works for. Whoever pays him money. :D
  14. There is always a timeline switch in a multiverse. ;)
  15. I bet she can't wait to have her vaccine. Do it on live BBC show luv.
  16. Hello Marianna Spring! (Specialist disinformation reporter) if you are reading this. LOL
  17. ah but the war doesnt' end with end of your physical life. You can't die. Then the real nightmare begins. lol Hope you all got amo that you can carry around wherever you go. ;)
  18. Fear mind control reduces your immunity. Knowing the narratives help because you are not fearful. By washing/sanitising your hands excessively, wearing a mask, staying at home to avoid vitamin D aka Sun....all adds up. You say it's wrong and that's true but we've been told to do for that very purpose. Talking about being told what to do.... Was in a queue to pay for my shopping. I avoided the self-checkout with a cameras and was queuing for the older cash only checkout without a cam, she was hell bent on ordering where I should go. First she said, "that cashier is free", I didn't fancy walking a short distance so I said I'll wait. Then she said "are you paying by cash or card?" I knew the queue was for cash-only so I said cash. Then when I got to the self-checkout, message displayed that it was for 'card only'. So she asked again if I was paying by card after having said I wanted to pay by cash. I knew what she was trying to do so I smiled at her and proceeded to pay where I intended. Some people's reality is that people can't hear their thoughts...how wrong.
  19. I think supermarkets have told the government what to do with left over Christmas food that are currently stacked up on the shelves. If buying frenzy happened, it would make supermarkets happy....or make them break even rather.
  20. We are being punished for trying to get away from the EU. The unelected cockamemes are threatening us. They are now saying two months of lockdown as if it hasn't been bad enough so far, followed by food and fuel shortage. Preppers, are you happy now? Blackout followed by civil unrest, thank goodness we don't have as many guns as in the US.
  21. It's happening! Can you feel it guys? It's here...21st December and it's celebration time. We did it. Ride this wave. WOW
  22. I am buffled why you guys like putting them on a pede-stral? They are very limited as they belong to an order/organisation ruled by Saturn. By nature, it works from top down. So if you ever want to have power, you need to climb up. Anyway they just hide behind the secrecy pretending they have power and you agree to their narrative. lol Which is more powerful? A masonic person or ________? (Please fill in the gap according to your knowledge). So bored of watching these so called occult forces video. It's either put out there for propaganda purpose to mislead you and scared uneducated people sharing it. It clearly made people point finger at satan, "Oh look it's satan, it's his ......" not knowing if satan is the same as Lucifer etc.....
  23. Just listened to a phone-ins tonight and many are saying Fuck em. lol They are having a Christmas as they'd like it. I hope you'll have a jolly good one too.
  24. I think people should have a street Christmas party, of course weather permitting. Surely if you are outside you can mingle? People already bought a whole turkey for now one or two members of the household....might as well have a jolly party outdoor. But then again, if all areas are in T4 then you can move around one place to another since we are all in it together. LOL
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