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  1. Oh stop. lol 1) Thy shall vow to the covid-19, 6 times a day - one at 6am & 6pm is compulsory. 2) To receive Covid vaccine is akin to Catholics receiving the flesh 'n' blood of Jesus..... You know I think we should start a religion for them. @EnigmaticWorldis good at making a logo which includes 6s (like cern) in them, I'd say, include a syring as well.
  2. Dr Killary says the same....so it must be right! Hence my previous post. What is the point of having the vaccine? I will only accept answers from pro-vaxxer. This is a question we must ask them and watch their face. LOL
  3. Let's rewind and re-think about what it says above..... I interpret it as the dogs are now psychic or time-traveller? Could they pick lottery numbers if we give them balls?
  4. aw, maybe that's what they wanted to achieve. Everyone to accept whatever, how ridiculous it may be. Please centre yourself. Do no lose yourself. Believe in yourself. Where is your logic? They snatched that away from you? In time like this, where they are trying to distract and spin you around, you need to be in the eye of a storm. It can be a very lonely journey at times. David was more or less on his own to fight his ground for years. People thought it was ridiculous that he's talking about aliens, shape shifting reptilians and child abuse shit etc..... It belonged to a LaLa Land. Look what's happening now? Regardless of what people said about him, he didn't lose his focus.
  5. They are short-sighted....like majority of masses are. You know I spoke to a religious person the other day and he said, "So what if they microchip you? We are already tracked by smartphone anyway." well true but he's not got a choice to leave it at home once it's in you and other implications which to follow but at that point, I decided to leave them. They are beyond help especially still believing that God or something is coming to help them. They'd have to do it all over again till they are ready to wake up. I think the destiny of peole have been decided by now. One goes this way, and the other opposite direction. And I see even within the truth community, some of them will not make it even though they've been fighting which is sad. They still have chance IF they decide to change their perception. But the programming is so insidious that you guys will be stuck in 4D and returning to hell if you can't access the 5D now.
  6. Mr B, (if you are reading this) Here is my take on your recent, most logical questions. You asked, "whatever happened to test 'n' trace?" and other things we have 'forgotten' and no longer mentioned. It's like we have this attention of a 3-year old that today's news no matter how big it is, will be forgotten the next day. Proof: We are no longer bothered/talking about Andrew or Bashir....right? This is on purpose I suspect. A stage magician would call it sleight of hands. "While they are keeping us busy debating one thing or another, they are progressing with the real agenda." said a master mason. And you all know what that agenda is.... the Great Reset, an introduction of new currency. Once they achieve this, the madness, the pressure will be eased though I don't know if they will disappear. It will continue for awhile.
  7. Tell the police that they will be replaced by robots and they will join us on Universal Basic Income..... Somebody needs to develop a handheld EMP to stop this crazy shit.
  8. Has anyone asked willing guinea pigs why they'd have the vaxx if it doesn't stop them from getting Kung Flu? I'm wondering because Dr Killary said so. Question: What IS the incentive, what IS the point of having one? Answer: Because 1) everyone is getting it. 2) the government says I should. 3) all of the above?
  9. I would say this is true. Like a Kung Flu master, who raises no hand but step aside to watch an attacker fall into a hole on their own force. lol But in this case of vaccine madness, I'd go up on the next level. Always step ahead. There is a way, do not worry. I still gonna resist till the end but also planning to hack my DNA. Didn't David say, this is an illusion and everything is zeros and ones? There you go. I already hack the reality aka this game console so not that much different. You might ask, HOW? well I ain't going to reveal it to our enermy. Unfortunately the forum is full of parasites aka freemasons & the brigade. As you raises your vibration, more and more good information comes. btw, this movie looks interesting. Reminds you not to step on a wrong person's foot. Hahaha
  10. Best Christmas EVER. I'm on the next level up on the xbocx game Hell on Earth, Heaven on Earth. Priceless. See the prisoner #33 at 1 min in the vid? HAHAHA Bye psychopaths.
  11. China ramps up effort to CONTROL how people eat What if you places serve bigger portion you can't eat? What if you don't like the food you've ordered after all? btw, China is in 10 days of blackout and people are protesting online....how is that possible?
  12. According to the Rock -e- feller script, Lock Step document 2010 (deleted PDF link below), it is the next step after the 'pandemic'. It is inevitable that they will do this at some point soon. What are you doing to prepare for it? Some of you have like a year supply of food & booze. I'd say, have some cash because cashpoint won't work, then you can't fill your car up etc.... may be get some extra prescription because you don't want the pull to happen when you need to order your medz. We will be in total darkness....possibly no electricity which means no Zoom, no iphone to keep each other updated, Royal Mail won't be working either and lastly no deliverloo or JustEat. nada Zero. tbh, I don't know how they'd pull the internet globally. Blackout is one way, another is to disable DNS so that we have electricity at least. Even the elites need to communicate with each other which requires electricity. Anyway, there are far too many people out there who think these kind of topic is bat shit crazy. While clued up people know that it has already began. "The SolarWinds cyber attack. It has penetrated all 4 branches of the US military and the White House" Is this a fearmongering? Knowing the track record/history and recognise that they first tell you and proceed....so it's not something 'I' created. It's out there already. I think we need to be like people of Southern America or Phillipines where they know disastrous flooding will occurr at some point but they don't live in fear. If they did, they wouldn't be living there. We are surrounded by the web but there is ALWAYS a weakest link(s). Just as they can target the internet web, there is/are weak link(s) in the cable. https://www.gracevanberkum.com/post/2010-rockefeller-lock-step-document-coming-to-life-right-now-time-to-wake-up
  13. Have you run out of a medication by any chance? Are you on whizz?
  14. May be he has been released from jail for Christmas as prisoners were to be released from prison per news/hearsay. He must have been dying to visit the forum. *cough* He definitely has a distinctive posting style.
  15. I Called Everyone in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/10/i-called-everyone-in-jeffrey-epsteins-little-black-book/
  16. It's interesting that they are going to introduce this 'conspiracy' tech to the masses with this year's Christmas message broadcast. We wil never know if she is ill, gone or for real. I bet she will now live to be 333. Bring on avatar and hologram. Tupac, Elvis, they are all alive. Deepfake queen to deliver Channel 4 Christmas message https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55424730
  17. ^ This is according to the level of programming we have all been trained at. On the other hand, if you experience 'miracles' (i.e. beyond what you know/believe) frequently if you have been deprogramming using higher energy one would know that it's not set in the stone.
  18. Get your dingy out! If you pretend that you are a migrant/refugee, you can probably getaway...pun intended.
  19. I stopped using SKYPE long time ago and I knew there was something with Zoom too. https://davidicke.com/2020/12/23/bill-gates-inspired-china-born-zoom-founder-eric-yuan-is-celebrated-by-the-us-media-while-his-company-spies-and-censors-for-china/ May be Telegram..... seek refuge with Russians. When the internet goes, keep your telepathy antenna up. You'll have no other people to keep faith and your vibration up when you are locked up. Mentally, prepared this already. Anyways, we are never alone if you can see without having to tap your third eye. Does anyone tap the third eye to activate? Don't do that especially in public.....it's rather embarassing. LOL
  20. This is another way to become immune from the Kung Flu because drivers need to deliver our food, Christmas parcels etc. The virus knows who to infect. Like when you were eating in a restaurant, you didn't have to wear a mask. You simply become immune from it...also in school. It all makes sense. Say "yes it does!!" lol
  21. Good point. Because it contains anti-freeze called PEG-50. ;)
  22. Then that SAGE guy who drove 200 miles to have his eyes tested....and it goes on and on. Clearly rules are for you peasants! We are fighting invisible virus and even the Nightingale hospital appears to be empty....i.e. inundated with invisible patients!
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