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  1. On 12/3/2021 at 7:45 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:



    Like space and asteroids exist at all.


    Scare those humans baby, they love it!


    Find me an actual, not CGI image of an asteroid (or anything celestial really) and I'll suck you salty balls.


    When you see a meteorite or a shooting stars in the sky....what are they? Holographic projection?

  2. Do not believe the media. I'm not saying it didn't happen but something isn't quite right in this report below.


    This has just been posted and I've noticed it's a street where I drive when I am deliverying stuff.

    In the article it mentions of a bank and bookmaker..... there is none of it on this road. Check it with google streeview. And I'd ask if the gunman was reported, how the fuck it took 15 mins to get from there to outside of the palace gate? Surely bank or boomaker who reported didn't see which black cab the gunman got in? Did they take the registration number? How were they able to tracked the cab amongst all the other black cabs on a busy road? Who did they kill?



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  3. 34 minutes ago, Ouroboros said:

    When David spoke about his talk with a lightworker seeing the disconnect of the heart chakra from the physical body in the vaccinated


    That makes sense. a major chakra like the heart or solar plexus is a gateway, a portal to the Universe.

  4. On 4/30/2021 at 1:50 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:


    You've just beaten me to it as I have just come across this publication this morning.


    There have also been some mainstream media reports on self spreading vaccines being touted as a potential solution to the so-called deadly virus and other pandemics.




    Here are some screenshots of one such article from behind the Telegraph paywall.







    And here are some more examples.












    Self-Spreading vaccine


    What could possibly go wrong? 🤔 Nah-thing, right?

    Hear it from John Hopkins, the expert. Calm down everyone, I'm sure it's been all hyped up. Listen to the government and the experts, I'm sure they care......like 0.000000001% ?


    From 12 mins 20 sec, document links are in the description.

    But if you want to know what's happening in Miami school, listen from the top.




  5. 1 minute ago, oddsnsods said:


    India is a huge country as I already stated with over a billion people.

    So of course that video of the girl proves nothing agreed.

    Neither does your friend tho & is hearsay.


    I don't know the full fact because you or I are not there.

    But as I have already posted, it could be a regional thing. May be one area got a AZ vax and other place got something else or as in the clinicaltrial.gov image, some got saline and the rest in toxic version. This is what I even suspect in the UK because I received Covid vax invitation texts well before my age group was supposed to get hence you are numbered for analysis.

  6. 1 minute ago, Anders said:


    Or perhaps the cause is the vaccine itself

    Exactly. Or 5G, possibly a combination.

    I don't know where that woman who posted the video to say India is business as usual, only need to access food via black market etc.... is based. If 5G is involved, one area typically main city could well be affected and not other area.


    I urge people to question real people if possible because MSM or even alt media is getting a bit risky since they are uping the game.

  7. Just now, oddsnsods said:


    You are on here pushing bodies in the street & now saying covid doesnt exist?


    I am not pushing anything. All I said was what my friend told me and he actually lives in India.

    I don't live in India so all I can do is relay a message. That's all. But I posted it to counter the video that was posted here.

    So if someone posts a video, it has more credibility? I don't think my friend wanted to be filmed and plastered all over the internet. It was just a piece of info out of our general conversation for a start.

    Don't believe me, put me on ignore if you like.


    Covid has existed since the dawn of age. They just rebranded the flu. The pandemic is a scam.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Human10 said:

    But well represents real scale and perspective of the Indian 'problem'...


    The way I see this chart is that.... of course the number of death is more in India because the population is in billion compared to the UK population which is of course normal if you know what I mean.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    Same Poland - graphs with covid and deaths covers - the more the inject the more are deaths, slows down when they do less jabs... I'm a little surprised how it works - I expected other diseases not covid... But smart move - morons are more willing to take it when they see deaths on the streets and more deaths and...  Until all lemmings jump off the cliff.🥴


    You can't control others. They've already decided their own fate.

    What you can make sure is that you stay on the right side of the cliff.

  10. Just now, oddsnsods said:


    If you scroll back to some of my posts with current stats, putting the Indian hype into perspective, any rational person will see its media virus fear baalocks.


    People die in the street in India everyday, the country has 27,000 deaths a day.

    The country is MASSIVE.


    200k a year of TB.




    Yeah I get it. People die in the UK and India too but I believe my friend's brother over in India. That's why I ask you all to enquire yourself.

  11. Just now, Liberty said:

    If people are buying up the oxygen and they don’t need it in preparation in case they do need it then the people who would have needed it won’t be able to get it and will die. This is more likely a supply and demand issue. 

    Musk is rolling out his 5g later this year unless it has already arrived in the poor areas. 

    also all that burning bodies in the streets in that red hot heat is likely to make anyone ill. 

    It's possible that Elon's satellite is testing India....

    But as per this post, we don't know which version of vax has been rolled out.... Serum Institute was making one.

  12. On 4/28/2021 at 2:08 PM, smashstuff said:


    A brother of someone I know lives in New Dehli and he confirmed that people are dying on the street. No amount of money can get you an oxygen tank. Whether you believe me is up to you but I am just relaying the message and he is nothing to do with conspiracy or truther community and he has no reason to make things up. So my suggestion is to ask an Indian person you know. If you are in Bradford, Manchester, London.... there are enough Indians. Speak to an Indian deliverloo person when he is looking bored waiting for the next call.


    I am thinking it could be 5G, something that is making them breathless.

  13. 14 hours ago, DarianF said:

    As far as they claim, it doesn't contain live virus, so I guess by this mechanism it couldn't be shedding. Maybe in a different way?


    May be not shedding virus but shedding newly altered DNA material?

  14. 1 hour ago, gibby said:

    Some of the reactions I get from some people  close and  not so close..........


    The state will look after us


    They wouldn't harm us  ... would they?


    They wouldn't lie to us...why would they?


    I believe it all because they said it on the telly...they wouldn't lie


    How could they possibly organise all this to harm people


    Ive taken the jab cos its easier to go and see people and go on holiday


    When everybody gets the vac we will be free ( blame the non vaxers for any delay )


    Ive took the vac cos I want my life back !! (phew)


    Ive had it and feel fine  cant wait till my 2nd one


    the BBC wouldnt lie


    The Govt wouldn't lie


    and so it goes on and on and on ..................................  I despair !!


    The above comments are all too familiar.

    Let them call you names but keep moving.

    We've been warning people of incoming tsunami and they said the magnitude of such tsunami (death) is impossible because the governmnt will warn us before etc..... They were calling you idiot for climbing higher up on the hill and they stayed put enjoying themselves. It doesn't matter what they call you. You do you because you know better. When tsunami comes, who is still standing?

  15. 20 hours ago, DarianF said:

    "In a rare admission of the weakness of Chinese coronavirus vaccines, the country's top disease control official says their effectiveness is low and the government is considering mixing them to give them a boost."



    Mixing. Yeah, sounds safe.


    Like a cocktail..... shaken but not stirred. 🍸

    Whatever sticks...right? Add little of this, little bit of that.... who cares lol

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