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  1. When you see a meteorite or a shooting stars in the sky....what are they? Holographic projection?
  2. Do not believe the media. I'm not saying it didn't happen but something isn't quite right in this report below. This has just been posted and I've noticed it's a street where I drive when I am deliverying stuff. In the article it mentions of a bank and bookmaker..... there is none of it on this road. Check it with google streeview. And I'd ask if the gunman was reported, how the fuck it took 15 mins to get from there to outside of the palace gate? Surely bank or boomaker who reported didn't see which black cab the gunman got in? Did they take the registration number? How were they able to tracked the cab amongst all the other black cabs on a busy road? Who did they kill? www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-59622531
  3. Covid-19 RNA based vaccines and the risk of prion disease https://themostbeautifulworld.com/blog/vaccine-and-prion-disease This explains different delivery mechanism https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200911/Effective-simple-safe-self-amplifying-RNA-vaccines.aspx #Self-disseminating vaccines #Self-amplifying mRNA vaccines
  4. That makes sense. a major chakra like the heart or solar plexus is a gateway, a portal to the Universe.
  5. I'm just adding this here bc I think this is all coincidence and nothing to worry about. If police is using tear gas, it's FDA approved right? Hundreds of people tear gassed during protests say they now have abnormal menstruation https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/longevity/551236-hundreds-of-people-tear-gassed-during-protests-say-they
  6. Self-Spreading vaccine What could possibly go wrong? Nah-thing, right? Hear it from John Hopkins, the expert. Calm down everyone, I'm sure it's been all hyped up. Listen to the government and the experts, I'm sure they care......like 0.000000001% ? From 12 mins 20 sec, document links are in the description. But if you want to know what's happening in Miami school, listen from the top. https://odysee.com/@HighImpactFlix:ca/dlive-centner-school:7
  7. I don't know the full fact because you or I are not there. But as I have already posted, it could be a regional thing. May be one area got a AZ vax and other place got something else or as in the clinicaltrial.gov image, some got saline and the rest in toxic version. This is what I even suspect in the UK because I received Covid vax invitation texts well before my age group was supposed to get hence you are numbered for analysis.
  8. Of course.... Yom something with yellow stars... And he was a finalist for staff award.... amazing.
  9. Exactly. Or 5G, possibly a combination. I don't know where that woman who posted the video to say India is business as usual, only need to access food via black market etc.... is based. If 5G is involved, one area typically main city could well be affected and not other area. I urge people to question real people if possible because MSM or even alt media is getting a bit risky since they are uping the game.
  10. I am not pushing anything. All I said was what my friend told me and he actually lives in India. I don't live in India so all I can do is relay a message. That's all. But I posted it to counter the video that was posted here. So if someone posts a video, it has more credibility? I don't think my friend wanted to be filmed and plastered all over the internet. It was just a piece of info out of our general conversation for a start. Don't believe me, put me on ignore if you like. Covid has existed since the dawn of age. They just rebranded the flu. The pandemic is a scam.
  11. The way I see this chart is that.... of course the number of death is more in India because the population is in billion compared to the UK population which is of course normal if you know what I mean.
  12. You can't control others. They've already decided their own fate. What you can make sure is that you stay on the right side of the cliff.
  13. Sorry but this Covid death does not exist. People died from other causes such as medical murder, car accident and they slapped "Death by Covid" on the death cert. So by this, this chart means nothing unless you are a believer of Covid death.
  14. As far as in UK is concerned, forum members are reporting death of loved ones, I heard from a Tesco staff today that a young person have died from blood clot two weeks after she received the shot. It's too close for comfort.
  15. We should go after this doc. He should be made to resign because he is a danger to the humanity and our future.
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