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  1. i found this in one of the comments. You guys are more upto speed on these alternative medical things. Don't know how valid this is but it might be effective. Indeed, so exhausting just to watch this video let along living with it. Her FB deleted, no way of contacting. I don't think electric shock would do it. The person who replied to him also said someone who was vaping (remember that?) became like this. God knows what's in vapes.
  2. I would block him right away. Especially he's encased within inverted commas.
  3. But the original Christian god is actually the devil.... no change there.
  4. Carry an alcohol spray and start wiping after you've read the label. There is always a solution. Can they argue with this?
  5. Covid is now officially a religion after all. lol
  6. awe, what a romantic scene - just about to kill your bf/gf. It may be short lived (as little as 2 days before vaccine effect takes place, in some cases). I thought hugging was not allowed.
  7. What do you think of this? I was thinking, it's all feminine.... as long as the word gets out. Then it turned very dark all of a sudden like 180 degrees. lol Chemtrails Over The Country Club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBHild0PiTE
  8. All legitimate maskless shoppers, surely this IS the time to visit Morrisons and not avoid? In fact, we should make a list of shops we should visit and make a killing. LOL This is free money guys. Don't you see? If you gonna protest, you might as well get paid for it. I am wondering if you are refused entry by a security guy, do you get to sue the security firm and the shop as well? If so, double whammy. Sorry no mercy. They should know the law. EDIT: those photo of people you guys are posting, are freaky. I'm sure they are all either cyborg o
  9. That's a wise move but by the time someone becomes ill with cancer, the company might not exist by the rate things are changing. And if you are dead quickly e.g. within 2 days what good such contract be? May be one ought to ask for a clause that the company will make life time payment to the family who would need to be supported. But how likely this will happen?
  10. Why do you say that and which bit did I lie?
  11. In case if you have received BCG vaxx in the past, something to keep your eye on this. Correlation between universal BCG vaccination policy and reduced mortality for COVID-19 (not peer reviewed) https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.24.20042937v2 ArticleBCG Vaccination Protects against Experimental ViralInfection in Humans through the Induction ofCytokines Associated with Trained Immunity https://www.cell.com/cell-host-microbe/pdfExtended/S1931-3128(17)30546-2 From what I understand, bottom line is that it isn't very pure/refined live va
  12. The first shot is pure sex. A red n white stripy straw (phalic), oosing white liquid from a chocolate egg cup (womb). The couple - This is a masonic ritual in plain sight though they are doing it with a chocolate egg. Why they do this? If you know the symbolism, you'll understand.
  13. How predictable was that?! It's time to get your dingy out. Holidaying in migrant style to become trendy. (prediction)
  14. Here we go. Slowly but surely, our freedom is taken away without anyone noticing. It's because....Covid, it's because for the vaccine... You must stop breathing ......because there is a pandemic going on! Do your bit. Toilet rolls are no longer trending item, I expect to see alcohol section emptied soon.
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