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  1. My plan is to never back down and push forward with ways to evolve so my/our lives are true. what do you think will happen long term generally? thanks for replying
  2. Anyone know where I can see the latest news on what David is saying.
  3. I do see some very unhappy faces and some health professionals extremely frustrated. Lots tend to hide away from getting into conversation about this subject. They seem to worried/scared of giving their true opinions incase they loose their jobs/careers. More and more less joyful, no smiles, robotic tendencies and avoiding staff social events.
  4. In general I work within the community coaching people to cope better with their health concerns and social, mental health, vulnerabilities and poor dynamics associated with their living conditions and struggles. It’s a great job and I can do it just as successfully based from home which I am now. I’ve see the fear in people who have/are in full belief of the Covid-19 narrative.
  5. The feeling is some NHS workers seem to comply but deep down they’re worried about loosing their jobs/careers if they choose not wear one. From what we know if NHS workers refuse wearing a surgical mask in their workplace will receive a written warning and if still refuse will be forced to face disciplinary proceedings. However if wearing a surgical mask causes distress then other options are sort (gray area which seems to have limited options). Lucky I’ve managed to work from home for time being. All I want is to breath fresh clean air and not wear a surgical mask (muzzle). I’m the only one in my workplace location who has put this in writing. I feel somewhat victorious now working from home but at the same time it’s rather disjointed.
  6. For many years I’ve woken up in regards to life as it should be, freedom to choose and the Elites forces who are trickling their ideation and programs onto us. I’m a NHS worker refusing vaccines and mask wearing, this has somewhat isolated me as the majority who I work alongside seem to be blind to what is truly occurring. Is anyone else out there in a similar situation as I’d love to share thoughts. I feel so passionate and will never back down from what my instinct tells me. Also want to go on the peaceful March on Saturday 28th November in London, never done this before, travelling from West Country (Somerset), got room for three others in my car. Any tips or advice from the experienced souls.
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