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  1. Christmas will be epic. No commercial nonsense and all my money will be spent locally. New ideas will evolve and free from vaccination and mask wearers will culture-rise. This is an opportunity to blow the brains out of the elites. 

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    2. Free soul

      Free soul

      Love the clips. Truths in there. 

    3. DannyUK


      Definitely mate, even in the story we have the “Resurrection of a Phoenix” seems common place. 
      Subtle undertones of mind control and memory implants to engineer human behaviour according to the state.

      Reminiscent to A Clock Work Orange


      We have John “Spartan”...


      Funny how often this symbol for “Lucifer” shows up, even if it is upside-down here. While it’s also a duality symbol, as Lucifer can represent Good and Evil, like a Shiva Archetypal figure.


      Here it is the other way, like Saturn’s wings on Venus and the All-seeing eye of the “shield” 🛡 of course, 👁 which also represents Saturn, the Grand Architect.

      The eye of the big brother state is the eye of the system and the eye of the system is the matrix and the matrix is governed by, The Grand Architect, Father Time, Saturn.


      It seems a certain people want to combine what people think of as Lucifer and Satan deliberately, although Lucifer is most definitely used to justify evil by the satanic cult.

      As the most perverse actions can be justified if it’s done so justified to transform society, like Warfare.

      Spartan, represents the old decaying world or the old empire, like the “Babylonian Monetary System” we are within now before the transformation to the digital facist controlled credit system, equivalent of China’s. The Technocracy. It’s foreshadowed in a piss take manner throughout the movie, even the toilet roll jokes. Obviously, it’s someone’s favourite movie, those behind this agenda.


      Lenina Huxley, the NWO Police Officer, clueless of her own nativity and conditioning to an insane world, that she knows on some level she doesn’t agree with or isn’t inspired by the current controlled world. Huxley should speak for itself at this point, Brave New World. Those that implement it are largely those within ignorance of its existence and are “just doing their job” while enforcing facism.

      Here’s another example of the “Resurrection of a Phoenix” mentality and more besides that ✌️😁


    4. Free soul

      Free soul

      Good detective work. The Simpson cartoon is bit like this. Little snippy messages for those who can see it. What about Arnold, was/is he a real clone on message quest or could his career just pot luck (but is pot luck real)? Hollywood is another cult. Ever researched Emery Smith, interesting character who has been whistle blowing for a few years now. 

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