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  1. Thank you so much for the reply and advice, so appreciated. matt
  2. Hi All Anyone know more about this rally, it’s my first ever. Enough is enough now. My NHS career is almost over due to mandatory jabs and I’m jab free, and will stay jab free. I need to now stand with my fellow people. I was wondering if any of you can advise me on the best methods to use at a rally like this. I’m catching the train from my location into London on Saturday 22nd January and intend to follow my instincts. Might book accommodation for the night and was also wondering what is happening on the Sunday 23rd. Any advice welcome cheers Matt
  3. Please can anyone confirm where and when the next freedom movements are. I need to join the awake and non jabbers.
  4. How did your son get on???
  5. Thanks so much for this video link. Helps so much. Would you know where and when the next freedom rally is??! I need to meet others in the same boat, feeling tough, strong but some what alone. cheers Matt
  6. Well said, they’re brainwashed.
  7. NHS UK is blindsiding their work force to be under the illusion that they must be jabbed x 3 or be sacked. Parliament has not agreed this. ITS NOT LAW.
  8. Cheers for connecting. You have cheered me up
  9. NHS in the UK is blindsiding their work force to be under the illusion that they must be jabbed x 3 or be sacked. Parliament has not agreed this. ITS NOT LAW.
  10. Excellent!!! Thank you Gareth for your efforts and the people you have on Right Now. I work in the NHS and have been informed by my work HR team that I have until April 2022 to get jabbed x 3. I have a mortgage, little girl, wife and a dog to support. I’m not ever going to have the jab. Seems to just be regulatory which could be written into my work situation by April 2022. This fake pandemic/vaccine etc…etc… is putting me into a none violent fight mode, but how do I fight this and win.???? I’m willing to whistle blow and have you follow my experience. Whatever it takes to defend my family’s/people alike and own freedoms/free will I’m ready to do so. Anyone out there also having the same as I am.
  11. There is always a war on the world scale. Most cannot cope with reality of the truth and others just don’t realise. Be a soldier and romp with your truth.
  12. NHS worker (keep in mind the complexities I’ve already gone through without complying to the demands of the NHS, it’s a challenging environment to keep cool ) Knowing the correct method as I do I have refused to wear a face covering of any form and obviously declined the injection. So I’m 46 years old with bills to pay and a family to keep in standard, safe and happy enough living environment. Having followed my instinct since my early 20’s (used to when a kid but got side tracked, I call it), my abilities have become second nature. Say no to masks and injections. Be totally solid and pure with your intention, never back down from your inner core. Today was a rough one when a GP & Nurse Practitioner told me I was stupid and silly for not getting the injection and refusing a mask, (I wanted to totally let loose and shout, rave and tell them to wake up, knowing they will just see me as a nut job and not respect my abilities to suppport patients later down the line). I went home and stood my ground in my own mind. Tomorrow will be another day. It’s a lie. Free soul P.S...what would you do???
  13. Absolutely!!! Very frustrating and isolated with my thoughts. Lucky I’m liberated at home and can do my work temporarily remotely until the masks come off. Got to be honest it’s getting me down a bit and I can’t help feeling so passionate about how much of a hoax it all is.
  14. Very true. It hopefully might happen.
  15. The rest of the homepage contains all the usual Newspeak ‘buzzwords’ such as ‘robust’, ‘diverse’, ‘stakeholder’ etc. So what’s so bad about this then? The Common Purpose Exposed website explains in detail: Sounding pretty sinister so far? The above image is from the Stop Common Purpose website and shows how Common Purpose (CP) sits itself at the centre of a web, with its tentacles everywhere. So that’s the basic gist, and both websites linked to above contain lots of further information about how this organisation operates, though to be fair both are a little outdated, and haven’t been updated for some time. I’ll just add at this point that the UK Column website has a series of articles covering ‘The Common Purpose Effect‘ which are also valuable reading. What’s this about ‘technocracy’ then? From Wikipedia: Again, on the surface, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be great if the Minister For Health was actually someone with a professional medical background, or if the Minister For Education was some ex-teacher or headmaster? The downside… Well, there’s always a ‘but’… … what if these ‘experts’ have their own ideological agenda that they wish to see carried out? Or, what if these ‘experts’ are carrying out someone else’s ideological agenda? “Leaders without boundaries” Making sense yet? Who is running this country? Our ‘democratically-elected’ leaders? Or the unelected ‘experts’ who are ‘advising’ them on policy? We already know that the UK Government (and other governments around the world) have had ‘climate policies’ dictated to them by ‘climate change scientists’, sorry, ‘advised’ by climate scientists. (You know, the 97% of scientists that are in complete agreement?) The current ‘lockdown’ situation in response to the ‘coronavirus’ Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ is also as a result of ‘advice’ from public health ‘experts’. I know of at least one person who wrote to their MP with concerns about the current UK lockdown due to this ‘pandemic’ and provided well-resourced information which contradicts the ‘mainstream’ narrative, and received a response which basically said “the Government is acting on advice from public health experts”. Who’s In Control? So it seems we are already living in a technocracy, where the Government is ‘acting on advice’ from ‘experts’. Who exactly are these ‘experts’? It stands a very good chance that these ‘experts’ are Common Purpose graduates themselves, or have been programmed/conditioned by other Common Purpose members. As per the links provided earlier, Common Purpose graduates/members are everywhere – within the NHS, police service, Civil Service, local government, charities, media outlets, educational establishments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consultancies, and various other organisations. If you’ve ever wondered why things just don’t make any sense anymore, join the dots and understand that there is a common thread linking everything together: Common Purpose. Nobody elected these ‘experts’. No-one seems to question their judgement or ‘advice’. They may be right, they may be wrong. But should we be so beholden to these ‘experts’ that we dare not question their own motives or agenda? The technocracy is already here, we just don’t know it yet, because we still ‘trust’ our elected officials to be doing “what’s best for us all”. I like your style a lot. The Police are not true to their own beliefs and are lost in their own personal agendas. Unfortunately led by the global regime. If 500 police in one county took a stand to not marshal protesters but to join them and take their masks off then we might be able to change the tip of the iceberg. So in turn all other “Common Purposes” might follow suit. Just takes one BBC member to blow out his thoughts and stand up to the lies on MSM. However they do have them by the short and curlies as they need their jobs to keep their children/families safe and happy.
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