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  1. I give you, The Hunchback of Victoria
  2. Can you please forward your sentiments to [email protected] It may have more weight coming from the UK citizenry Thank you
  3. Too bad he wasn’t at Betty’s Burgers and had to be dug outta the rubble. He has been too busy doing the math so that he could produce these figures for the past 24 hours His masters must be proud of their little sycophant
  4. We posted at same time...lol Your apology is accepted
  5. We’re hearing 6.0, felt as far as Canberra and I’ve heard from people in NSW that felt it. It’s true we’re not accustomed to it like you hardened kiwis
  6. We’ve just had an earthquake here in Melbourne, @DarianF did you feel that mate? Felt big, whole house shook, I hope it’s Mother Nature acting out for what we’re being put through with this covid fraud. Dan couldn’t have organised THAT to stop the ongoing trade protests, surely
  7. Police Rescue Vehicle..... to rescue the police from the irate tradies
  8. Yeah, this is a neo Nazi message.... riiiiight, also not a swastika in sight. The govt mouthpiece media can’t even spin a credible false narrative.
  9. Would it be too much to wish for that Klaus Schwab was visiting at the time
  10. They look so tough with their sissy masks on
  11. The Feds ripped up Danny’s BRI agreement with China but I spose some of the damage has already been done
  12. More pics…. flares were being let off on the way to parliament where the ‘rioters’ were calling for Dan to come out
  13. This is how Dan is protecting Parliament…. he doesn’t want the ‘man babies’ to get in and get him
  14. Disgusting pigs, I hope the ‘investigation’ into these thugs takes their badges away and they’re charged with grievous bodily harm
  15. Who knew we had so many neo nazi man babies in Melbourne according to Bill Shorten. Apparently, you’re not a man anymore unless you’re wearing a pink tutu and a rainbow scrunchie in your hair, since protestors are now always being categorised here as aggressive young males.
  16. Let’s see how long they ‘shut it down’ for. I hope the tradies can stick it out ( have resources to fall back on) and we’ll see how much Dan wants his precious metro tunnel completed. Atm Dan ‘needs’ these guys to finish off the rail system for his technocratic gulag transportation, but it won’t be reported that he backed down though.
  17. Yep, John Setka is up Dan’s arse and pushing the ‘rent a crowd’ line. I hope his members flay him
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