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  1. No one where I am is remotely thinking of convid, everyone I know is busy growing food, storing up etc. Just recently I’ve seen a lot around my neighbourhood making ‘front yard verge gardens’, good to see
  2. Doesn’t surprise me Jack Dorsey is a user
  3. If ever there was a case for euthanasia, it’s for this group of biters …. there has gotta be something in their DNA
  4. I wouldn’t pay, we should be able to see that pretending buffoon drop like a sack of shit for free
  5. Maybe growing another arse
  6. I’ve heard of a ‘forked tongue’, but a forked nose Is this covid nose
  7. Sadly, not 52….. he turns 50 this year. Fyi, Warnie’s public memorial is on this week and now Danny’s got covid, he can’t go. Covid is a very convenient excuse these days…. Warnie wasn’t a fan of Danny and was very critical of the destruction he has wrought on Melbourne/Victoria.
  8. …… and he’s boostered
  9. Ours are going back 1 hour in a weeks time, I suppose we’ll be told it’s so stressful, causing all of the above too.
  10. Did they think he was 52….. oops
  11. Thanks mate…… but these ancient fossils really do outlive roaches
  12. They all seem to have spectacular innings to me, yet Warnie keels over at 52 I’ll wonder about the ‘taking out’ if Kissinger, Soros, Queenie Liz, Schwab,and numerous geriatric Rothschilds bite the dust in quick succession of each other.
  13. Is someone asleep at the mockingbird media….. they’ve missed the chance for a high profile geriatric covid death tsk tsk
  14. Propaganda aside, it amazes me that these self absorbed narcissistic dipshits have the gall to think the general public care to know anything about them. Will they tweet out when they have the boils on their arses lanced
  15. Apparently it was on the news and the dipshit reader spoke her lines without so much as batting an eyelid at the absurdity of the sham. I’m in Victoria where I think isolation for covidfraud positives are off now….. since Daniel forced 90+% to get two jabs, his job is done and it’s anything goes…. no matter that according to them more people are dying each day with covid than before the vaxxes were even administered here. Each State has made up its own rules regarding everything relating to the conjob ( I think WA is still a hermit kingdom full of masked hypochondriacs), no doubt so people will applaud the worldwide ‘co-ordinated’, lock step approach’ the WHO has established for the future pandemic.
  16. Re South Aussie election In South Australia, even though the covid is sooooo contagious you may leave your house to collect a voting pack
  17. It’ll probably be done in schools soon… for convenience of course…. and added to the immunisation register in future
  18. I’m waiting for Danny boy to legislate that we have to prove that we support Ukraine before we can enter pubs, clubs and restaurants in Melbourne
  19. Those who want to wear them should, it reduces the volume of bad breath out there
  20. If it was only 1% then I think they’d publicise that in order to demonise us further and the peer pressure aspect. Actually I’m surprised that they haven’t said it’s 1% regardless of the true figure. I’ve never been asked why I’m not wearing a mask, nor asked to provide proof of vax in any shop I go into. None of that shit has been any hindrance where I shop and restaurants I frequent. People around here are decent and just want to make a living irrespective of what dickhead Dan has previously said. Btw now that all restrictions are off I can’t wait to see how many masktards there are around..... at least it makes it a lot easier to spot people you might want to talk to.
  21. High possibility too of the currently jabbed already having the ‘markers’ in them, making them more susceptible to the new pathogen. I don’t know anyone that took the shots that has died or have been seriously ill after taking them so tptb can’t have gone to all that trouble just to prime the pump so to speak and get people used to taking shots surely.
  22. Hey Darian In the state of Victoria they say the fully unjabbed like you and me are at 6%, so roughly 400,000.
  23. It’s another one of those unfortunate catch 22s where the establishment want it all….. if the family of vaccine death/damaged person claims compensation through the court they’re pushing shit up a hill to prove the vax was the cause, but if said dead/damaged person has insurance, the cause WAS the experimental vax so they won’t pay out. Bastards everywhere, screwing you behind your back and to your face.
  24. yep I could think of many more useless things too but I’d need a bigger shirt….. probably a bed sheet, king size
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