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  1. Saw this on Infowars, but always good to rewatch
  2. Absolutely not...... but I did participate in one where it told the gov to stick the shots where the sun don’t shine
  3. I think I read about haircuts being offered somewhere, Chicago maybe, but I dunno what they’d offer here, donuts aren’t really a huge thing.... vegemite sandwich maybe
  4. Australia has had no local transmission for ages, yet NSW is suddenly under restrictions again because of source unknown, hopefully more are now questioning how it just popped up again apparently out of nowhere
  5. Great stuff..... but for these pc times, probably should be ‘the covid person’ Any leftist, woke dipshit will self combust upon reading, not to mention the feminists... we must remember, Covid is ‘inclusive’
  6. @Freedom Lane55 @Beaujangles I remember reading the ‘violence’ discussion and I didn’t see any copycat posts. This is what I found on page of 1939
  7. I wish Dr Majumdar would just give us the date of the next lockdown, they’re starting the talk now because vax take up is low and they’ll be able to pass colds and flu off as covid because
  8. All ugly even then, positively hideous now, got some good songs if you just take it as that.... I’ve no sympathy for these devils (who has hell’s angels as security at a concert, they’re not innocent, they have knowledge of rituals etc)
  9. Don’t you love the way 50 odd years ago housewives were stereotyped as stressed and needing mother’s little helpers..... fast forward to year 2000 and they’re characterised as ‘Desperate‘ thirsty ‘ Housewives‘ in need of pool boys So I guess if we’re not drug addicts, we’re nymphos
  10. These Gates‘ have it all..... wealth, notoriety.... and potential movie roles! I bet Bill daydreams about who will play him in the story of his life. He probably thinks Zac Efron for younger Bill and Tom Cruise for older Bill, but really it should be Rupert Grint for young Bill (hair dyed brown of course), and Mickey Rourke for old Bill
  11. It’s ok that she’s an evil covid troll, because she’s pink and dressed like a rainbow for the soon to be trans kids. Just that I’m even typing it is sickening
  12. I thought Bill was into eugenics.... how do we account for this: The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it. She does look like she has Mel’s nose though, the current guy Mel (Kevin) not the old version of Mel. I guess it makes sense he would want to experiment on his own gene pool...sicko
  13. Get a load of these comments from the latest abc blog: The first one is of interest to me since it’s about Victoria..... some dogsbody is upset that businesses aren’t enforcing check ins. This dipshit loves to be tracked and traced so much, she/he has to ask for it. At least the last line is right, covid doesn’t exist They’re right though, no where I know of is enforcing this check in stuff or monitoring it. @DarianF I didn’t know Sydney areas are back in mask mandates, I haven't been keeping up with news, especially since they don’t run the blog daily now. What story
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