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  1. Here’s this warty stunner again….. people presenting to hospital “sometimes dead”. Jesus H Roosevelt Christ the scare tactics are ongoing
  2. We make the AZ right here in Melbourne, plentiful supply, nobody is having it
  3. The Maori are built like brick shithouses so I doubt it’ll go smoothly.... Ka Mate Haka
  4. I couldn’t think of anything worse than living in the same place as Bill Gates, Peter Thiel et al. I hope you Kiwis can rid these scumbags from your land when the time comes…..the Maori are some warriors
  5. One case in Vic causes Dan to get twitchy and he has his finger on the lockdown button, two cases and the button is pressed
  6. Fair enough but I just wanted it off my to do list asap and there’s nothing on there they don’t already know if they have the man power to micro manage everyone’s data from all sources that are already in place. Other than cash in hand payments they know what people earn, they know how many cars are registered to each person, there are school and University enrolment data, local councils have house plans showing how many rooms dwellings have, even if there has been an extension or renovation, so it basically seems like a test as to whether people are truth tellers or liars. I make it my business to not pay these criminals one cent extra than they already get out of meso I don’t want to pay a fine for info that they already have. Also, I don’t need some narky snooper trying to get to my door for follow up, calling out if we’re home because the electric gate is shut just upsets my dog
  7. The census don’t worry me none bro, I’m not even at that stage where I have to get crafty, but boy I’ve got some shit up my sleeve as we progress along this disintegrating road
  8. Hey @DarianF Ive already submitted my census , no covid questions on there, but the defence force experience and long term illness questions were, as expected. The one I found curious was wanting to know how many bedrooms were in my house..... no Klaus, you can’t send a family of invaders to live in my place because you think my space is under utilised If they send the covid army to my door to view my spare room they’ll be greeted by my doberman Zoltan, the hound from hell...woof
  9. As a vegetarian myself I’ve always been worried about this, you know these sickos just love the idea of tainting things so unsuspecting people are unknowingly eating things they’d rather not. These degenerates are not happy unless they’re compromising and corrupting people in every way. Getting back to what you mentioned, I remember the articles about Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle in particular….. disgusting
  10. I’m pretty sure the circular economy means that strict cremation will not happen, more like a deep roasting and fed back to those who are still toiling, soylent green style
  11. Their sales revenue is going to be a bit higher according to this ‘news’ source
  12. Scomo has unveiled the plan for our new normal, I presume the “final phase” is Bill Gates’ final solution.
  13. Praise be……..If it were Dan in Sydney, it’d be 8 weeks minimum
  14. This is what channel 9 here in Australia is going with on the propaganda box My response was # Get Stuffed
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