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  1. Interesting, I wonder if Vicpol have been slinging the unaccounted for items to their friends, crims or otherwise
  2. … as its always been , used by both genders I might add ( or do I need to say 87 genders, I don’t know where the woke are up to with the count)
  3. It’s starting here…. 3rd shot, not ‘booster’(yet), suckers
  4. I’ll believe it when I see them both together on a duo ‘walk and talk’ with Lucy
  5. I wish I knew a vaxxee that I could try this on. No one close to me is vaxxed although I have encountered a few people in my neighbourhood on my walks that have divulged with pride, they’ve had their ‘double dose’ . Is it wrong that I find myself assessing their properties as potential real estate for my daughter (who is looking to move out of home next year). When exchanging pleasantries about the weather, retail opening, etc I almost zone out as I’m thinking to myself ‘they may not be here next year, I wonder what size backyard they have‘
  6. So, Sydney is not getting a new covid strain, but a new delta strain of covid, if you can believe anything out of Kerry ‘chimp’ Chant’s mouth
  7. I hear Dan may be starting to shit bricks now that IBAC is circling like vultures and investigating sources of corruption within Vic parliament. Let’s hope this will end with him out, he’s already not graced the pressers for two days in a row. Get a load of his ‘wife’, she has the tranny look too
  8. She’ll be a protected species back here, maybe she knows the darker something that’s coming your way in the UK, she’s a celebrity insider after all.
  9. There’s a number of legal challenges taking place around Australia atm, teachers, police, paramedics etc. Dan calls them ‘frivolous lawsuits’ in his smug little bastard way. It’d be nice if the script actually allowed some of these to be successful and kick him in the guts. He’s already tried to bluff current authorised workers into having mandated vaxxes but apparently not all such workers were actually contained in the CHO orders. Anyhow, today he’s bemoaning the fact that 27 postcodes have abysmal vax rates and I’m proud to say I live in one of them
  10. Looky here….. Victoria is up to the ‘rolling out the nurses and patients begging for vaxxes’ part of the script that I saw a while back from you guys in the UK/US
  11. Try to take leave for a week or so, the State of Emergency powers expire on 21 Oct and he shouldn’t have the numbers for an extension since Fiona Patten said she’s against endless extensions. At least don’t quit until we know which way the cards are falling, until then we need to put pressure on those crossbenchers.
  12. Are the crims in prison hammering these out now
  13. Hasn’t he been ‘jabbed’ many times, and by a priest no less
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