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  1. Man, you haven’t even seen the arsehole in real life and you’ve pegged him Not to mention his resume: running over a cyclist and blaming said cyclist infrastructure project blowouts paying immigrants for votes cancelling the airport rail after commissioning it pulling out of hosting the Commonwealth Games and incurring $380 million penalty budget cuts to the hospital system police deserting the force after he used them to carry out his covid policies lockdowns and no jab no job covid diktats claiming he fell down two steps when he was ‘dusted up’ involved in five IBAC investigations ( independent broad based anti corruption commission… what a joke) the overuse of “I can’t recall” at all IBAC inquiries and apparently he has a hankering to get up to no good in Victorian forests
  2. If memory serves, you’re in Queensland or used to be? Premier Anastasia pail-of-shit should be next, she’s the last of the Labor drongos in this country to changeover from the covid era. she was nearly as bad as Dan and is driving Queensland to ruin too.
  3. Hazardous Brad also resigned long ago, long before Despot Dan. Most of those in the ‘top’ positions during the covids stood down some time back including most State premiers. Ours was the last a grade arsehole to move on, we’re just glad we no longer have to hear his self righteous voice or see his degenerate face everywhere we go.
  4. News just in from Melbourne Australia, the country’s worst premier has just resigned. No doubt he’ll get to slink back under the rock he came from without being held accountable for how he rooted our entire state, especially during the covids. Victoria is in party mode right now, he’ll probably have to move to North Korea or China or pay for private security for life. Nobody is sorry to see him go, good riddance!
  5. Hypodermics on the shore, China’s under martial law, rock n roll, the cola wars, I can’t take it anymore…. Just chiming in cos I thought you were adding a new verse to Billy Joel’s classic In Australia we’re not being bombarded with anything about new covids or nipahs. In Danistan where I am (Victoria), the premier has completely rooted the State that if anyone was going to talk up new restrictions/emergency measures, it’d be him, yet it’s crickets so far, despite the chatter out of the USA re Billy Gates’ forthcoming pandemic 2 that he gushed about while pandemic 1 was still in progress.
  6. Good on ya, can’t wait to see the results, be sure to tell us in your same condescending gum banging way. If this is the way ruffled agents act now post covid, I’m flabbergasted, at least asio has standards.
  7. ... so the ears will know you want them at a public gallows and hung until dead after they’re found guilty by judge and jury, and they’re since they know that’ll never happen because they own the current system. At this rate I reckon they might even sacrifice a few low level operatives to pacify those who want justice but don’t believe for a second it’s gonna mean things have turned around. The agencies conduct these type of projects all the time to appease the crowd baying for blood and then continue on with their stealthy agenda.
  8. The best way personally that I’ve found to talk with people especially strangers on the street is to tackle it from the digital money angle. At the start of the covids I experienced too many people not willing to even listen about fake viruses, predator governments and toxic bioweapons that they only saw as a way out of the lockdowns. Most people I tried with were lead by their emotions which basically disabled their ability to logically think, but money is something everyone understands. Generally people know governments and authorities are screwing them on taxes, fees and levies, but tell them that the same governments and authorities want to depopulate and most can’t believe their own government would be complicit in such a scheme, go figure. Anyhow I mostly talk about how the complete withdrawal of cash as a means of payment will give total power to those who will control our lives by what we spend, where we can spend it, how much we can spend on what items and what quantities and within what time frame before it expires. This really seems to resonate with people because the talk of it has ramped up and once they’re made aware of the downside the penny slowly drops about the amount of control the ruling class will have. Once the seeds are planted about that hopefully they’ll connect the dots down the track to discover that “control“ over the masses is what it’s really all about and for that to be successful a smaller population is required. I don’t say that because they took the shots they’re probably not gonna be around long or healthy enough to care about digital enslavement, in fact I don’t talk about covid unless asked my opinion. This tactic of shifting on to a different aspect of the agenda has been successful for me, it sucks that people seem more concerned about money than health, but you’ve got to do what works if we’re ever gonna reach the numbers and non compliance needed..... there is no remedy from within the current system, it’s all compromised.
  9. You’re condescendingly preaching to the choir, I hope you’re yelling this at joe public as they’re the ones who need to know we’ve been targeted for destruction by all available means. This is the main problem I find with these places, we all know we’re on the way to extinction if we don’t get the physical numbers and non compliance happening, but hey let’s just head butt each other and get people’s back ups to keep them distracted from doing what really counts and that is the stuff we do away from this forum.
  10. Who’s moaning mate, not me. What part of my original post on page 5077 where I said “ we can only hope that these ‘speakers’ who are allowed to talk really believe in the truth and consider themselves double agents who are trying to bring down the system from within it”, don’t you understand.
  11. Yeah it seems that those like Del are there to keep people who may becoming aware that something isn’t right, believing that there is a ‘virus’, but the vax wasn’t safe. He seems to promote the notion that vaccines need to be safer, through more rigorous testing, trialling etc, rather than outright saying ‘no vaccines are safe’. I guess it’s to capture people who have become sceptical as a result of the covax, but to keep them still on the ‘ vaccines are generally safe’ train. I think it’s part of the establishment strategy to say those like Del are anti vax activists when really they’re not extremist enough, just soft options to appease those who can still be manipulated despite having some degree of awareness.
  12. It’s not hard to stick your neck out when you’re protected by the establishment. I did say I hope these ‘speakers’ really do want to get the truth out and not just collect an establishment pay cheque but here’s what I remember reading about ole’ Delores. He has a background in show business, directing his wife in soft porn short films and producing episodes of a tv show created by Dr Phil. He got involved in the Vaxxed movie when it was 80% complete and basically highjacked it from Andrew Wakefield. He receives a lot of funding from the Selz’s of New York, I guess we’re expected to believe that these Jewish ‘anti vaxxers’ don’t believe in predator philanthropy. Apparently his wife’s father was an international banker and her mother had connections to the Kennedy family so it’s no surprise that Del and RFKjr are friends. I want to believe these are good people trying to stop what’s coming for us but the facts remain Brandy Vaughan spoke out and she is dead, Del Bigtree and all the Alex Joneses speak out and are not.
  13. Yeah it’s sickening to watch most ants passively waiting for a hero while the grasshoppers and wannabe grasshoppers walk all over the colony.
  14. I agree that the exposure he brings to the cause is good, but the establishment mustn’t be overly concerned with him or he’d be dead like Brandy Vaughan who had a similar story, former sales exec for Merck, spoke out against them and now is on a permanent vacation. Ateotd I suppose people will say C O is needed as a release valve and to lull the ‘awake’ into a sense of false security that ‘influential others’ are on our side and speaking out so we don’t have to actively do anything, but if these guys were really a threat to those in power they wouldn’t be given a platform to speak or be drawing breath. We can only hope that these ‘speakers’ who are allowed to talk really believe in the truth and consider themselves double agents who are trying to bring down the system from within it, and not just to collect an establishment pay cheque and a flimsy promise that they’re in the inner circle and won’t be part of the future slave class.
  15. I can’t argue with that, we all make choices ultimately, despite coercion/manipulation playing a part.
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