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  1. I have this from my daughter when we were on the 9pm curfew. Cops pulled a young guy over and wanted to fine him for curfew breach, he told them he won’t be paying it but will go through the court, so they didn’t issue it. Keystone Cops
  2. Mate, we’ll all be doing that for whatever forbidden items we’re being denied
  3. It seems you guys have seen more discussion about it by the govt than we have in Australia but I reckon it will be met with a lot of resistance. I can’t see it going smoothly at all. Also, given it’s a global agenda it doesn’t make sense to implement it at different times in different countries. I would think to be successful it’d have to go live everywhere at once....logistically problematic. Despite the apparent co-ordination going on, these types of efforts usually produce infighting between factions, where one group want more power or control over others, I think it’ll end in a shitshow an
  4. If there’s any upside for the moment, at least you’ll still be getting food (if we can call it that) from the supermarkets when the unvaccinated are denied, since your wife will have her pass. On that note, I wonder how many non covaxxed will hook up with the vaxxed just to get the benefits that will be denied the non compliant. Ethics and morals aside I can see peeps doing this, even if 3 condoms are required for those worried about vax transmission.
  5. “ Ohhhh Errol, I would give everything just to be like him”... Australian Crawl Errol wouldn’t be taking no covid crap.
  6. I love agreeing with morons when it’s actually reverse psychology
  7. The vaxtards won’t need the passes for long given their impending deaths, what a waste of resources... I’m telling Klaus
  8. Yes, but no, but yes, but no but....
  9. Here’s hoping.... the more they take away the stuff people like, which has to happen for total global control to be complete, the more people should awaken.
  10. The shots have just started here in Australia and while I don’t know anyone who is having it yet I’ll probably get to hear of someone who is a friend of someone. With winter approaching in the Southern Hemisphere we should get to see the suspected immune enhancement and subsequent deaths, we don’t have long to wait and see the results, even though that sounds really macabre
  11. I’ll stick to Coles online that they’re always pestering me about in my junk mail and order from menu log, Uber eats etc. The drone or delivery person ( depending how far along we are) can leave my stuff in the receptacle at my electric gate. How are they going to spin needing a vax pass when there is zero contact, hopefully the proles will realise it was never about a virus/vax then. When they try to take away online shopping hopefully people will have woken up to the technocracy and implementation of China’s control system and we are in full scale revolution by then. I reckon if they took t
  12. We will probably see loiterers around the entrances to all stores, waiting to piggy back in after a compliant vax-tard has swiped its pass
  13. Soz, small pox is just not trendy, Covid is the ‘IT’ disease
  14. Your Mum is probably thinking ( to quote a classic) ‘how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is, to have a thankless child’. I feel for ya, I dunno what I’d do if my Mum wanted this Voodoo. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it tbh
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