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  1. Forgive my bad use of grammar. Not a big deal on the internet imo. I've read part of your blog. You provide no evidence at all let alone give the reader any reason to believe the story. When I claim I've seen a spacecraft, I have witnesses, time, dates, location etc. What have you presented. Demons don't exist. If your not mentally ill then your trying to con somebody out of money. I'm looking for the truth not bs.
  2. Most people couldn't take it. Religious people wouldn't for a start. No such thing as global elite either. Just 300 families that control everything. There are so many variables when the time is right everything will work out how it is meant to. Ps I don't have all the answers but what I will say is from chaos comes order. The begining of the universe was chaotic and over time came order. Same thing happening here.
  3. I've seen a spacecraft (Orange glowing ball of plasma) it couldn't of been ours. It was hovering above the Hilton hotel in Manchester when I was 18 (2008) watched it for twenty minutes do nothing but hover within 2 minutes of me walking off the main road to my back alley gate I had this strange urge to look up and there it was above me. No sound, no air displacement, no visual propulsion, super fast. Look even as I type it to you know I get a physical emotional reaction. There is something going on, on this planet and it's not good whether it's humans upto tricks or Aliens we are in for some oppressive times.
  4. Everything can be explained by science. I know 2 freemasons who have told me repeatedly the elites know this but they allow the common person to argue and believe in religion because it allows them the dominate the world and it's societies. These people aren't like me or you. There ruthless, smart and here for the long long haul not thinking one generation ahead but many.
  5. I wasn't trying to be mean. I'm sorry. Just the way my brain works. I'm at work ATM but later I'll write up what I've learnt so far. Thanks for replying.
  6. No such things as demons don't be lying. Everything is based in science. One thing I know for sure is our understanding of the world is tiny but science understood properly can answer everything. Poltergeist for instance are now thought to be pubescent children's brains interacting with the atoms around it. This makes more sense than an angry spirit Aliens are here whether you like it or not. Remember Roswell ? Remember the photo of the holding the foil and wood The man holding that before he died on video stated it was staged, they did find a crashed craft and they transported it to a nearby base in old ambulances. The evidence is out there as well as my own personal experience. The real truth is corrupt powerful men are playing a game with everybody's lives and welfare on this planet for the sake of power and money. Extraterrestrials are there making sure they don't kill us and the blow up the planet in the process.
  7. Define your interpretation of divine please ? Because who are you "Praying" to ? You were on a good track untill you mentioned praying to a divine. I don't believe praying works as there isn't anyone to pray to. God doesn't work like that imo and we are all God's according to the Qur'an and Jesus which scientifically makes more sense (Convo for another time) I have had an encounter with a (glowing plasma orange) disk shaped spacecraft. Not only that it spotted me and my gf from 3 miles away after hovering above the Hilton hotel, Manchester city centre and then was suddenly above me as I put my key into my back gate. No sound, no visible propulsion source, no air displacement. Produces a light either from its method of propulsion or a consequence of the way it operates or as a way of cloaking it's appearance. This thing revealed itself to me and what you said at the beginning about the elite pretending Extraterrestrials are evil killers coming to get us. I believe is true. When the real truth is there are a small number of evil corrupt men directing the future of earth towards their own vision and ideology. The Ets that came to me that night were making me aware of their existence and the corrupt nature of man on earth. Events are coming in our lifetime (I'm 30) big events. Sorry if this is lacking any details or answers I've got so much in my head don't know where to start.
  8. Yep Humans are in the right time, they are exactly where they should be and yes the universe is using US for something like everything in this universe. On the topic of the matrix. We as humans perceive reality as humans seeing very little of true reality, I think we perceive something like 8% of the visible wavelengths in the universe. So that's begs the question what does true reality look like ? The image of a blind Neo enters my head and his perspective of reality at that moment was code it was all a computer. Make of that what you will Ps We do reincarnate and we are also all God. Hard for me to explain but essentially we are all a piece of the one and everything in a way is reincarnate because nothing is ever gone or dead. Just change, another form. I'm not religious myself but the Bible and the Qur'an state this. Bible : Jesus said "Have I not told you, ye are all God's. Qur'an : Allah is nearer than the jugular vein. The answers are all around us, you just have to know how to filter out the BS because there are alot of people making money of the public pretending they know what's going on.
  9. Hello, some of your ideas are a little too far out there like the domes for instance. That's just ridiculous (sorry). There not getting rid of rail anytime soon either. Idea 3 is never gonna happen. I do have a story for you though, well a few and they will amaze you I'm certain. They'll amaze anyone reading. So if you message back Hello as it's my first time messaging here I don't know if you'll get this. I'll then tell you all my truths
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