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  2. #KIHYMN So language is natural ether.. Slang or newly invented and adopted words are ARTIFICAL ether.. In essence TALK is a source of infinite possibility, you can create or destroy with talk.. Forge alliances or declare war, or bring together a workforce to build a piramid.. Or talk can offer a last needed insight for a scientist to develop a new product or invention.. ETHER ıs ın essence, void of physicality; but holds sway over the world that we live in.. In whatever way shape or form.. OIL or GAS are etheric too, or currency even physical dollars; they are tokens that represent the value in digits on a computer.. ((physical currency are tokens for an etheric calculated value. It still is element, but you wouldnt burn your bills to stay warm; unless those bills would be etherically worthless)) Essential oils are etheric too, or fragrances.. Virusses and Bacteria are etheric too. The planet Saturn is etheric too for instance; a gaseous planet unlike Jupiter for instance or Neptune for those planets represent fire//wind & water.. Saturn ıs dark in color and has a very fluent//stable//SUBTLE vortex on its pole.. SUBTLY ıs the most important characteristic of the ETHER.. Animal life and even plant life communicate etherically too.. Through birds singing or monkeys talking to one another in their own respectable language.. A Lions roar or dolfins using sonar.. #SOUND = #ETHER(ic) too, again #VOID of body; useally subtle and has massive influence on #LIFE.. Loud sounds are still considered etheric, the ETHER truly can become VERY ın your face and a 100% undeniable its presence is there; it just isnt physical.. Glass is etheric too, natural ether.. Transparant, not a liquid nor a solid yet made from the element EARTH and FIRE.. Glass wıll eventually grind down to dust, plastic on the other hand ıs artificial ETHER; artificial for it doesnt come from a natural source, it comes from #OIL, the blood of #Gaīįīa; which is ETHER.. Venom from insects, spiders, reptiles, fish etc. are etheric too.. #ÆTHER = crystal or ((physical)) written language, be it hyroglyphs or our current day alphabet.. #ELEMENT on ELEMENT.. Then there is ARTIFICIAL ETHER and NATURAL//BIOLOGICAL ETHER... Digital currency = Artificial ether.. Goldbacked physical currency = Natural ether.. ((subconsciously we can as humans can track and trace the origin of CASH money.. DIGITAL currency makes it possible for the ELITE ((select few)) to track and trace the flow of money, but the subconscious of us is clueless; thats why we should return to GOLDBACKED physical currency: for it truly works through and with the law of attraction//convergence.. Like a 50 dollar bill you find still sticking out an ATMmachine, making your day MEGA gaye; ıf you hardly have a buck to spend.. Digital money doesnt have that attribute so a fortunate find of ETHER is VOID of existence, you cant even wire money to the wrong bank account anymore; for you need to check the bank accounts ID + the name of the bankaccounts owner..)).. #COVID19 = Artificial Ether, just like Morgellons disease.. PLASTIC = ARTIFICIAL.. GLASS = BIOLOGICAL OIL = BIOLOGICAL YET OIL PRODUCTS ARE ARTITICIAL.. COMPUTER//TECHNOLOGY = ARTITICIAL ETHER.. ((so talk on a phone screen DIGITAL talk = considered ARTIFICIAL ETHER, and NOT ÆTHER lıke printed or written LANGUAGE.. Or carved runes in a piece of wood or hyroglyphs etched into stone slabs)).. MOST #DRUGS ARE ARTIFICIAL ETHER. EXCEPT FOR×FOR INSTANCE #NITROUSoxide.. Or #AYAHUASCA or #MAGICMUSHROOMS & the #PEYOTE cactus, etc.. A really special drug ıs #CANNABIS// #MARIHUANA for the spores that you smoke are #CRYSTAL... So considered ÆTHER.. ıf you have anymore QUESTIONS, let me know..
  3. #KIHYMN In #Mekka Muslims should walk around the #Kaaba clockwise, not counter clockwise like the direction the storm on #Saturn rotates.. Changing this will stop the tapping into spiritual//etheric energy generated by the tens of thousands of Pilgrims.. #ALLAH mirrors HALLA and thus is the perfect name for GOD!! GOD would become DOG, not as perfect as you can imagine.. Circumsizion has nothing to do other than taįnting individual etherically.. The #Jewish people circumsize their child on the 8th day.. What is 8, 8 = #SATURNUS (again).. What should Christians stop doing, referring to the FATHER and striking the cross when saying in the name of the Father ((saturn)) the Son//Sun ((#Jesus, #Dionyses, #Mithras, #Krishna, #Horus & that where you strike your hand the #SOLARplexus the #SUN in essence)).. The holy spirit ((the heart, in between 666+333=999; pure opposite of SATAN: a pure lightbodily energy like my Pegasus #AŹAZ..)) #Amen.. Just stop doing that!! Etheric entrainment and thus energy flows to Saturn from your (sub)conscious bubble of being.. Having our collectives #ETHER not reside on planet #GAIA but on SATURN!! We need the ETHER here on the planet, how do we do this?! By becoming aware of yourself as an individual on a souls level.. Those with a Karmic debt approx. 80% of mankind have to deal with Saturn, which is the planet that has to deal with #KARMA.. Your Karma in essence is the driving force behind your alter ego.. The bigger the debt, the more of an influence the alter ego will have on the conscious bubble of being ((you!!)).. So what is KARMA, karma is unresolved trauma from previous lifetimes; murders or suicides or wreaking all round destruction on life as I have as WANANERO ATOG TOROP: dropping two nuclear bombs of the 13 in total that were dropped in that ending of the world as we knew it, on #Mars.. By becoming aware of your souls past, you in essence more and more unwind yourself of the Karmic debt that is tied to those set memories.. And thus the ((beforehand)) Artificial ether in//on Saturn becomes part of the Biological Ether in//on the planet where we reside ((#Gaīįīa)) the Earth .. Why?! Because you become aware of your ether, the question mark ¿ becomes an exclamation mark ¡.. YOU JUST KNOW, like the name WANANERO ATOG TOROP I drew this name in through means of swaying the #pendulum by going through the alphabet letter for letter.. The moment I wrote down the entire name and ushered the sound of it ((spoke out loud)) I drew in the energy that came with that aspect of me, the Karmic debt I suddenly subconsciously became aware of; to move towards Judgement day.. For me that was on the 25th of January 2017, I screamed 9x "forgive yourself!!!" at the top of my lungs, my parents are witnesses; before I flipped and tried to kill myself.. 'Funny' this is, I had nothing to forgive myself for in this lifetime.. !!!!!!!!((!!!!!!!))!!!!!!!!#NOTHING!!!!!!!!((!!!!!!!))!!!!!!!! So why did I want to forgive myself, for what?!?.. The acts WANANERO ATOG TOROP, my previous carnation had done.. It was an intense ride, but I woke up euphoric in the hospital, feeling like hugging and partying more over so than feeling sad and blue and consciously bedazzled because of me wanting to slice my own throat, and stab me in the heart region and neck with a SHARD of #GLASS.. After this day, I had atoned for my sins and I could keep on doing rituals and coming to know more about the dragons and other deities by means of swaying the pendulum.. I was as clean as a wisp after the 25th of January 2017.. I could commence the #ASCENSION protocol or the #TRANCENDENTIAL programme as how I have come to call it.. My subconscious guided ride ontwards crystallization, which entails an OCTAVE shift and my two brain hemispheres merging.. I anchored myself in//on #Gaia ætherically, I bind part of her TIME&space.. By having become aware of the name WANANERO and have this discussed or broadcasted into the world and people around me, the artificial ether becomes the natural #ONE.. My ether resides on planet GAIA.. ((planet 'EARTH' is a taįnt too, EARTH is the CUBE in HOLY geometry; so speaking out loud planet EARTH: entrainment flows to Saturn again.. Siphoning our collectives ETHER, sustaining the archonic force with its Hydras, and the #Yaldaboath and the false light construct operated by the #Demiurge.., that's why I prefer to say GAIA!!)).. What I am trying to say is that, let loose of the abrahmitic religions; atleast certain customs of these ways-of-ways: and have the ether no longer be draining away from GAIA into SATURN.. And have the planet, as more and more ether draws into//onto planet EARTH and the collective hivemind of mankind; filling up as you will the tub with ether until it flows over and in #essence the planet goes through a quantum shift of consciousness and has her two hemispheres merge too: planetary ASCENSION!!.. Best believe folks.. #HÔWAHOO
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