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  1. World is fucked. I just hope something good will happen these years
  2. I think they dont give a shit about money. Money beeing just a tool for them to control the world.
  3. Exactly what i think. It was a pressence that goes on "forever" "above" everything.
  4. There was a rising in counciousness globally, like "God" came on the planet, but it was a normal person like you. In other words a person rised his counciousness at the level of the "unseen" what David is talking about. That we see only a fraction of what it really is and we can acces that only if we elevate our counciousness. And 1 person from us did it , like Jesus, became Jesus, and that is why they had to close the planet in the months march aprlil mai., its like time went from 0 again. (Reason for "reset")There would have been a resurection of the world if they didnt took that measures a
  5. I write this with no expectations. This i personally belive its the truth.. Other than what you will read i belive im a sane person "normal" There is no virus, freedom piace and love is the answer..(what its achived through living in the now) when the ''lockdown'' started , i worked in a warehouse, very ''piramidal'' structure, while working i practiced beeing in the moment, listening to the music. raw data of the music. and i think i become something that the few are. i embodied a energy that goes on ''forever'' When the ''lockdown'' ended was the moment my higher self feel
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