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  1. just to add ivermectin & avermectin are used as insecticides against thrips & spider mites, ivermectin is in harkers racing pidgeon treatment, https://www.vetuk.co.uk/bird-supplies-pigeon-supplies-c-529_467/harkers-harka-mectin-parasite-treatment-5ml-p-5975


    i have sprayed avermectin before which is very similar, it is like an nerve agent for plant feeding insects - i had ivermectin too but i didnt need it in the end. 


    the effects from spraying/inhaling small amounts of the mist generated was not nice lol! i probably wouldnt take any meds with it in.. maybe im fucking up & its different kind of ivermectin?

  2. https://www.bidwells.co.uk/services/planning/planning-alerts/alerts/milton-keynes-futures-strategy-planning-for-growth-in-2050/ 



    i guess many urban areas will be going this kinda direction in future, at first i thought it was strange to build over all the car parks but if theres no personal transport it makes sense. 


    expect the nice country parts to be reserved for the uber rich & the plebs only allowed to live in mk type places.

  3. 6 hours ago, magu said:

    Aint the supermarket car park cameras linked to the  ANPR  system already ?...i know of two in my home town that are 



    not sure if the supermarket ones are linked to the council operated ones but wouldnt surprise me , i meant that theres many more anpr's up at random spots around the area in general compared to before - now splitting the area along the different areas/estates sorta thing.

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