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  1. I’ve been living in the Denver £ Seattle areas for the last few years and I am hearing there will soon be mandatory vaccine cards. Does anyone have any type of proof the vaccine would be killing/hurting myself? My only other options would be to flea to deep red states or some state that has no mandate. thank you james
  2. Honestly, I work for a huge corporation and I know it’s coming. America as we know it is fucking finished. The elites want you turned into a useless pussy who will do anything to put potatoes on the table. If they do t kill you off with the vaccine they will kill you off exposing and harming you OTJ slowly but surely until your ultimate death. They don’t want you to have guns they don’t want you to say the REAL TRUTH just to be a pussy follower and talk about how cool you all are for getting your damn vaccine. what in gods name is happening to the world. We’ve all been bought off.. they sell people on freedom of choice and lure you into all the choices they are’s from the Getko. By the time your brain is fully developed most people have already fucked up and are a pawn in a vicious cycle that never gave a F about them or who you were as a person.
  3. This video sure is creepy with the robotic AI voice calling for an evacuation. Hopefully the perpetrators can be identified.
  4. Hi SoulCreator, -- Just responding to the headline topic here: would you agree or disagree that this is a good start for people to make up their minds about deep state and who was potentially behind 9/11. BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier (one document) (psu.edu) Please explain concisely why or why not in your opinion/ psychic knowledge. Thank you!
  5. What are this forums thoughts on Mormon peoples? Do you believe they are Christians or part of a new age freemasonic cult religion? Are their parallels between a religion like Mormonism with Joseph Smith as the white prophet vs. Islam and Muhammad as an Arabic prophet? having experienced many religions, I feel they are all comely on the outside appearance and the deeper you get involved the shadier things become. Also, what once was a pleasure becomes a chore. Thus, I have decided its good to have a spiritual component, but i have been unable to find one true religion to worship as absolute truth. Currently, I feel there are different benefits being offered by different religious clubs you can choose to be apart of.
  6. Thanks for your comments Enigmatic. I can agree with you about a strong family being a strong foundation and the fact we are surrounded by decadent filth. I also think many people will buy their moral compass from Hollywood and other media. My concerns is how can we have a strong family in these times when society is giving us only the choices they want: For example: You want a strong family- be involved in the church and teaching good moral practices-- if you drink alcohol- caffeine or fall into decadence then you are filth? is this what society is telling us? my point is the churches are not much different then Hollywood/ media pushing false narratives. Society says pick your side, but they are really just two ends of the same extreme and if you choose not to participate in either we are shamed are looked at as someone who needs help. What are some ways we can create strong familial foundations in these times? Novymir, Thank you for sharing this interesting content. Do you know if the narrator is saying INDO-European or Endo? I wasn't expecting the journey of the Kon Tiki to be thrown in the mix, but Its certainly interesting to ponder on these facts. The video moral seems to be saying all cultures have a collective conscious and we are really striving for the same things with different methods on different parts of the globe. Much to digest in the video, but it was a good watch! Kestrel, Love the name Kestrel since it used to be a huge Tug Boat I worked with! While i can certainly appreciate this graphic and sharing our buddy George Carlins work, I would like to ask what could possible solutions be to things like: Religion, Debt, Money is a hoax: Religion is put out as the savior to the family unit when bishoprics and control can be downright awful with abuses of power the whole spiritual element being replaced with a corporation. We worship the corporation not Jesus-- we give money to the corporation and they give us the priesthood, yes? You rebel from the program when the truth is apparent and you are shamed if you refuse to be a pawn. This same thing about giving money to the church and money being a hoax is intertwined. We are told to Tithe and work our best years for the corporations and when we are thrown away the church is their to give us feel good stories and the illusion our life mattered. The only escape I see is to attain self wealth and a platform to speak out against what is happening. The graphics and content ring true, but what are we to do in the face of it all? We must feed our families and continue to work for the system.
  7. I've been delving back into David's most recent work "The Answer". Specifically chapter nine regarding climate change. I would like to start a discussion about how the people of our forum feel/think on this issue. I will list below a few excerpts of interest and hopefully generate discussion. There is so much to digest in chapter nine, but I will start here: Pg290 " Hunt said in 1992 that the world environment movement will soon be in the hands of the world order' if its supporters did not act on what was happening. They didn't of course, and they have been. as Hunt predicted, absolutely absorbed by the 'World Order' elite to become New Woke Climate Cult with its teenage spiritual leader, 'Greta Thunberg'. So first- Is Greta Thunberg a pawn and is climate change a false narrative script being forced down the throats of young and new wokers? So one interesting point for me was how David brought up how Greta sailed across the Atlantic on a boat formerly named Edmond De Rothchild or the creator of the environment movement. The boat has now been renamed The Malizia II and it is indeed a multimillion dollar boat. As someone who lived on a boat for years, I can attest to the fact it forces you to utilize resources more wisely and you inherently consume a bit less than living in a traditional home. That being said, Wealth is directly tied to consumption and less consumption is typically correlated to middle class, poor and less education ( this is also in chapter nine and referenced on the oil giant BP's webpage). I think cult told "cool" things like sailboats and protecting the environment are a way of distracting people from the truth ( That the rich are dividing us and screwing us all the while we WORSHIP them and their money/royalty and fancy toys.. IE yachts, Jets planes ect)..) By flaunting this shiny picture in front of us to shame us for consuming more and trying to keep people out of their club, distracted and less financially stable. Yes, I believe Greta Thunberg is being used as a pawn, but as someone who has also worked in offshore oil & gas, I cannot say climate change or environmental effects are complete hoax. I do believe extraction has negative externalities and the changes being ushered in are necessary. Some half truths and dumbed down facts Greta presents , however, are designed to get the AVG JOE to get on board with our young Nordic Friend and believe they should not have a voice in this and just blindly follow or blindly contest what is being put out. ( We all are qualified to have a voice and should not fear taking a stance on this though..) What we can do about it: I feel I have little choice but to side with the elites and Edmund Rothschild on this because my future employment or livelihood will depend on it. Auto industry and Oil& gas are becoming a thing of the past because of the new woke agenda, but I fear with COVID restrictions and the inability to form resistance groups- society is going to be VOLUNTOLD what they will have to do when these jobs and others are ELIMINATED. I love Davids work, but honestly for the avg working bloke who's not well off, I don't have much time or resources to fight against what is happening unless someone can present an alternative to look at or some alt resources I should consume on this topic. So sure David is spot on about alot happening as usual, but I think it is necessary to attain as much wealth as possible and be onboard with the Elites agenda because it will enable us to focus on helping our brothers & sisters in humanity navigate survival in the coming times. Sure, I could go Door-Door to gather resistance, but this is futile and I will likely end up dead or out of resources. I need to continue working as hard as possible and have finances to stay in the survival game long term. Something David Left out So David was quick to let us know Greta sailed across the Atlantic on a multimillion dollar yacht formerly named Edmund De Rothschild, but he did not mention that she got back sailing on a yacht owned by Australian youtuber Riley Whitelum who is also a former offshore oil&gas worker who bought La Vagabonde for about 100k in Italy/Croatia. The inside story of Greta Thunberg’s upwind Atlantic crossing on La Vagabonde (yachtingworld.com) So was this Australian couple part of the same Royal family, new woke agenda? Or are they just people who worked their butts off and believe in taking care of what we have environmentally? I say the latter. My takeaway is we need to be working as hard as possible at attaining wealth and serving --then try to help our brothers and sisters out there so people are not helpless when the new agendas take full effect. If we can document or create content like David is doing it would also be of help. We just need to make sure if we do videos/podcasts we put out well researched content that can help those out their who are becoming lost or feeling helpless. Here is the other article about the first Atlantic crossing for those interested: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you — RT World News Anyways, interested to hear the forums thoughts on climate change and Greta! Thanks
  8. I was reading David'd new book, The Answer, and I came across the aforementioned subject title in one of his chapters. On page 249, David writes, " Census projections in the United States project whites will be a minority by 2045 with Hispanics as the next biggest group. If the One-percent controlled New Woke mentality gets political power it will be much sooner. We should not forget that white people occupied the land that was once the domain of Native Americans and it is not the demographic change by itself that is the point here. It is why it is being systematically manipulated by the cult and to what end and why white people are being so targeted". I'd like feedback on some of these questions posed by David, as well as express my own opinion: Systematic demographic shift: The first thing that comes to mind is the cult promoting miscegenation to diversify American gene pool as much as possible in the next 50-100 years. If humankind is to colonize other planets, I think the elite would like to harvest different bloodlines, DNA and genetics to either participate in the colonization of Mars/elsewhere or, perhaps research/ experiment more with the population to see a benefits analysis of what such an experiment could garner: such as immunities to certain diseases/ ailments, difference in brain chemistry and possibly providing a more diverse blood bank. Why White People are being targeted: I would say its because whites generally consume the most and have the best quality of life because of it. Whites are potentially being targeted by a brainwashing scheme to feel " sorry for being white" or feel more compassion for other races due to history. I think the new aged promotion for what the elite would want are hybrid bloodlines where the elite can harness the energy and use this "new population" as batteries/ energy banks. End Game: The elite have new scientific research, an abundance of new energy/blood and the ability to cause war/ instability to distract the public from their main goal to colonize a new planet and the fact most of the population will be left behind besides the minority the elite will handpick to be a part of the future of our race. Anyways, I am really enjoying reading David's new book and this chapter in particular really got me thinking when he posed a thought.
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