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  1. Wrong you paranoid **** I explained I wasn't advocating any such thing. It was you that went overboard on the paramilitary assumptions. However the group I mentioned was not the best example. YouTube was dead as a dodo yesterday with anti-lockdown marches or protest. And what's wrong with asking about footage of the protest anyway ?
  2. I've read that article about being charged per mile as well. I saw a figure of £1.50 per mile!!! Arseholes. It would cost me 75 quid there and back a day to go to work, plus fuel. Obviously part of their great reset plan to keep folk off the roads and in these prison cities. When I'm next in work I'll show my boss this article and ask him for a £400 a week pay rise. Should be ok
  3. Lol. I've just found out that this new members page is in General chat !! I did wonder where it was because as a lurker this page shows up on the main forums page. A bit late but hello everyone and hope you are all well
  4. Thanks DarianF. I already know about the list of exemptions as I do use them when out shopping and at work. I just shout I'm exempt and I'm left alone. I've had no dealings with the coppers though. I do suppose the filth would give you more hassle for not wearing a nappy.
  5. Hello. Has anyone on this forum had any bother off the police whilst not wearing a mask and telling them that they are exempt ? Did the police accept the reason or did they require more 'proof' ? This chap had a hard time. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8954419/Coronavirus-UK-Lidl-shopper-handcuffed-not-wearing-mask-200-fine-quashed.html
  6. For starters I would definitely NOT let them babysit my kids. Dominic 'Tefal slaphead' Cummings put a recruitment advert out a while back asking for misfits and weirdos to come and join the team at no.10. Sorry I cant seem to copy the link. As to why they want freaks is anyone's guess.
  7. I'm not advocating terrorism or suggesting setting up a paramilitary group at at all. I mean why run to the hills and start from scratch building a log cabin or whatever along with your car batteries and a solar panel that you have lifted from some fuckers back garden when everything, infrastructure, is already here. The way things are looking or heading with vaccine passes, tracking, stasi check points and braindead grasser's ready to dob you in then nipping down from the valleys to got to Tesco's for some supplies is going to be a no no. I mentioned ISIS as an example of how a large group can operate together in an area. At the end of the day the twats running this show are the real terrorists.
  8. Hello. Me and my 'bubble' were round at my place tonight and wanted to see if anyone or any organisation had posted any footage about any anti-lockdown protests today on YouTube. Couldn't find fuck all except a chap getting carted off by the old bill at speakers corner today. I even tried bitchute and liveleak and nothing came up. It was all a day old footage or a few days ago etc. Even a Google and duckduckgo go came up with nothing really. Do you think these platforms are blocking anti-lockdown protests/footage? The other day when I was searching ( especially YouTube, no problem ) but today nothing. If they are, then why now ?
  9. Hello. Yes you are right that there are no places to go off grid in the UK due to local and national laws/legislation etc as well as the size of the UK but what we are facing with regards to this ongoing bullshit and this threat of a great reset should make anyone who thinks they should run for the hills or woods should think again. There must be many, probably in the millions in the UK ( a 1 in 60 ratio at least ) ( not to mention worldwide) who know this whole exercise is about control and general wickerdry. You also have the fence sitters that must be in the millions as well. So it is a lot of people that, at the end of the day aren't going to go along with the current narrative. Look what ISIS did to countries. They moved in and took over vast swathes of land and infrastructure. Us like minded people in respect of what is happening or going to happen could do the same. And fuck the authorities. Its gloves off. This is no beef against you Bombadil or anyone else. Together we are stronger.
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