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  1. You'll be right mate. I had to go through it too for the same reason as you. Don't let your mind lead you down the worry path. Nip those thoughts in the bud now. The jab is the one to avoid.
  2. Been posted a couple of times already but can't be reposted enough! Dynamite stuff.. Everyone should watch the entirety of this talk!
  3. Interesting idea. I like it! :)
  4. Have you read/seen the Adjustment Bureau? The Philip K Dick novel. Very interesting.. You're not the only one to have such thoughts.
  5. Always had a soft spot for this fella. He knows what's up...
  6. Aren't we fortunate to have such benevolent beings watching out for our health and well being!
  7. He actually put radio ads out recently too. Created a bit of a stir before they were unfortunately pulled. Hopefully it had an impact on a few.
  8. Haha.. and on the other side of the world... Presenting NSW's 'chief health officer' Kerry Chant...
  9. Hang in there mate. There are countless numbers of us going through the same thing. What a trip eh?!! Something that I've recently done that has made me feel much better about it all is joined the white rose channel on telegram and purchased a cheap label printer. They've made available a host of great stickers attacking and mocking this whole convid bullshit that can be printed out and stuck in public places. I gotta say it's quite therapeutic peppering the town with them as I go about my business. Maybe give it a go, it might help awaken something in a few people too. ;)
  10. Abso-bloody-lutely!!! There's only one option as far as I'm concerned. If it ever comes to it, dying on one's feet is infinitely better than living on one's knees!!
  11. If worse comes to worst and you're unable to find a practical way out of the situation for the time being then you will probably be able to get away with leaving your nose uncovered throughout your shift. Yes still a load of bullshit you shouldn't have to put up with and if we lived in more enlightened times we wouldn't have to but we all need to make ends meet so this is an option that can hold you over until you find a better solution long term should it become necessary - i.e find a different job! I was in this predicament for a few months recently where I absolutely needed the money and had no other realistic options within the given timeframe. So I just inhaled n exhaled nasally throughout the shift and whilst it's bloody stupid and inconvenient it is worlds away from respirating with a covered up snoz. And THAT I absolutely refuse to do!
  12. Then find a different line of work mate. Simple. Yes there may be considerably less options available for a while but you will find a viable alternative if you make the effort. It's an infinitely better path to take than submitting to the bullshit. Particularly on a spiritual level.
  13. Haha... me too!! I sense a massive wave of positive rebellious energy brewing.. Great things to come, I have no doubt.
  14. And more of this!! https://twitter.com/robinmonotti/status/1350232937376215042?s=20
  15. "Take them off"!!! https://twitter.com/itstime2rise/status/1350320073936801805?s=20
  16. Let us know how that goes. I'll be in the same situation returning to my home country in a couple of months. I don't want that ridiculous bloody stalk going all the way up my snoz!
  17. Have you confronted him about it? Why not give him a call, tell him you love him but be completely honest and upfront about how ridiculous, futile, cowardly and pathetic his approach is. Why not? It might shake the old codger up a bit and in a good way!
  18. Oh that's a shame.. still it's great to see. I think a few good strategic and very public pie-ings could really lift a lot of spirits right now. It's emphatic without being violent and it brings these c#nts down a few pegs. And it's fun! :)
  19. We need more of this kind of stuff! It's very uplifting to see. Good on him! https://www.bitchute.com/video/CzPuJtHHBOA4/ http://<iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/CzPuJtHHBOA4/"></iframe>
  20. Disappointing to see Palin's name there. Would've hoped someone like him would be above this. Ah well..
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