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  1. I'm sure you will all enjoy this https://www.bitchute.com/video/P2kZbOar7uUD/
  2. The state of Victoria here in Oz has just had it's second case of public self immolation over the state's vaccine mandates.
  3. Returning citizens and permanent residents are.
  4. Nah mate I was on the forum the day you posted that info and I'm just someone who tends to remember things. I couldn't be more aware of the realities of the political system and the political class. That's why I never bothered signing on to the electoral roll and haven't voted once in over 20 years. I made my comment based on the specific context of the current situation.
  5. Sorry mate but I'm not gonna take advice from a bloke who willingly rolled up his sleeve for the compliance juice because he couldn't handle a bit of temporary uncomfortability in his life.
  6. You can't be taken seriously giving advice like that.
  7. I vehemently agree. You see a lot of this ego motivated "I'm more enlightened than you" bs amongst so called truthers. It's pathetic, and the lack of respect paid to those who deserve it often as a means of self promotion really grinds my gears too!
  8. Well a NSW cop recently filed to take it to the supreme court at the end of this month and apparently the nsw gov settled it with her out of court a couple of days ago. This tells us that they aren't confident of winning and are desperate not to set a legal precedent. A very promising sign.. There are a handful of cases being taken to the supreme court in about a weeks time that involve plaintiffs from other industries that have had a mandate imposed upon them. Interesting times!
  9. Expressing aggressive disdain for an organisation who's very existence is meant to be about standing up for its paying members but instead continues to do jack shit for them is a very worthwhile undertaking in my humble opinion. You can augment it with as many 'sophisticated' approaches as you like but what they are doing here has value!!!
  10. Because there were no 70 year old ladies around for them to pick on! Not many easy targets in a crowd like that.
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