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  1. has anyone here econuntered reptilians and other et beings?
  2. games of combat and amusements. They believe that in their ways that if theyoung ones survive they were meant to and in the process they have had to fightall the way and at a young age they are full warriors, used to depending on noone.Alpha Draconans are very suspicious of all life forms including their own, but notof course to the extent that they would be of humans. They are taught thatDraconan history of the Great Galactic War.The version or opinion that the humans were at fault for the invasion of theUniverse and how we selfishly wanted the Draconan race to starve and strugglefor the basic materials for their society to exist. Therefore they are brainwashedat a young age just like we humans have done to our younger generations by allhuman races in the galaxy.The Alpha Draconians, a reptilian race composed of master geneticists, tinkerwith life - which from their perspective exists as a natural resource. TheDraconians look at lifeforms which they have created or altered as a naturalresource. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which wasfirst brought to Mars and then to Earth.The primate race was then tinkered with by many other different races - 21 otherraces - resulting in the primate race having been modified 22 times. This primaterace eventually became Homo Sapien Sapiens. - who we are on a physical level.Yes, we used to have 12 strands of DNA. Ten strands were taken out by a groupfrom Orion in order to control us and hold us back. Why would they want to holdus back?The reason the Orion group wanted to hold us back was because they found outwho we were on a soul level. Again, according to the Andromedans, we humansare part of a group of energies that they know of as the Paa Tal. The reason thatthe Andromedans use the word Paa Tal, which is by the way a Draconian word,is because the Draconians have legends about warring with a race that wascreating human life forms that were opposed to Draconian philosophy. The PaaTal created life forms that could evolve on their own, with free expression. TheDraconians, on the other hand, created races to function as a natural resourcefor their pleasure. So, you have two very different philosophies.Alpha Draconians - The Hierarchy in Our Galaxy - [DSG, ch. 1] There are two schools of thought in our galaxy. There are the regressives, whoare races that carry fear and because of that want to control others. Thehierarchy of the regressives starts with a group from Alpha Draconis.The Andromedans have no idea where the Alpha Draconians came from, butwhat they have learned through interaction with other dimensional races is thatsomebody brought the Draconians to this universe and "dumped" them in theAlpha Draconis system, where they had the highest probability of survival.According to the Andromedans, the Alpha Draconians have had space travel for4 billion years. They are an incredible race and have achieved great things, butthey are bullies. They are jerks, and that’s a judgment - I’m taking that judgmentmyself. That’s my judgment based on what I know about them. The Draconiansdo not like human beings.The Andromedans say that Draconians believe that this universe was here forthem - that their history teaches them that they were left here to rule it. But, whenthey started traveling, they ran across other races. They were able to conquermany of those races through genetic manipulation.Now, our government, the United States government, the New World Order -whatever you want to call it - wants to implant everybody. From the Andromedanperspective that means ownership. Extraterrestrial don’t want to bother with thatstuff, since that is not permanent. Extraterrestrials value genetics. What they dois they come in, conquer a race and genetically alter it. From that moment on,that race is genetically altered.The genetic changes alter the frequency, sound and thought patterns of the raceif they move into a physical form.Does everyone understand this?Q: Could you give us an example of this?AC: The best example I could give you concerns the Greys. Apparently, theGreys were much more human-looking at one time. What happened was thatthey, as a race, were captured 892,000 years ago while leaving Zeta 1 and Zeta2 to go off and do their own thing. This is very common, and it is how Earthbecame colonized. What happened is that they got captured by a group in Orionthat was already genetically altered and under control of the Alpha Draconians. According to Moraney, the first thing this Draconian-altered Orion group did wasslaughter almost all of the females of the captured race in order to control thebirth process. They then genetically altered the remaining females, so that all thechildren born after that were genetically altered.The males were enslaved, made to work in mines and slaughtered by theDraconian-controlled Orion group, who had absolutely no regard for life. What weknow now as the Greys became a natural resource.More on the Draconian Civilization - The Ciakars - [DSG, ch. 6]Val: Another question that has been put to me to ask you is the following. Ifwithholding love leads a race to regression and devolution, due to the absence ofexpressed emotion, then why is it that the Alpha Draconians are two billion yearsold and have not yet become extinct? Second, what is the average lifeexpectancy of the Draco?Alex: The average life span of the Draconians extends from 1,800 to 4,100 yearsof age. The ones that live as long as 4,100 years are the royal line of theDraconians.Val: The winged Ciakars.Alex: Yes, because their genetics have been kept totally intact. Now, as far asthem being regressive, yes they are, but what is interesting, Val, is that they arenot regressive with respect to their own people, only against other races. So,what you’ve got is that you have this race of beings that are very regressivetoward other races other than their own.Val: It sounds like a super-model of imperialism.Alex: They don’t turn on their own people and have continued to evolve withintheir own race.Val: One of the recent themes in orthodox media, especially movies, is thatreptilian species have a penchant for pituitary and adrenal type substances, andthat they try and get these substances any way they can, even to the extent ofripping somebody’s brain out of their head in order to acquire these hormones.Alex: Well, these hormones, in essence, hold emotion. The brain and spinalfluids hold emotion. It is what nourishes the nervous system and the brain. Val: So, is this media portrayal have any accuracy at all? Do reptilian humanoidshave to supplement their own internal production of adrenal hormones fromoutside sources? If so, what does this contribute to them physiologically? If thisprocess does exist, as has been inferred before, is it a function of a need or justas cosmic joyride for them?Alex: Well, they don’t make the same type of spinal fluid as humans do. As far astheir physical needs, I don’t know. I do know that they get a "rush" fromhormones from other species that have been in terror. For example, if theycapture a human being, they will not usually kill the person right away. What theyusually do is terrify them as much as possible in order to jack up the level ofemotion and hormones. Then, when they consume the physical body of thatpsychologically terrorized being, not only are they feeding themselves but thehormones impart a physiological and psychological "rush" which they enjoy. It’sessentially a "drug high" for them.Val: So, they couldn’t use hormones from animals, because they don’t have theemotional range of embodied spiritual entities...Alex. Cattle don’t have the extremes of emotions we have. They do haveemotions, but the more extreme the emotions, the "higher the high" when thesubstances generated are consumed by the reptilians.More on Draconian Activities With Human ChildrenVal: Referring back to some of the things you said in the ET's and GlobalConnection, you noted that there were some 1833 reptilians inside the Earth thathave been responsible for some 37,000 human children disappearing. Have youacquired any additional information or clarification relative to this statement?AC: You mean, what they do to the human children?Val: Well, any clarification beyond that simple statement relative to what ishappening.AC: Well, I can tell you two things. You're not going to like this.Val: I'm probably already aware of what you are about to say, but go ahead.AC: Well, my understanding is that aside from the fact that they eat humanchildren, what they do is that they drain fluids from the brains of children whilethey are in fear. Val: I have heard of this before. It is to get that substance which to them is like adrug.AC: It's like a narcotic.Val: From the adrenal and pituitary glands?AC: Yes. Apparently the government has tried to copy this substance, but theycan't, so they have this agreement with the reptilians down below. Myunderstanding is that the primary agreement is that they will allow the worldgovernments to mine gold in exchange for the human children.Val: It is an interesting parallel to a movie I saw called I Come in Peace, whichfeatured a rogue time-traveler from an alien race who came to Earth and killedhumans just to get endorphins from their brain while they were in terror. Anotheralien was sent dimensionally to stop him, because if he was successful inaccumulating endorphins and returning with them, there would be no end to theslaughter of humans, as others would come. Galactic drug dealers.AC: There is more to it than that. The excretion has some of the genetic codingwithin it. This is really what they are after. Apparently they can absorb it, but theirbodies don't produce it. There is a chemical that we have in our brains that noother life form creates. It is a result of the fact that we have 22 genetic lineswithin human DNA, plus the primate race. No one can yet copy this chemical yet.As far as them being galactic drug dealers, I have never heard them referred toas that, but it's interesting.Val: Well, it was only in reference to that movie, but the fact they would raidanother species and kill them to acquire this substance. Of course, humans dothis to other species, don't they?AC: Well, they have this attitude that because part of their genetics are within us,that they have a "right" to do this. The Greys apparently have the samephilosophy, and I can remember in one of the things that you sent me thatDrunvalo also says that. I would like to offer a different perspective in that it isjust flat wrong. They don't have a "right" to do it. Somehow they have convincedthe world governments that they have this "right".Val: Of course, the world governments are within the paradigm of Neo-Darwinismand genetic engineering, and it is no surprise that they would gladly except thisstatement as pseudo-confirmation of their own position and rationale. AC: Yes.Val: It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for these people.AC: YesVal: And apparently the reptilians use human children as sex slaves, which issomething I have heard periodically over the last few years, even in conjunctionwith governmental child sex rings that were mentioned in the bookTrance-Formation in America by Cathy O'Brien.AC: What is interesting is that the reptilians primarily enjoy human males in thisway, which is really disgusting.Val: Well, the whole thing is really disgusting. Let's change the subject!AC: Yes, please.The Draconians - [DSG, ch. 1]AC: The Draconians are the force behind the repression of human populationseverywhere in this galaxy instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictivehierarchies. I asked Moraney about them, and he said,"the Draconian race is probably the most understood race of beings. I havewitnessed a deep respect for this race."The Andromedans consider the Draconians the "ultimate warriors," in a negativesense. Moraney continues,"the Draconians are the oldest reptilian race in our universe. Their forefatherscame to our universe from another separate universe or reality system.When this occurred, no one really knows. The Draconians themselves are notreally clear on when they got here. The Draconians teach their masses that theywere here in this universe first, before humans, and as such they are heirs to theuniverse and should be considered royalty.They find disgust in the fact that humans do not recognize this as a truth. Theyhave conquered many star systems and have genetically altered many of the lifeforms they have encountered.The area of the galaxy most densely populated with Draconian sub-races is inthe Orion system, which is a huge system, and systems in Rigel and Capella.The mind set or consciousness of the majority of races in these systems is Service-to-Self, and as such they are always invading, subverting andmanipulating less advanced races, and using their technology for control anddomination.This is a very old and ancient war, and the peace that does not exist is alwaysbeing tested by these beings, who believe that fear rules, and love is weak.They believe that those they perceive to be less fortunate, in comparison tothem, are meant to be slaves. This belief system is promoted at birth in thereptilian races, wherein the mother, after giving birth, will abandon the offspringto fend for themselves. If they survive they are cared for by a warrior class thatuses these children for games of combat and amusement."So, you can see that the reptilians are forever stuck in survival mode. Thismeans they have no boundaries in what they will do to other beings.Moraney continues,"it is engrained in them never to trust a human. They are taught the Draconianversion of the history of the ’Great Galactic War’, which teaches that humans areat fault for invading the universe, and that humans selfishly wanted theDraconian society to starve and struggle for the basic materials that would allowthem to exist."AC: Now, there are some real similarities there. The expression ’Draconianthought’ is an expression on our world. I would suggest you research that.Let’s talk about the races.Let’s talk about the Ciakar, Alpha Draconis, the ancestral line of the reptilianraces in our galaxy. The Ciakar themselves, according to legend, do not knowexactly where their home system is either.That’s how big the Universe is or the galaxies are. According to theAndromedans there are a hundred billion galaxies known and mapped in theknown Universe. If we can get a 7/11 franchise in each galaxy we would have itmade, or a coffee shop, even better, legally addictive stimulants, let’s just do that.[Laughter]I am just going to give you some things about several of the races.The Ciakar: an absolute amazing race, the oldest known reptilian race in ourgalaxy. They are, in fact, the only genetic line of their kind that is not extinct. When we talk about that, that’s extinct, they have found remnants of others thatcame after but were extinct. Most of the reptilian civilizations that we know today,in Butese, Orion, Capella are all genetic manipulated half breeds of the originalCiakar race.They stand 18-25 feet tall and can weigh up to 2,500 pounds. They are likeTyrannosaurus Rex. They are monsters. They have black leathery brown scalebellies, they have multiple abdomens, they have whiskers along their chin andjaw line. They have a mating claw and multiple tongues. I’m going to give yousome very specific information.They lay eggs and what is called a battle hormone is used to accelerate thebirthing process. They are a duality. This is why ancestral females did notparticipate in war, because if they did, there wouldn’t be anybody there to helpwith the eggs. They also had to be there to secrete this hormone. I am onlysharing with you what I know about them.Stronger young females were expected to defeat and kill older and weakerleaders in ritual combat. The Ciakar race is ruled and managed by geneticlineage.Genetic lineage always follows the mother, because you always know who themother is, you don’t always know who the father is. In that particular line the galshave all the say.Ruled by the monarchy of a queen genetic lineage they are one of the mostpowerful races in the galaxy. They have some of the greatest military might thathas ever been seen in the galaxy and most of the clan members are zealots andwill do anything for the glory of their clans, of their lineage.They have been the chief enemy of all human races in this galaxy in pastconflicts. Again, we are talking about hydrogen breathers vs. oxygen breathers.They have three spinal columns. One spine is located ventrally near thestomach; the other two are located dorsally on the left and on the right of theCiakars body.Spinal columns join near the dorsal of the geometric center at the extremeposterior of the trunk to form a long and very powerful tail. Inside of the handsare claws of the Ciakar are jelly-like sacks that excrete the various hormones andsubstances when the Ciakar is aroused, either for sex or for battle. The primary purpose of these enzymes is to initiate encrusting of sperm.[Laughter] There is an amazing amount of life out there. They look at us and theythink we are beasts as well, honestly.Ciakar Draconian ReptiliansAKA: The Draco-Orion EmpireOrigins: The constellation Draco, 11.5 to several hundred light years from Earth.Attitude Toward Humans: MalevolentGeneral Description: Ciakars are reputedly one of the most powerful, respectedand ancient Reptilian races, and are supposedly descended from royalty. Other,lesser Reptilians are believed in turn to be descended from Ciakars. Ciakars aremuch larger and more powerful than their cousins. They supposedly have wingson their backs, a skeletal structure comprising multiple spinal columns, yellowishreptilian eyes, dark green or brown, thick, impenetrable and scaly skin. They mayallegedly also have two hearts. Through human eyes, these creatures are trulymonsters, ranging up to thirty feet in height and several thousand pounds inweight. They may live for thousands of years too. Could Ciakars have been themythical dragons in ancient human lore?Ciakars are ruled through a monarchy, and are thought to have first come toEarth hundreds of thousands of years ago. They supposedly have a powerfulmilitary and control many other races throughout the galaxy, such as the ZetaGrey Reticulans, who do much of their dirty work for the Ciakars, such as humanabductions. Throughout galactic history, Ciakars and the human race have beenmortal enemies. As with most Reptilians, Ciakars continue to this day to seek theelimination and/or enslavement of the human race, and may even be operatingfrom bases deep within Earth’s underground.The very first one was founded in what is now North America, along what is nowknown as the New Mexico-Arizona border. And it was founded by andestablished by the Ciakar, which are [a] hydrogen based life form, so they had tohave something like this. Hydrogen is a gas; it is not something we can use. Ourphysiology would not allow us to breathe it and live in an environment like that.But hydrogen beings tend to be very large, a little bit slower in movement, theirbody frequency, the rhythms of their bio-system tend to be much slower than O2,and the one thing about hydrogen based life forms is that they cannot go fasterthan the speed of light in space travel. O2 have been known to go four times the speed of light. That’s been a realproblem for the hydrogen based beings. In lectures years ago, I talked about howprejudice is an extraterrestrial perspective. All the prejudices we have, we’velearned. We’ve formed some of our own, but the initial “not liking any of your ownrace” was taught to us by these guys millions and millions of years ago.This first Eden was created 899,701 earth years ago by the Ciakar in NewMexico/Arizona border. The reptilians still fancy the desert. This bio sphere wasfirst inhabited by... the reptilians civilization is a caste system. It is a monarchy,but it is also a caste system and you will find that it is stunningly similar to thosein England where you have royalty. You have the officer class, which is yourdukes, your earls. Then you have your peasants who do all the dirty work, wholiterally do all the work. It is exactly like that.According to Moraney, this first bio sphere was built by the officer class ofreptilian beings and they were the first to stay here. It was not actual royalty
  3. ReptiliansAnother prominent extraterrestrial race in this group is described by Dean ashumanoids with Reptilian characteristics that are 6-8ft tall. [34] Reptilianextraterrestrial races have been described to be both native to Earth, and alsofrom other star systems. R.A. Boulay, has extensively analyzed a variety ofhistoric sources and argued that there is sufficient evidence to support theconclusion that an ancient extraterrestrial race of Reptilians inhabited the Earthand played a role in the creation of humanity. [35] According to Thomas Castello,a former security official at, Dulce, a highly classified underground facilityinvolving a number of extraterrestrial races cooperating with a number of U.S.national security agencies and corporations, Reptilians indigenous to Earth workside by side with humans and other extraterrestrial races... some 'reptoids' [Reptilians] are native to this planet. The ruling caste of 'aliens'ARE reptilian.... They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground....Reptoids rightly consider themselves "native Terrans." Perhaps they are the oneswe call the Fallen Angels - maybe not. Either way, we are [considered] the'squatters' on Earth....Since I was the Senior Security Technician at that base[Dulce], I had to communicate with them on a daily basis. If there were anyproblems that involved security or video camera's, I was the one they called. Itwas the reptilian "working caste" that usually did the physical labor in the lowerlevels at Dulce. [36]According to Castello, the lower levels of Dulce involved extensive human rightsabuses on captive civilians by joint extraterrestrial-human project leaders. WilliamHamilton, a well respected UFO researcher, researched both the Dulce basefacility, and Thomas Castello’s claims and credibility, and found them to be highlyplausible:It may be unpalatable to digest or believe Thomas' story. In fact, it seems likepart of a living nightmare. There is evidence that something strange does go onat Dulce. Does Thomas have the answer? There may be a terrible truth hiddenbehind the continuing phenomena of UFO sightings, abductions, and animalmutilations. Our government intelligence agencies have had an ongoing watchfuleye on all UFO activities for many decades now. This extraordinary phenomenonmust have an extraordinary explanation. We may be only one outpost in a vastinterstellar empire. [37] In addition to Hamilton’s conclusion about Castello’s claims and credibility, I havewritten an extensive report of the Dulce base and found the evidence is veryconsistent with Castello’s claims concerning human rights violations involvingvarious extraterrestrials, U.S. national security agencies, and corporations. [38]Linda Moulton Howe, an investigative journalist and UFO researcher, intervieweda ‘contactee/abductee’ by the name of Jim Sparx who claims to have met with anumber of Reptilians indigenous to Earth. [39] According to Sparx, indigenousEarth based Reptilians have their own unique culture and have interacted withhumanity for millennia, and both assisted humanity and used it as a resource.Sparx was told by the Reptilians that they have reached a number of secretagreements with national governments. [40]Sparx’s claims are very consistent with the experience of another ‘contactee’ OleK., who claims to have met with a female Reptilian, Lacerta, and interviewed heron a number of occasions and distributed the interviews as the ‘Lacerta Files’.According to Lacerta, Reptilians who have evolved on Earth are distinct to‘off-world’ Reptilians who periodically visit the Earth. [41] While there is somedebate over the credibility of Ole K, the testimony is coherent and consistent withSparx and other research on the Reptilian species, and worth considering tobetter understand Reptilian activities. [42] According to Lacerta, the Reptiliansdisposition towards humanity is cautious since they view humans as a primitivespecies that is the ‘property’ of other extraterrestrial races that seeded the planet.The Earth based Reptilians, according to Sparx, ‘harvest’ humans in a way thatdoes not challenge the human presence on the planet. This suggests that theReptilians are following agreements ‘imposed’ upon them by more powerfuloff-world extraterrestrial races mentioned by LacertaIn sum, according to the whistleblower and contactee testimonies discussed thusfar, it can be concluded that the indigenous Earth based Reptilians are involvedin activities such as manipulating human elites and financial institutions,influencing religious belief systems, militarism and altering the history of humancivilization. The systemic global problems the (indigenous) Reptilians contributeto include covert human rights abuses, elite corruption and domination, controlthe media and corporations, divisive religious dogma, historical amnesia and aculture of violence. Aliens - 4 - The Indigenous Reptilianhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnA0xEvk4hoDraconians The most controversial ‘whistleblower’/’contactee’ reports concern an off-world‘master Reptilian race’ described as the Draco-Reptilians who are claimed tooriginate from the Alpha Draconis star system which is 215 light years distantand was formerly the pole star. According to Alex Collier, the Draconians orDracos have two main castes, the first of which is a warrior caste that are in the 7to 10 foot tall range , 500 to 1000 pound - super psychic, super fast - warrior:Draco reptilian. They'll kill you in a heartbeat... Understand?! By the way, theirthe ones that the Ciakar (See-kar) sent out when conquering a planet by force,who are apparently feared throughout the galaxy for their fighting abilities. Thesecond caste are a ‘royal line’ of Draco Reptilians that he describes as ‘Ciakars’which, because of their alleged size, psychic ability and alleged wings, might beconfused as the proverbial Dragon if Collier is correct:The Draconians are a very large reptilian race, otherwise known as "the Dracs".There is royal line of the reptilian race called the Ciakar. They range from 14 to22 feet tall and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. They do have wingedappendages and they are awesome beings. They're extremely clairvoyant andextremely clever, and they can also be extremely sinister.Collier claims that according to the Draconian galactic view, they were the firstintelligent species in the galaxy and seeded many worlds with their biologicaloff-spring. The Draco Reptilians therefore see themselves as the natural rulers ofReptilian ‘controlled’ worlds such as Earth, and view humans as an inferiorspecies. The Draconians are interested in harvesting the Earth’s resources whileensuring that these resources are efficiently exploited.There appears to be a strict hierarchy involving the Draco-Reptilians and otherextraterrestrial races so far described in this group. According to ThomasCastello, Reptilians from Alpha Draconis, the ‘Dracos’, are in command of theEarth based Reptilians. [47] Earth based Reptilians are in turn in command of the‘tall Grays’, who are in command of the short Grays. Interestingly, Castello alsodescribes the Draconian ruling caste as Ciakars who are winged and thereforecould be easily confused as dragons. Jefferson Souza, a Brazilian UFOresearcher confirms the existence of a hierarchy involving the Grays and aMaster Reptilian race. [48]All of the extraterrestrial races described above appear to have a number ofinterlocking agreements between them that have a common interface in theagreements between U.S. national security agencies and the Grays. The Draconians form the (hidden) apex of the military-industrial-extraterrestrialcomplex (MIEC) that controls information and technology related to theextraterrestrial presence. The Draconians appear to be very active in controllinghuman elites, institutions and financial systems; promoting militarism; creating aclimate of scarcity, struggle and insecurity; harvesting humans and manipulatingGrays and other Reptilian races. Draconian activities contribute to globalproblems such as concentrated wealth, corrupt elites and institutions,ethnic/religious violence, human rights abuses, a culture of violence andterrorism, and the drug trade and organized crime.Aliens - 5 - The Draco Reptilianhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LCWKz0uV8k
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