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  1. I hope this is making sense to people. This war by “Covid-19” Virus, is a war on our energy of awakening, a war on the potential of this taking place, by targeting the blood, the DNA and is ultimately a spiritual warfare, it’s designed to be soul destroying and counter-spirit. Breath, while also needed for general life, alterations of this can change the spiritual state and this is well known and understood by spiritual practices, exercise and meditation to achieve various mental states. Breathing is being attempted to be restricted by way of masks, just as it is within mind control, which uses these spiritual practices in a negative manner to likewise, impact upon victims minds... I loved your post.... lots of visuals and explanation. Sadly, some just don't "get it". I have friends who treat any topic of spirituality like its a fairy tale. Still, each of us learns in our own way, some just slower than others.
  2. I planned for this all my life - I live in the woods - have my own well, generator, oil supply, food supply...... and now my health is starting to slide and I'm selling it all and moving to be closer to my daughter and family. If the shite hits the fan, I don't want to be alone. So, I've changed my perspective and trying to stop "projecting" and worrying about what "they" are going to do. Take it as it comes and deal with it I guess. I used to cringe thinking about being forced to do anything by the gov. but it just made me sick so I'm training myself to stop. Look here, you can take the vax and just pray it won't do you in, or not take the vax and have them hounding you the rest of your life.
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