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  1. I've had two census letters - both gone straight in the bin unopened. Just had a man knock on the door to ask me if I had filled it in. I said no. He asked me if I would fill it in and I asked him why he was being so intrusive. He apologised for disturbing me and left. I am getting so f*cked off with all this intrusion into my private life. Im being deluged by phone calls from the NHS Immunisation Management Team telling me to book my covid injection and who just wont f*ck off and am now being hassled about the census. I've never filled one in and I never will - they can shove it, along with their injections right where the sun doesn't shine!
  2. I was very upset to watch this video this morning :( I am determined to keep sharing his articles everywhere I can to make his work as visible as possible and am sure his other supporters will do the same.
  3. I have been getting call after call from the NHS Immunisation Management team over the last few days trying to get me to book my covid injection. My GP surgery had also been contacting me about it but ceased when I wrote to them and said that I do not consent to the injection and have no intention of consenting to it. They made a note on my file and have not bothered me about it since. My husband is also being hassled by his GP practice and when he went for his B12 injection the nurse asked him when she could book him in for his covid injection. He said he didn't want it and got interrogated about why not etc. He didn't get into the argument with her and just maintained he didn't want it. The amount of calls from the NHS is driving me mad. They say they can't take m off their list until I contact my GP surgery which I did weeks ago. I told them that but still they keep ringing. Complete pain the backside.
  4. I agree with you regarding the injection (I refuse to call it a vaccine). There is a saying 'Live and let live' and in many situations I believe in this but the covid fraud has taken us all to a very dangerous place. The more people who have the C19 injections, the more pressure there will be on those of us who do not give consent to having it. The PTB will use this to divide us all even more; you can already see this happening. Frankly if I never go in to a pub, restaurant, cinema etc again I couldn't care less. I don't like being around big groups of people and am much happier in the countryside or on a big beach where there is so much room I am not crowded by people. I do feel for those who don't want the injection and to who these things do matter and how it will effect them to be denied entry without an injection passport. I also understand that its also very difficult for those who are concerned their employer will make the c19 injection mandatory. That said the injection is the game changer for me too. The masks have been bad enough but the injections are crossing a line that can't be uncrossed. Why anyone is happy to be a guinea pig for experimental technology is beyond me but I would guess the vast majority of those having the injection even comprehend that the injections are still in Phase 3 clinical trials. They have no idea what's in the injection and are having it even though it wont stop them getting covid, wont stop the transmission of covid but merely reduce the severity of symptoms if you do get it. All this for a 'deadly virus' with a 99.9% survival rate. I cant understand them or relate to them at all.
  5. This man has been a consistent voice of challenge to the mainstream narrative right from day one. Look at what the constant trolling, victimising and total trashing of his reputation has done to him and his wife: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/goodbye-and-thank-you_tQ3h9KAszU41QPQ.html I'm not ashamed to say this made me cry :( He has decided not to make any more videos but will keep writing for his website. He is a very brave, compassionate and courageous man.
  6. Thank you for this, I've put it on my watch list :)
  7. Im sorry for your loss but just because you loved your brother doesnt mean everyone feels the same about theirs.
  8. I'd feel the same if it was my mum :)
  9. Totally understand and respect your reason :) There is only so much each individual can take.
  10. Judge me all you like, I couldn't give a toss. You've never met my brother. Blood most certainly isnt always thicker than water I can assure you.
  11. You are making assumptions again. I certainly wouldn't care about walking by my brother if he was dead and I am sure the feeling is mutual. Not all of us come from loving, nurturing families. Animals are extremely capable of giving a f*ck (in your terminology) and are more than capable of mourning their dead and reacting to death. If you are genuinely unaware of this then there is plenty of evidence for it. I've had cats all my life and can say from personal experience that you are wrong. So your assumption that a cat wouldn't care if it walked past its dead sibling is another assumption in a bid to justify the existence of 'spirituality'; with respect, your argument holds no water and offers no proof of the existence of spirituality whatsoever.
  12. With respect, "We are all spiritual beings" is simply your opinion and not one I share. Where is your proof (not belief) that we are "all spiritual beings"? I mentioned religion as it is often spoken of alongside spirituality and I have no investment or personal belief in either. I view spirituality much like the same sort of comfort blanket that many of humankind use religion for, to combat fear of death, to deal with grief, to deal with the unknown and to try and explain the chaos and evil in the world etc. It's up to each individual what they chose to believe. I don't do blind faith - I am an evidenced based person. Whilst I have experienced some things I cannot explain I accept that I can't explain them. I don't jump on many of the spiritual band wagons on offer. Each to their own :)
  13. Have never filled in a census and never will.
  14. Ah but that's the crux of my question really, you are able to detect the bullshit. Why is it that most people seem unable (or unwilling?) to? I've thought about it a lot and can't come up with an answer I can absolutely accept. I am a run of the mill person, certainly nothing special. Always different in that I have always been insatiably curious, have always questioned things and have never believed the world is at it is presented to us by governments and media etc. To me that's natural and plain common sense. I've never understood people who blindly believe in what they are told by so called authority figures; it just doesn't make any logical sense to me. I have always disliked organised religion and have no spiritual beliefs at all. I think the majority of humankind have always had an innate and powerful fear of death and over the years has used its imagination to come up with all sorts of explanations and comfort blankets, religion being the primary example.
  15. I'm not a spiritual person to be honest and have never been religious.
  16. But genuine question, why then doesn't the programming affect all people/everyone? How is it that some, and not an insignificant amount, can see beyond the programming and haven't succumbed to it? Why it is that despite the programming there are people who can think for themselves and who don't automatically accept what they are told by those perceived to be in positions of authority? What differentiates those who are passive, accepting and obedient and those who see through all the lies? I've thought about this a lot but can't really figure it out.
  17. Your honesty is very refreshing :) I have never been a very social person since I was a young child. The world never seemed quite right to me so I was labelled as 'timid', 'withdrawn', 'shy', 'too sensitive' etc. My tolerance for other people is at an all time low. Sorry to be selfish but thank you for giving me the comfort of knowing its not just me :)
  18. I posted part of this in another thread but am interested in other people's thoughts and experiences. Since the start of the covid fraud which I have never believed or invested in from day one, I now don't like leaving the house any more, I'm perfectly content to be at home with my husband when he is not at work and our two cats. I find my peace doing the garden, various crafts and listening to music etc. Like many here I have been attacked and trolled about my views and been called a tin foil hat wearing conspiracist blah blah blah. It's strange isn't it, now that so many 'conspiracy theories' about covid have come true, no one ever comes back and acknowledges you were right and they certainly never apologise. I've lost friends over this, people I have known for years who have walked away and treated me as a pariah because I don't toe the party line on covid. At least I know who my real friends are but the depressing truth is that there aren't many anymore. My husband and I have been invited over by new neighbours (from today, we are now 'allowed' to meet outside apparently!) who seem very nice people but they are 100% invested in the covid fraud and have had their injections. I just can't face going because I don't want to get into the covid conversation and I refuse to sit there and pretend I agree with their views. There is no point in thinking the topic wont come up - people seem to have no qualms about asking if you've had your jab yet! This is causing issues between myself and my husband as I am sure he thinks I should sit there and just keep quiet. Maybe he is right and I am just highly selfish. So often these days I feel I wouldn't care if I never had to interact with another human being again which I know is unfair; there are some lovely people out there. It just seems I only tend to 'meet' them online and those I have actual face to face contact with are totally bought in to the agenda and I can't relate to them at all, especially after over a year of this rubbish. I see lots of people like Icke saying how 'love' is the answer. Maybe it is but after over a year of the passive, mindless compliance of the vast majority and the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by covid policies I am out of all sympathy and I certainly don't feel any love towards them. I actively and increasingly despise all those people who are still indulging in the covid fraud, most especially those in the medical profession. I guess this just makes me an evil person. Can anyone else relate to this? How has this last year changed your friendships and relationships, if at all? How do you deal with it or does it not bother you?
  19. I am not a violent person. I have never been physically violent to another person in my life but on Saturday I felt perilously close to it. I don't like what I feel I am turning in to :( I don't like leaving the house any more, more than happy to be here with my husband when he is not at work and our cats. I find my peace doing the garden and listening to music etc. We have been invited over by new neighbours who seem nice people but they are 100% invested in the covid fraud and have had their injections. I just can't face going. I refuse to sit there and pretend I agree with their views. This is causing issues between myself and my husband. So often these days I feel I wouldn't care if I never had to interact with another human being again which I know is unfair; there are some lovely people out there. It just seems I only tend to meet them online and those I have actual face to face contact with are totally bought in to the agenda and I cant relate to them at all, especially after over a year of this rubbish.
  20. The right to silence. Police arresting people at lockdown demonstrations for failing to give details have acted outside the law. You DO NOT have to give police your name and address. Neale vs DPP. https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/4QFEhBET4Q62t1W?fbclid=IwAR0pRB_n6Tlc49XFrTrHSGQRXfyoSrG033OXxiUaZykm6VBjIqnyzA1numM More details here https://www.bindmans.com/news/neale-v-dpp-the-right-to-silence-citizens-duties-and-coronavirus-regulations
  21. If these masked mushrooms really, truly and genuinely believed there was a deadly airborne virus killing hundreds of thousands of people there is absolutely no way they would happily walk around Tesco believing that a thin piece of fabric over their mouth and nose would save them. These people absolutely boggle my brain. I don't begin to understand them. I have started to really despise them though after a year. I've so had enough. The side of me that was raised to have manners, respect, not to swear etc should feel guilty but the truth is I am not sorry and actually feel better for telling him to F off.
  22. I went to the supermarket yesterday and as I picked up an item I heard a voice behind me say "mask". I ignored it and put the item in my trolley. The man who had said "mask" then pulled his trolley up next to mine and said "Where's your mask? You should be wearing a mask!" in a really aggressive tone. I said "Why is it any of your business?" to which he said "It is my business if I catch it because of someone like you!". I said said "I'm medically exempt from wearing a mask". He still wouldn't let it go and after a year of putting up with this rubbish I totally lost my temper. I said "Do me a favour you vile little being and f*ck of and mind your own f*cking business you ignorant moron!". He was evidently shocked and scuttled off as fast as his legs could carry him. I have never in my life behaved like this (shouted and sworn at someone in public), it's simply not me but after a year I have had enough of all the masked mushrooms (happy to be kept in the dark and fed on sh*t) and can't/won't tolerate them any more. I was shaking with temper when a lady then approached me and said to me "I'm horrified!". I thought she was going to have a go at me for telling the man to f off but it was the complete opposite. She said she couldn't believe that had happened to me, that the man had felt he had the right to speak to me and behave in that way. I explained to her that many mask exempt people get verbally abused all the time. I could see that she was genuinely shocked and horrified. I really appreciated that she took the time to see if i was ok and to talk to me about it. I was discussing it with the lady at the checkout and she said that they get really horrible, vile, nasty people in every day and I was sorry to hear what the staff are subjected to on a daily basis. She can't wait to retire and said that the covid situation has shown people for what they truly are and that she would rather spend her time with animals than people. I wholeheartedly agreed :) Have any of you been through similar? I've been challenged before and responded sharply but yesterday I just couldn't stand it anymore and completely lost my temper. He was very lucky that the cucumber I was getting didn't end right up one of his orifices, vile little man.
  23. It works both ways :) Anyone who attacked my husband would be wise to have life insurance. I would hunt them down with no hesitation. Nothing to do with gender stereotypes.
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