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  1. So, well after a year of this crap, where exactly is the revolution if so many are so aware and so brave (on social media at least!)?
  2. Exactly. There is no one who has the power or will to conduct Nuremberg 2. Whats the point if Nuremberg 1 essentially hasnt held anyway?
  3. And who will conduct Nuremberg 2 exactly? Do you honestly believe there are any good people of any real influence and power?
  4. By who? You really think there are any high level good guys?!
  5. If people cant/wont see by now then I dont believe they ever will. I dont believe that some people even have the capacity to understand. Many cant even pay attention to anything longer than a few minutes and wont spend the time and energy needed to inform themselves. There simply arent enough people willing and able to stand up to this. May be my pessimism but I believe we are totally screwed and that we have been for some time.
  6. Got to love the little bit of optimism at the end of it: "Although the ruling by the ECHR may have set the precedent that obligatory vaccinations do not contravene the European Convention on Human Rights, this does not mean European countries will force people to be vaccinated."
  7. How do you know the snow is different or that there is something in it?
  8. May I ask what makes you think Sonia is a shill? She has done some good work especially on things like the 'cancer industry'. I don't follow Wedger - personally I feel there is something not right with him, just instinct which could be completely wrong. Also not sure about Attwood.
  9. Good for you for having the courage to try and inform others :) If you get just one person to reconsider and then they get one person etc then it can cascade quickly. I wish there were more like you although I do know there are people out there also trying :) Just wish there were more of us willing to do more than 'speak out' on social media.
  10. Shame most are too gutless to act on their awareness of whats going on......................
  11. "Our study provides evidence for substantial neurological and psychiatric morbidity in the 6 months after COVID-19 infection. Risks were greatest in, but not limited to, patients who had severe COVID-19." https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpsy/article/PIIS2215-0366(21)00084-5/fulltext?utm_campaign=lancetcovid21&utm_content=160982275&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&hss_channel=tw-27013292
  12. And maybe a case of the intent always being one vaccine for one age group, one for another for some reason?
  13. Its statistically more likely to snow at Easter in the UK than it is at Christmas. Whats new?
  14. There are several big military exercises going on at the moment which may account for the aircraft noise? Its only early Spring here in the UK when the weather can always be unpredictable :)
  15. Alex Belfield has always been more than happy to bully and be vile to others - seems he cant take what he gives out.............. No sympathy from me at all. I'm much more concerned with whats happening to Sonia Poulton, someone who does really investigative journalism and who is now being attacked.
  16. You seem to like trolling me. Perhaps you should get out more and get a life?
  17. But why? Why would I waste precious time and energy on something like that? I have much better things to occupy my time with and the census is simply irrelevant to me.
  18. Genuine question, for those here who have filled out the census, why did you? WHy would you give them all that personal information just because they ask? I never have as I wont accept the intrusion in to my private life. Never will either.
  19. I was absolutely furious! I cant stand intrusions on my privacy.
  20. Im sorry to rwead about you mums tumour :( Im really glad they are leaving her alone and that she is more than happy to stand her ground :)
  21. My temper got the better of me today :( Calls from the bloody NHS, census bloke knocking on the door and trying to get in to back garden when I didn't answer at first and more dirty looks in the shop when I went for milk because I wasn't wearing a muzzle. Like most of us, I am just sick of it all, I really truly am.
  22. I've emailed NHS complaints today and told them that I have communicated my non consent to my GP surgery and to the NHS Immunisation Management Team. I reminded them about informed consent and told them that any further unsolicited calls to me regarding the covid injection will be construed as intentional harassment and intent to cause distress. I said that unless the calls stop with immediate effect then I would take action. They are really p*ssing me off now. No doubt they will just ignore me. Trouble is they dont always call from the same number so even if you block one number they still get through.
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