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  1. Pub staff will check drinkers' phones to prove they have registered with Test and Trace: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/04/08/exclusive-pub-staff-will-check-drinkers-phones-prove-have-registered/
  2. You do so love your assumptions dont you?! I dont recall rampaging through any shop, or anywhere for that matter, 'ripping' off peoples face masks in an orgey of millitancy as you would have it! A lady customer came up to me after and we had a good discussion about it all after she expressed how "horrified" she was by someone being treated this way and it had really opened her eyes. She certainly went away a lot more thoughtful having been previously unaware that this was happening to people. I also had a really good chat with the store colleague who witnessed it who also went away more thoughtful and having confided in me what many staff really think and how good it was to see a customer without a mask, actually see a customers face. You are treating me like I stood in the shop and just went in to one for no reason, shouting and swearing. I gave the guy goo, polite warning to leave me alone and when he wouldnt, yes, I lost my temper and told him to f off. After over a year of all this rubbish, like most, I'd had enough. Hardly the crime of the century is it?! Contrary to your claims, others here have had the same experience as me so nice try at the attempt to isolate and 'other' me but a fail Im afraid. You can slag me off all you like, I couldn't care less, but if the truth is you wear a mask because you are too afraid of confrontation and are so unwilling to experience confrontation in defence of basic human rights then why not say so and just be honest? If you are happy to make post after post on here, including attacking others for actually standing up for their rights, but don't walk your own talk in 'real life' then you are a hypocrite with your totally ignorant assumptions. P.S I didnt get a ride in a police car - I must complain about that........!
  3. I really like this - a well thought out and logically presented argument. Thank you :)
  4. Belligerent behaviour? Its 'belligerent behaviour' to believe that I should be able to do my shopping without being verbally assaulted and threatened for not wearing a mask and that I will challenge anyone who does so?! You may accept being bullied in a shop; I wont and I dont feel others should be subject to it either. Got to love all the assumptions you continue to make, such as me not wearing a mask is some kind of rebellion and that I dont do anything else like the 'pamphleteers'!!! I dont wear a mask for the simple reason I like to breathe and I won't wear one and compromise my air intake just because I am told to by a lying tory government and its 'sage' advisors.
  5. Yep, the whole world is a stage and all that. Maybe if nothing else it may get a few people to pay attention to the injections and look in to them a bit more?
  6. Ah, good point. Thank you for the links.
  7. Getting worried abut law suits I wonder?
  8. You can think what you like - that's up to you and of no relevance to me. Of course none of your posts are remotely offensive are they?! Interesting how when you say something someone just doesn't agree with they accuse you of being 'offensive'. Woke culture at its best. Join up? I have been a member here for a while so have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. How can I prove it? You are being deliberately unreasonable. I was so pissed off with the last man to do it I decided to use the system and have reported him to the police who have accepted it as a crime and are investigating, getting CCTV from the shop etc. How can I prove it beyond giving you the crime number?! Unlike others, I walk my talk. Its up to people what they do, its their choice. Its the excuses I can't stand. We all have our own circumstances and situations but at least be honest. If you choose to wear a mask to make your life easier by being perceived to comply then just say so. Don't dress it up and act the warrior online and then happily wear a muzzle to Tesco! I know exactly who I am when the chips are down, its irrelevant to me whether you or anyone believes it. I have been frogmarched out of my job by security in front of all my colleagues for being a whilstle blower over serious safety concerns in an airline that were being systematically covered up. I tried doing it the right way and was ignored so I went to the aviation authority. Married, with a mortgage and helping to financially support my mum. I still did it because I believed it was the right thing to do. Was it bloody awful? Of course it was. Would I do it again? Yes. Live how you want to live but at the very least be honest about your choices and own who you are.
  10. You dont have to be medically 'unfit' to be exempt from wearing a mask.
  11. I dont believe that anyone has even suggested it all hinges on the mask issue. The fact is that if people are willing to comply with a mandate to wear a mask, a mask that doesnt work and that is really just a symbol of compliance then what else will they go along with? Masks shut down communication, socialisation and debate. The symbolism is extremely powerful. Are people really that cowardly that they have to muzzle up just to go and get their shopping? For fear of what? Standing out? Who cares? Confrontation? Thats life, deal with it like we all have to whether we like it or not. That people on this forum who bitch and moan about the 'tyranny' and 'fascism' then go to the shop with a muzzle on is actually one of the most depressing things I have seen to date.
  12. With you 100% Gibby. We sound in similar places right now. The last coward who had a go at me for not wearing a mask couldnt scuttle off quick enough when I told him to take his ignorant little arse and f*ck off.
  13. Thats the point. The whole point. No one is MAKING you do anything. You are choosing to. I havent worn a mask since the beginning and never will. No one is making anyone do anything. Its all choice and thats what pisses me off about so many people the most.
  14. Exactly. I think anyone who is doing this and feel like they are somehow not complying are just kidding themselves. I dont care if I am the only person in my county not wearing a mask - I will never wear one. Never.
  15. And that makes her a shill? Sorry, I dont understand.
  16. Thank you Morpheus. Your post means more than I can say, it really does. May I ask if your wife and you just agree to differ? My husband is worried about being forced to have the injection by his employer. I have begged him not to have it but I know if they try and compel him then he will out of his sense of duty to providing for us. I know its his decision and his body but I am so worried. I am angry, very angry and frustrated. I was brought up to believe in justice and to stand up for those unable to stand for themselves. It's been part of my nature for as long as I can remember. Many times I have done it, even to my own detriment. I did it for the single reason that it was the right thing to do. Like many of us, in the last year I have taken so much abuse that I am tired of having my hand slapped back. The trouble is I keep telling myself I don't care but that's just not at all true. I do care. Too much I think but I don't know how to stop. I want to stand up and protect people from being harmed and killed but I can't. So many of them wont even have a civil conversation about it. The harm thats been caused by this covid situation alone absolutely horrifies me. I find acceptance of this almost impossible. I will try and find comfort in hoping that I will get past this stage. Thank you again for your post :)
  17. It still shows as visible compliance. I have never worn one and never will. I will not comply and submit to such nonsense like an obedient dog.
  18. That's something that pee's me off the most about those having the injections - they haven't even informed themselves enough to understand that the injections are currently in Phase 3 clinical trials that will last for another 18 months. They are guinea pigs pure and simple. How can anyone go and have something injected in to their body without even knowing the basic facts like this? They don't even know what's in the injection or how it works. Their level of ignorance truly horrifies me - its like all the horror movies I have ever watched rolled all together in steroids!
  19. The point is simple and straightforward and, I feel at least, keeps being missed and over complicated. Our bodies are our own. Mine is my own just as yours is yours. I will decide what goes in to my body and what doesn't. Me. Not anyone else. My body, my choice. It's why we (supposedly) work on the basis of informed consent. If someone wants the covid injection then thats up them. It should be equally my choice not to consent to it.
  20. There is no excuse for this level of ignorance in any half reasoning adult over a year after all this started. And thats the crux of the problem - willful ignorance, selfishness and cowardice are too prevalent.
  21. Exactly this. If after over a year the majority are still complying with the mask rubbish and allowing it to be inflicted on their own children, driving many young children in to having active suicide ideation, then what hope is there?
  22. I'd like to believe this but when I visit my large local busy supermarket and am the only one wearing a mask after over a year of the covid fraud; seeing the majority of parents still accepting the state abuse of their own children and hear of people thinking its funny to have the covid injections because they will be able to go in to the pub and their brother wont etc I am nearly 100% out of hope for the human race. Yes, lots of push back online but where is it in real life truly?
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