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  1. Look, I have no idea who the apprentice is/was and really couldn't care less either. You're just another one trying to derail the thread. I find it very interesting that you find simple, basic questions about David somehow threatening. Are you saying no one is allowed to question anything David says? Is he somehow beyond scrutiny then? I have followed his work for many many years but he is no messiah and is not above question. None of us are or should be. Me asking simple questions that lead you to accuse me of being here to "damage" David public image actually says a lot more about you than it does me. A truthful person has nothing to hide. It might not bother you that David may have lied about outing Savile before he died but it bothers me as once a liar always a liar.
  2. Don't twist what I have said - its lazy and unhelpful. This has nothing to do with what I think David should have done so stop trying to derail the thread. Other testimonies have been very clear from a significant amount of ex BBC employees that it was well known about Savile as far back as the 1970's and that it was actually a running joke how Savile liked young girls etc. David worked at the BBC in the 1980's on national, keystone programmes that were massive in their day (I remember). So many people at the BBC knew about Savile that I find it next to impossible to believe that David was not aware of any of the rumours during his almost 10 years working for the BBC. David has stated many many times that he 'outed' Savile before Savile died. I can find no evidence for this whatsoever. All I've asked is how did David 'out' Savile before his death? He didn't write about Savile in any of this books prior to Savile dying as far as I can see. When he says he 'outed' him what does he mean? Who did he 'out' Savile to? Did he go to the police for example? As already stated, all I care about is the truth and David has had a great deal of mileage out of his claim that he outed Savile before Savile died. I just want to know the truth; did he know about Savile in the 1980's whilst working on major national BBC programmes or not? If he did, why didn't he speak up at the time, after all he has criticised enough other people for not doing so. If he didn't know about Savile in the near decade he spent at the BBC then when did he 'out' Savile; how did he out Savile and was it before or after Savile's death? These are very basic straightforward questions surely? A man who writes a books called 'The Truth Shall Set You Free' should not fear any scrutiny surely?
  3. I dont expect him or anyone to be 'perfect'. I do expect him to be truthful when he is the one who says 'the truth will set you free'. He has had a lot of mileage out of saying he outed Savile before he died. If its a lie, its a monsterous one.
  4. https://off-guardian.org/2021/04/15/the-silencing-of-the-lambs/
  5. Thank you for the info. So still no evidence that David outed Saville before his death? So what, he knew about it whilst at the BBC or not? If he did, did he report it to anyone? If not then how can he wrote about others who knew and said/did nothing? It may not matter to some but it matters to me as if David has made false claims about outing a monster like Saville I can only begin to wonder how other things may not be correct either. Truth and integrity are all to me, that's why it matters.
  6. Consultation to make injections mandatory for care home staff. https://consultations.dhsc.gov.uk/making-vaccination-a-condition-of-deployment-in-older-adult-care-homes
  7. I never trust 'leaked' emails especially conveniently timed ones.
  8. I listened to the Senior Nurse whistleblower who spoke to the UK Column. For those who haven't heard it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/2hT5HAdXmnYy/ She is a very senior nurse and policy writer for the injections. She referred to it as "Genocide". In it she stated that many consultants, doctors and nurses aren't aware that the covid jabs are still in trials etc. She said they dont know whats in the injections etc. II am so touched by her bravery that I feel I need to do something. I have decided to email all the GP practice managers in my area. It will be a polite email asking them if they are aware that the injections are still in phase 3 trials and are experimental, that they have a legal duty to inform each recipient of this prior to administering the injection, that they have a legal duty to provide the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) to the patient and to advise them of the adverse reaction reporting process (Yellow Card here in England) etc. I will keep it calm and factual; an inquiry not an accusation. I am also sharing the whistleblowers video all over Twitter on NHS, British Medical Journal, General Medical Council posts etc. We need to reach people outside of our own echo chambers. If we can make as many NHS staff aware as possible then courage may call to courage and more may come forward. It might make some small difference so if anyone agrees can you do the same please? :)
  9. My had hurts it really does :( This is a response to Lucy Worsley posting on twitter today that she has had her first Astro Zeneca jab. I honestly, truly and genuinely don't get people like this. As for Lucy Worsley, hardly uneducated and unintelligent but still has the jab :(
  10. The care home my mother in law is in havent had any covid cases throughout.
  11. I think this is a really good one to show the pro vaxxers. Highlights that there are no completed safety trials for any of the 'vaccines' and that anyone having an injection is basically a guinea pig. https://off-guardian.org/2021/01/03/what-vaccine-trials/
  12. This cheered me up this morning :)
  13. Where did I expect or want you to agree with me? I asked you a simple question; were you aware that none of these people have ever sued David Icke.
  14. Still cant find anything. Integrity is critical for me and if David has lied about this, it raises serious questions for me. Savile was an evil monster and anyone who kept quiet about what he was doing whilst he was still alive disgusts me. If David is saying he outed Savile before his death when he didn't then that is a monstrous lie. If it is a lie then its even more monstrous as he has used the fact he outed Savile before he died as a way of vindicating himself and everything he says.
  15. Dr Vernon Coleman has written a book about the dangers of masks. Its free. Your sister may accept it better coming from another medical person? https://www.vernoncoleman.com/pdfupdatedmaskbook.pdf
  16. And? I'm a keen gardener with a love for Bees and other pollinators - not everything is a conspiracy!
  17. Thank you. As far as I can be sure with what I have looked at so far: David had many significant (profile wise) positions at the BBC in the 1980's i.e Sports presenter on Newsnight and Breakfast Time, co host of Grandstand. These were big national programmes back in the day. Of course it's possible that David did not know about Savile but I, personally, find that very hard to believe as he was there from 1981 and stayed for nearly 10 years working on some keystone programmes. Others had allegedly known about Savile since the 1970's but said nothing. I can't find any evidence that he outed Savile before Savile's death. He has since written about the multitude of people at the BBC who knew but kept their mouths shut for the sake of his own career and it's really niggling at me (to use your word) that he may have lied about this. I cant find any evidence that he outed Savile before his death. It also remains that David has stated he was told by "unimpeachable" sources in the 1990's about Savile but again I cant find any evidence that he did anything about it. He did however write about lots of others like Bush etc. I realise that lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. This has just pulled me up short. I believed David regarding his Savile claims and now I am not so confident. I also realise some here don't like these questions being asked and I'm surprised I haven't been called a 'shill' or something equally 'inventive' by now. David tells us himself to ask questions and to think for ourselves. The truth should never fear questions and is supposed to set us free. I'm not speaking for anyone but me but if David has lied about not knowing about Savile whilst he worked at the BBC and about outing Savile before he died and there is zero evidence of this then that bothers me a great deal.
  18. That's what I think having looked too but am still looking. At the moment the article seems to be correct. David saying he outed Savile before Savile died is a lie. Am happy to be corrected.
  19. Thank you. That was written well afterwards though. Thats the point the article is making. Either David Icke didnt know about it when he worked at the BBC (extremely unlikely) or he too kept his mouth closed about it and his claim that he outed Savile at the time is false.
  20. Does anyone know which book/books David wrote about Savile please? I am looking for myself but its a lot to get through :)
  21. It just caught me eye. I have skimmed through my Icke books and cant find any mention of Savile in them. Im sure its there somewhere! I really thought Icke had written about him and outed him but now have to accept I may be wrong. Loads of people knew about Savile - shame on all those who didnt speak out until he was safely dead!
  22. Sorry I posted in the wrong section. Also saw this as it was linked in the twitter thread. https://newspunch.com/david-icke-lied-about-jimmy-savile-explosive-claims-and-2000-reward/ That article about David Ickes knowledge of Savile is hard to argue with.
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