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  1. I've just been in hospital for five days on a 30 bed acute surgical ward. I was absolutely horrified to see elderly patients being asked to have the covid vaccine. These patients were very unwell (with issues NOT related to covid or respiratory), were confused (ie didnt even know where they were or what their name was) and clearly did not have the capacity to make clear informed decisions and to give informed consent. As there are no visitors allowed (even to the lady dying in the bay next to me) there is no one to safeguard these patients and to advocate for them. They are basically having the covid vaccine forced on them with no informed consent. This must be happening all over the country and is utterly disgraceful - what the hell is happening in the NHS that nurses and doctors feel this is acceptable and ethical??? Why aren't nurses considering strike action over this abhorrent situation rather than their 1% pay rise?
  2. 220,000 out of 66,000,000 is just 0.3%. After a year of all this covid rubbish and lies that figure depresses the hell out of me even when trying to account for other influencing factors.
  3. But you are assuming that the 220,000 who have signed the petition wont cave under pressure. You cant possibly assume that.
  4. Bee

    Covid lies

    Yep, I cant rise above it anymore either and have no forgiveness for their continued and willful ignorance; not when it is literally costing people their lives.
  5. https://fee.org/articles/npr-mounting-evidence-suggests-covid-not-as-deadly-as-thought-did-the-experts-fail-again/
  6. I have wondered this myself but feel awful for thinking it :( I have wondered so many times if its a test or filter of some kind.
  7. There are over 66 million people in the UK. Is it just me that finds it beyond depressing that only 220,00 people signed this petition? Is this the 'great awakening'? Even if more people are becoming aware, it means nothing unless they change their behaviours to match their new understanding. Beyond depressing.
  8. Bee

    Covid lies

    Im sorry but I dont know how you can say that after a year of seeing how willing the majority are to totally capitulate to totalitarianism and how willfully ignorant the masses continue to be. People where I live in England are 'celebrating' getting their vaccine. They are full of anger and hatred towards those like me who refuse to have it. Another classic divide and rule tactic that is working out perfectly. No doubt the next step will be to maintain lockdowns by blaming those who are refusing th jabs. These idiots (after a year I have lost all sympathy as there is simply no excuse for their ignorance) haven't even informed themselves enough to understand that they are part of phase 3 vaccine trials and are delighted with their 'safe and effective' jabs. They make me sick.
  9. Bee

    Covid lies

    What 'leak'? I dont for one minute believe the Daily Mail just found its conscience about something many of us have been trying to say for many months. See Peter Hitchens pathetic surrender on the vaccine today. Just more controlled opposition.
  10. You think you will find the truth from Google?
  11. But what do they actually 'do'? Being aware is just one step. Taking action and standing up is what means something. So few are willing to do this.
  12. I'm not 100% convinced that it has ever been different, not really. The outward manifestations may change form/appearance but underneath there has always been the cognitive dissonance, selfishness and myopathy. I always thought my eyes were relatively open but this whole covid situation has shown people up very starkly for what they are and the majority of it is abhorrent. If lockdown ended tomorrow I would have no wish to be around people at all. Don't get me wrong, I've never been a party animal but now I cant stand being around people at all and prefer my cats and solitude.
  13. I wonder if it is star shaped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8t9URlKg_Y
  14. It was something he saw and sent a screen shot of from a contractor site to me. It has been posted to several contractor sites. The company is genuine and so is the name stated. I have checked myself. I didnt claim it was real - I was asking the question and if anyone else had seen it, thats all. Perhaps someone has hacked the guys account, I dont know and thats why I was asking,
  15. Hi all A friend of mine who is an aircraft engineer sent me this. It has been posted on several sites which contractors use to find their next jobs. The company who have listed the job is confirmed as genuine but it has to be a hoax surely? Has anyone else seen this or have any further info please?
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