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  1. 13 minutes ago, Prometheus said:


    Very tough talk. But, um. What are you actually going to do? Really?

    I do what I can. I am active locally in my local community, have been since the beginning. You know, actually getting out in real life and talking to/helping real people. We keep an eye on elderly neighbours who dont have anyone, support the community where we can etc. At least I dont sit behind a keyboard all day just talking a good talk. I've never worn a mask and never will; anyone who wears a mask does so out of pure choice and is either an idiot or a coward. I will die before I have the injection and yes, I mean that. It will be my hill to die on if necessary.


    So yes, small things and in the great scheme of the world not a lot I guess but at least I dont sit behind a keyboard all day kidding myself I am some kind of awake warrior who then dons a mask to go to the shop like a pussy and makes pathetic excuses for my compliance.


    I feel fear like any other human but I also know exactly who I am when the chips are down and I stand by my values and principles as I have proven more than once in the past. I can walk my talk; can you?

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  2. 3 hours ago, eddy64 said:

    you go the confrontational, max aggro route if you want I'll just not wear a mask and say I'm exempt if necessary.


    I'll avoid unnecessary stress and bide my time.  

    You are deluding yourself; the truth is that you and those like you are simply cowards who are complying for an easy life. At least be honest about it rather than pathetically trying to dress it up as something it isn't. 

  3. I think she is a complete coward like most of her ilk in the so called medical 'profession'. At best sitting in the fence, taking her big fat salary and bonuses from big pharma and selling her patients down the river.


    Most medical professionals have shown their true colours in this covid scam and it should never be forgotten or forgiven by the people. Never.

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  4. 2 hours ago, skitzorat said:


    How anyone can't see this grotesque cringe-fest of desperation for what it really is by now truly is a lost cause, and a dangerous one at that.


    I have finally decided that the time has come and a line has to be drawn... up until very recently I've given my fellow man the benefit of the doubt but it's become glaringly obvious these people are as much the enemy as TPTB and we have to start thinking of them as such, because without a doubt they're going to be cheering as we're lead away to the guillotines if they're given half the chance... they're already baying for our blood and "the war on the unjabbed" hasn't even started yet..

    Agree 100%. Enough is enough.

  5. 19 hours ago, Prometheus said:


    Maybe I'm just smarter than you by choosing my fights. Why make a scene in Morrison's, arguing with staff and get kicked out when I can breeze past with a mask pass. Morrison's isn't the forum that can change mask laws. Again its this self righteous protest mentality, that making a scene and breaking the conformity of the quiet, calm, dont talk to strangers good citizen act, is somehow brave and enlightens others, but just make a pratt out of yourself and no one comes to your aid so...


    Again its all just a temper tantrum for those impotent of effective change. So they make a scene and scream their righteous indignation because in fact, they've been locked down, they've not had the balls to live extract as they did before and they want to echoes their angst with a supermarket temper tantrum and then call it a protest.


    You big Baby...because we're all drowning in the change from protests. Dude said to me last night 'we even managed to protest without permission, that had never been done before', WoW, they really redefined what a protest is.... You suck!




    Uggh, Parasites.

    Another lazy strawman argument - who even mentioned Morrisons?! You are as weak as your argument.


    You can whine, moan and make all the excuses you want. The truth is you don't have the courage and conviction to refuse to comply with the mask mandate. You know this deep down which is why you and others like you get so terribly defensive and hostile about it.


    However you try and excuse it and dress it up you cant change the truth. You are too weak and cowardly, like so many, to simply refuse to comply. Non compliance is true protest, not a little day out in London or signing pointless petitions. 

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  6. On 7/29/2021 at 4:19 PM, DarianF said:


    They've reached the pinnacle of wankery.

    Regarding masks, the worse ones for me are the ones claiming to be 'awake' and part of the 'truth' movement who did/do wear masks. They can make up whatever excuse they want but the bare fact is no one has been forced to wear a mask; they have chosen to comply and to be seen complying. The ones who have claimed exemption to get around it are just as bad; it still compliance. Its cowardice of the highest order and deep down I believe they know it which is why they get so hostile and defensive about it and trot out all the lame whiny excuses about how they 'had' to do it. If so called 'awake' people don't even have the courage to defy the mask mandate (for themselves AND their children) then no wonder we are all screwed. Bunch of snowflake cowards.

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  7. 18 hours ago, webtrekker said:


    Thanks for replying.


    Please consider this for a second ...


    If the MSM had been honorable from the start and not spouted government mistruths and not banned REAL scientists and doctors from intelligent debate, do you think we would be where we are now, with most of the population under sentence of death and the few 'escapees' in fear of their lives with no meaningful future to look forward to?


    This is why I say the MSM weree to blame in the first instance and should continue to be blamed until they either stop with the bullshit or are stopped by us.




    nope, you still havent addressed the real issue. We are ALL subject to the same lies and propaganda. Some can think and question for themselves, the majority are too lazy and selfish. They are the root of the issue not the MSM. Stop making excuses for these people who are dragging us all down with them. After over 18 months there is simply no excuse for them.

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  8. 17 hours ago, zArk said:

    To protest


    One can write to their MP

    Not perform an act

    Not join in

    Not purchase something specifically


    Protesting isn't limited to walking around a city banging a drum


    Disagreeing in conversation with a Covidian 


    Telling the school head it's all bolox and you're not part of the lunacy 



    Imo find your own way 




    Write to their MP???!!! FFS!

  9. 10 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

    'Don't shoot the messenger.'


    Sorry for keep going on about the MSM being the main culprit but, for me at least, this has what it has all boiled down to.


    I firmly believe that in this case we should 'shoot the messenger!'

    Everyone is subject to the MSM but not everyone falls for the patently obvious lies. Many of us have called out the covid bullshit from the start even though we have all been exposed to the same lies and propaganda by the MSM. The MSM isnt the issue - its people who lack the ability to think for themselves, who are needlessly but willingly indulging and wallowing in the fear mongering and who are just allowing themselves to be taken for fools that are the problem.

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Prometheus said:

    That's the thing, no one forced you to wear a mask, I've never worn one, I simply printed an exemption. I'm not getting vaxxed, it's your choice, but you must stand up fur your choices. No one said they'll be easy choices that no one would try and change your mind or pressure you. What freedom has to be free?

    Pretending exemption is just another form or compliance. It shows you lack the courage and conviction to refuse to wear a mask because its wrong and harmful. You are no different to those who comply; you are deluding yourself.

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    yes i agree


    they are invested in the protest movement but lets be real about this. We have seen protests for decades over all kinds of things and how often did that overturn what the elites wanted? (sometimes the protests are actually orchestrated by the elites)


    There is a danger with these regular protests that they become a kind of release valve where people go and let out their negative feelings and leave to go home feeling better about themselves after changing nothing tangible about the world


    How much power do we have to change things in the world? Not a lot but we can change the things IN our lives and if enough people do that they the wider things in the world change too


    So all that unity being built by the protest movement needs to be translated into consumer power. There needs to be an understanding that the choices we make as individuals are what shapes the society we live in

    I'm sure protests achieve something in the way that those participating get a (temporary) warm fuzzy feeling they are not alone but in reality the protests achieve nothing. Much like the endless petitions people have started during the last 18 months, begging to have their freedom back, to be 'allowed' to take their masks off!!!! None of them have achieved a damn thing. The time for infantile dependence on these things is long past but so many people cling to them in reality because they are easy. To disobey the system, to stand out and hold out is hard and challenging; its so much easier to attend a days event, sign a petition and comfort (delude) yourself you have done something meaningful.


    Of course people participating in protests, signing petitions etc don't want to admit this, even to themselves. They comfort themselves that they have done something and achieved something when in fact its just another sop. Its not easy to face up to, I totally understand that, but refusing to see and acknowledge the truth just drives all of us further in to the mire. Its weak and cowardly no matter how people try and dress it up otherwise.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    that's the key!


    But people want that like they want a shit sandwich


    the trick is to learn that comfort doesn't lead to happiness. The human animal needs meaning and purpose and the elite vision of a future where we are all cosseted children living off UBI while we are micro-managed by AI is not a world where we will 'own nothing and be happy 'it is a gilded cage where we will all spiral into malaise

    We need more people like you. This constant need so many have, the expectation and craving to be constantly happy; its simply ridiculous and shows a complete lack of understanding of the human psyche.

  13. 19 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    no you are not seeing the full picture


    the reason they are currently firing tens of thousands of satellites into low orbit is that they are going to use those to create the 5G 'cloud' so that you will be in that even if you are in a wood


    they couldn't have created this if there was no market for a SMART-grid


    you created that market by owning smart devices like a smart phone


    you just don't want to admit that your individual choices play a role in shaping the world. THAT refusal to take personal responsibility is the REAL block to progress and the true awakening comes from overcoming that and taking personal responsibility for your world through your individual choices


    when enough people do that the world changes for the better.....nothing else will work


    that's why i'm not currently an apocaloptimist: because i don't see enough people doing that. Instead i see people calling out for a saviour (who will never come as no one is capable of that)


    Instead i am an apocarealist and i encourage you to become one too

    100% agree with you.


    Just look at the reaction over Piers Corbyn - all these people upset because they invested in yet another fake 'saviour' desperately wanting to be saved because they are too weak, lazy and stupid to get off their arses and save themselves. Its absolutely pitiful to see, especially by those who claim to be in the so called 'truth' movement and who claim to be 'awake' - what a complete joke. They cant even cope with people who have a different opinion to them; if you disagree then immediately you are a troll, shill, 77th blah blah blah. Total snowflakes.

  14. 1 minute ago, Truthspoon said:


    Who are you? For all I know you're part of the group who tried to compromise PC.


    Come from no-where, low post count.....playing along with the manipulators.... 


    Smooth as gravel. 

    Stop being a twat just because you cant admit you have been conned by yet another 'saviour' who has turned out to be fake.


    Which part of truly decent people not accepting any form of bribe is too hard for you to comprehend?! 

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  15. 4 hours ago, Itsa said:

    Is the average retard that scared of being called a transphobe they won't call out this bs.

    'hospital trusts' just isn't good enough, It's time for names and faces.

    Beyond abhorrent - so sick of this woke madness. WTF is wrong with some people?

  16. 46 minutes ago, dewin said:

    they remembered they had the gestapo

    The Nazis got in to power because the germans allowed them to. There is no getting away from that. Most people now think if there was another war they would be a resistance hero when in fact they would be just as complicit as the vast majority of germans were!

  17. 7 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Been a very long debate about the pros and cons of smart technology. One point made repeatedly is that many would not be so aware of what is going on in our current predicament. For me the internet is more about speed of research.

    Anyone born before the eighties on this forum should understand this well. Most who look beyond the official narrative read books, researched and discussed at length with like minded friends. Weed, lsd and mushrooms were my teachers. Reading a book enabled us to become more knowledgeable about our chosen subjects. THIS was our nursery that taught us to critically ponder matters. THIS is why we can better swim through the shite being fed to us now.

    It can be difficult enough sorting through the endless misinformation online for pre internet folk but for post internet must be a nightmare. Wherever you look/search it is possible to find opposing views on subjects and people. Makes it difficult because you are constantly questioning the source.

    For us who grew up in a pre internet world it is in some ways easier(some!) we can remember the older faces in the media of today. We can remember the people they worked for and what they supported. This is why people like Icke are respected by us. Because we remember that his message has stood firm despite the ridicule.

    Not saying it’s better being that bit older it’s just with less tech around. Only 3 tv channels, rarely repeats and only a good bollocking guaranteed we had to interact with the world physically. Some people will probably never leave their homes in this modern world. Non disabled people.


    Know I’m waffling but the point is that the last few pages seem to have been destroyed by argument over who is right and who is wrong. Think we need a separate thread to discuss the merits of our opinions. We all come from different backgrounds with different life experiences. Really easy to forget that. It could be that some are impaired to a degree that makes physical resistance impossible, hence they immerse themselves in mental resistance.

    It’s all good.

    critical thinking IS positive.

    Try to be nice to each other people, we’re a dying breed! Unless your from the brigade or a troll, in which case go and drown in your own excrement!







    The technology isnt the problem A tool is just a tool. Its the intent its used with thats the real problem. Why do people always try and over complicate what is really rather simple?

  18. On 7/31/2021 at 11:07 AM, Useyournous said:

    Out of likes.

    Totally agree. Grab, grab, grab like free pens they don't need. Everyone I know who had it said "well I'm getting mine booked!" to get in there before anyone. 

    I've totally given up on them now and finally understood they arent worth my time or energy. If people are stupid enough after all this time to be getting these injections then on their head be it. No one to blame but themselves and totally out of any sympathy I may have once had. Its the children and elderly I feel sorry for being subjected to all this with very few of us willing to advocate for them.

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  19. On 6/7/2021 at 11:34 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:



    David is a shill, knowingly or not. Don't get me wrong, I like him but if he represented a genuine threat he would die suddenly.




    Agree totally. Most so called 'conspiracy theorists' are just more weak people looking for a leader and saviour whether its Icke or someone else. The very fact they cant bear any scrutiny to be put on their chosen saviour speaks volumes.

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  20. On 8/1/2021 at 7:18 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


    Slightly off-topic, but sort of relevant to what you are saying: last weekend there was a 'police incident' at a local park, where the body of a 60-year old woman was pulled out of the pool.


    Typically, the local news site just 'repeated' the statement given out by West Midlands Police, but the key thing that struck me was when the police said the death "was not being treated as suspicious". Hello? A dead body is found floating in a park pool on a Sunday morning, and the police don't consider this as 'suspicious'?


    I know 60 years old is hardly 'elderly', but this reminded me of things covered in this topic, and it got me thinking about how this is the 'disdain' they have towards our older folks. Where a dead woman can be pulled from a park pool, but the police won't investigate further as they consider it 'not suspicious'.


    I don't know who this woman was, but my sympathies go out to her family. And while I don't know the circumstances that led to this woman being found dead in the pool, I am appalled that the police consider this 'not suspicious', as it just goes against all my own human instincts.

    They do despise the elderly and I dont understand why more people arent speaking up about whats being done to them. The moment you are no longer considered economically productive you become a burden, a useless eater as they see it and they just want you dead. Why do so many people not seem to care? :(

  21. Seriously, I know a few have spoken out but only a very few.


    Where the hell are all the healthcare workers who should be speaking out about this? Are they too stupid? Too indoctrinated? Too selfish? Too gutless? What is it?


    Do they somehow think they and their families will be safe from it all? They are in for one very nasty shock if they think the government cares any more about them than  it does the rest of us.

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