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  1. You can think what you like - quite frankly I really couldn't care less if I tried :) Your reaction to simple, straightforward questions about Davids actions over Savile is very illuminating :)
  2. The very fact you see basic questions as 'attacking' David, 'pointing fingers', making 'accusations' at David etc speaks volumes. Again you have deliberately twisted my words. You twisted my words before and it was that act of twisting my words to suit your narrative that I referred to as being lazy. I did not refer to you as a person being lazy. You've followed David for all his works, so have I. What is this, a pissing contest?! Why don't you try reading what I have actually said and not what you think I have said? It might help. Where did I say I feel he 'needs to te
  3. Comments from mainstream already saying that Rod (the employee of The Raven pub) was spreading 'dangerous misinformation'...........................
  4. It wont change a thing sadly because its not on the BBC.
  5. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/death-by-vaccine-hugo-talks-lockdown_euZPCo5x1gPwzbv.html
  6. They have to give it to you, they can't refuse. I was polite but assertive. They asked why I wanted it but I said the matter was confidential. If email doesn't work you would always print out a letter and post it? :)
  7. 2 year old dies after having the Pfizer vaccine :( https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/18/heartbreaking-two-year-old-dies-after-having-the-pfizer-covid-vaccine/
  8. Thank you. I have emailed lots of Medical Centres. I kept it factual and polite. WHo knows, it might make a bit of difference. It's better than doing nothing hopefully!
  9. Look, I have no idea who the apprentice is/was and really couldn't care less either. You're just another one trying to derail the thread. I find it very interesting that you find simple, basic questions about David somehow threatening. Are you saying no one is allowed to question anything David says? Is he somehow beyond scrutiny then? I have followed his work for many many years but he is no messiah and is not above question. None of us are or should be. Me asking simple questions that lead you to accuse me of being here to "damage" David public image actually says a lot more about you than i
  10. Don't twist what I have said - its lazy and unhelpful. This has nothing to do with what I think David should have done so stop trying to derail the thread. Other testimonies have been very clear from a significant amount of ex BBC employees that it was well known about Savile as far back as the 1970's and that it was actually a running joke how Savile liked young girls etc. David worked at the BBC in the 1980's on national, keystone programmes that were massive in their day (I remember). So many people at the BBC knew about Savile that I find it next to impossible to be
  11. I dont expect him or anyone to be 'perfect'. I do expect him to be truthful when he is the one who says 'the truth will set you free'. He has had a lot of mileage out of saying he outed Savile before he died. If its a lie, its a monsterous one.
  12. https://off-guardian.org/2021/04/15/the-silencing-of-the-lambs/
  13. Thank you for the info. So still no evidence that David outed Saville before his death? So what, he knew about it whilst at the BBC or not? If he did, did he report it to anyone? If not then how can he wrote about others who knew and said/did nothing? It may not matter to some but it matters to me as if David has made false claims about outing a monster like Saville I can only begin to wonder how other things may not be correct either. Truth and integrity are all to me, that's why it matters.
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