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  1. I do what I can. I am active locally in my local community, have been since the beginning. You know, actually getting out in real life and talking to/helping real people. We keep an eye on elderly neighbours who dont have anyone, support the community where we can etc. At least I dont sit behind a keyboard all day just talking a good talk. I've never worn a mask and never will; anyone who wears a mask does so out of pure choice and is either an idiot or a coward. I will die before I have the injection and yes, I mean that. It will be my hill to die on if necessary. So yes, small things and in the great scheme of the world not a lot I guess but at least I dont sit behind a keyboard all day kidding myself I am some kind of awake warrior who then dons a mask to go to the shop like a pussy and makes pathetic excuses for my compliance. I feel fear like any other human but I also know exactly who I am when the chips are down and I stand by my values and principles as I have proven more than once in the past. I can walk my talk; can you?
  2. You are deluding yourself; the truth is that you and those like you are simply cowards who are complying for an easy life. At least be honest about it rather than pathetically trying to dress it up as something it isn't.
  3. I think she is a complete coward like most of her ilk in the so called medical 'profession'. At best sitting in the fence, taking her big fat salary and bonuses from big pharma and selling her patients down the river. Most medical professionals have shown their true colours in this covid scam and it should never be forgotten or forgiven by the people. Never.
  4. Another lazy strawman argument - who even mentioned Morrisons?! You are as weak as your argument. You can whine, moan and make all the excuses you want. The truth is you don't have the courage and conviction to refuse to comply with the mask mandate. You know this deep down which is why you and others like you get so terribly defensive and hostile about it. However you try and excuse it and dress it up you cant change the truth. You are too weak and cowardly, like so many, to simply refuse to comply. Non compliance is true protest, not a little day out in London or signing pointless petitions.
  5. Yes, Im sure writing to your MP will achieve a lot.............. Sorry but what planet are you on?
  6. Regarding masks, the worse ones for me are the ones claiming to be 'awake' and part of the 'truth' movement who did/do wear masks. They can make up whatever excuse they want but the bare fact is no one has been forced to wear a mask; they have chosen to comply and to be seen complying. The ones who have claimed exemption to get around it are just as bad; it still compliance. Its cowardice of the highest order and deep down I believe they know it which is why they get so hostile and defensive about it and trot out all the lame whiny excuses about how they 'had' to do it. If so called 'awake' people don't even have the courage to defy the mask mandate (for themselves AND their children) then no wonder we are all screwed. Bunch of snowflake cowards.
  7. nope, you still havent addressed the real issue. We are ALL subject to the same lies and propaganda. Some can think and question for themselves, the majority are too lazy and selfish. They are the root of the issue not the MSM. Stop making excuses for these people who are dragging us all down with them. After over 18 months there is simply no excuse for them.
  8. Everyone is subject to the MSM but not everyone falls for the patently obvious lies. Many of us have called out the covid bullshit from the start even though we have all been exposed to the same lies and propaganda by the MSM. The MSM isnt the issue - its people who lack the ability to think for themselves, who are needlessly but willingly indulging and wallowing in the fear mongering and who are just allowing themselves to be taken for fools that are the problem.
  9. Pretending exemption is just another form or compliance. It shows you lack the courage and conviction to refuse to wear a mask because its wrong and harmful. You are no different to those who comply; you are deluding yourself.
  10. I'm sure protests achieve something in the way that those participating get a (temporary) warm fuzzy feeling they are not alone but in reality the protests achieve nothing. Much like the endless petitions people have started during the last 18 months, begging to have their freedom back, to be 'allowed' to take their masks off!!!! None of them have achieved a damn thing. The time for infantile dependence on these things is long past but so many people cling to them in reality because they are easy. To disobey the system, to stand out and hold out is hard and challenging; its so much easier to attend a days event, sign a petition and comfort (delude) yourself you have done something meaningful. Of course people participating in protests, signing petitions etc don't want to admit this, even to themselves. They comfort themselves that they have done something and achieved something when in fact its just another sop. Its not easy to face up to, I totally understand that, but refusing to see and acknowledge the truth just drives all of us further in to the mire. Its weak and cowardly no matter how people try and dress it up otherwise.
  11. We need more people like you. This constant need so many have, the expectation and craving to be constantly happy; its simply ridiculous and shows a complete lack of understanding of the human psyche.
  12. 100% agree with you. Just look at the reaction over Piers Corbyn - all these people upset because they invested in yet another fake 'saviour' desperately wanting to be saved because they are too weak, lazy and stupid to get off their arses and save themselves. Its absolutely pitiful to see, especially by those who claim to be in the so called 'truth' movement and who claim to be 'awake' - what a complete joke. They cant even cope with people who have a different opinion to them; if you disagree then immediately you are a troll, shill, 77th blah blah blah. Total snowflakes.
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