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  1. Finally listened to the last Elon Musk podcast with Joe Rogan in which he talks about his project Neuralink in which his end goal is A.I and Human Symbioses. Any thoughts on this ? 


    I have admired his work ethic and did like him but that just sounds deranged, I get the trying to help people with brain and spinal injuries, but why an end goal of a human/robot mixture to be the norm ? 

  2. I need my car washed but Boris has closed all the hand car washes, I'm a key worker and need to get to work safely but also have a disability preventing me from washing the car myself. I've driven to my ten nearest petrol stations and they either dont have automatic car washes or they are broken. Thanks Boris. 

  3. 39 minutes ago, Shining-one said:

    What I referred to is a paradox. Most people have a real hard time dealing with the suggestion late 1960s was culturally and scientifically more advanced than today 2020. In 1969, they may have used pretty basic calculators to land men on the moon - but they did it! Could it be done today? In my view, no. Here is the bottom line: Today I.T. advanced a whole lot in the sense of stored data and mass communication. However, hard science has regressed, in my view. We couldn't land a man on the moon nowadays because we lack the equivalent of the elite scientists who pioneered Apollo and Soyuz. This isn't my view alone. What we see today is State funded research that follows an agenda - conforming to certain expectations. Boxed in a framework. What I encountered (all in all) taught me to be highly skeptical of modern research - hence the Covid phenomenon. Take the tests: People testing positive as we know, but actually quite healthy.Scientific? Just seems bizarre to me. I may be deviating a bit but for ages now I've noticed a major decline in hard science. If science was being taught in classrooms (as in the late 1960s) I think probably society would be better prepared to question dodgy Covid "science". You also wonder how many politicians ever studied biology or physics. Industrially, educationally and socially we are regressing. That's part of the problem. At least that's how I see it.

    Elite scientists ? You mean the Nazis who built NASA ? Operation paperclip ? Those 'pioneers'

  4. 10 hours ago, Anna Veritas said:

    Hi all i have a document from my local Mp confirmimg thst the vaccine has not been tested on animals  and may or may not affect fertility This vaccine is a crime against humanity Plesse can domeone get this information out to Uk public

    Kind regards and Merry Christmas

    It's already on the uk government website in a document under info about the vaccine and has been on it a long time ago. Unfortunately most people don't tend to read what they are taking, whether a vaccine or even the food they eat. 

  5. 19 hours ago, MissHistoria said:

    My partner was literally grabbed in the neck by police today at West Croydon train station screaming "Wear is your mask?" bear in mind this was off the train walking through the station where face coverings aren't mandatory...after eventually saying gtfo my throat I have asthma and I'm exempt anyway they backed off from my partner, but not before grabbing their next victim which my partner managed to capture!

    I'm really dumb founded but I shouldn't be really. I think this is my partners 3rd police interaction regarding masks. But these images show you the completely unnecessary heavy handedness of it all, why not ask "is there a reason you're not wearing a mask mate?".






    Give a bully a bit of power and that's what you get, thugs in uniform 

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  6. Every year on christmas day I visit the graveyard to pay a visit to deceased relatives, not because I'm Christian or anything to do with Christmas, just a day when the roads are quiet and don't have any jobs to do. Are we still allowed to go to the cemetery and do I need a mask if it is allowed ? I'm in Birmingham if anyone knows, did email the council but they just ignored it. 

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  7. My mask story - 


    The local council said that when picking up your kids from school make sure you wear a mask even though it's outdoors. 


    When picking up my child on 2 different occasions the teacher nearly gave me someone else's child.


    This is horrendous I think, whether you are for or against masks, if a teacher can't see a parents face it is unnecessarily putting children in danger because they can't recognise the person. 

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  8. 27 minutes ago, zigzag said:

    Can you do it yourself at home?

    If that's the case, I highly recommend to swab the orange, apple, water, cat's bum, insert....... the possibilities are endless.

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, they just want me to do the test, not too bothered if it's positive, negative or inconclusive.


    Seems like a big waste of time because I'm better now anyway but if they want to pay me the same for staying in bed instead of doing back breaking 11 hour shifts, who am I to argue. 



  9. Hi I'm new to the forum, I had to call in sick from work because of flu symptoms, cough, watery eyes, runny nose, fever.


     I Work in a large UK supermarket beginning with S. The manager said I have to have a covid test or put my job at risk if I don't get it done. 


    I've decided to book a home test because I need my income, any advice.

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