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  1. What effect does fluoride and chlorine actually have on humans
  2. Finally listened to the last Elon Musk podcast with Joe Rogan in which he talks about his project Neuralink in which his end goal is A.I and Human Symbioses. Any thoughts on this ? I have admired his work ethic and did like him but that just sounds deranged, I get the trying to help people with brain and spinal injuries, but why an end goal of a human/robot mixture to be the norm ?
  3. The NHS keeps sending my dead Grandad (he passed away last May) constant letters to get Vaccinated.
  4. It's already on the uk government website in a document under info about the vaccine and has been on it a long time ago. Unfortunately most people don't tend to read what they are taking, whether a vaccine or even the food they eat.
  5. Give a bully a bit of power and that's what you get, thugs in uniform
  6. Wonder why the CEO of Pfizer Vaccine, Albert Bourla isnt going to have the vaccine ?
  7. To silence people by removing them from mainstream platforms. One YouTube channel I enjoy is called reallygraceful, probably get banned soon too unfortunately
  8. Anyone seen the trailer for this upcoming movie, and your thoughts ? Covid 23 lol (Sorry if this is not in the right section am new to the forum)
  9. I wear it sometimes, sometimes I don't, if it's cold I'll wear it just to keep my face warm or a nice scarf, I guess it's peer pressure tbh
  10. My mask story - The local council said that when picking up your kids from school make sure you wear a mask even though it's outdoors. When picking up my child on 2 different occasions the teacher nearly gave me someone else's child. This is horrendous I think, whether you are for or against masks, if a teacher can't see a parents face it is unnecessarily putting children in danger because they can't recognise the person.
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