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  1. I'm unvaccinated and I'm purposely keeping my distance from vaccinated family members but what about when I need to go to the shops, there are bound to be vaccinated people in there too. It's "heads they win, tail's I lose" or it's looking that way
  2. It's so great to see Dr Coleman back in his chair, my three 'go to' people for news are David, Dr Coleman and Hugo XX
  3. If the vaccine does become mandatory I know I won't be signing any consent form! Regarding the nano worms I tried to do a bit of an experiment. I don't actually have any masks so I couldn't examine those but I did collect several fibre samples just to see if they would behave in a similar way to the ones we are seeing online. Some people are saying that it's just ordinary thread fibres so I also used a sample of cotton thread. I breathed on it, put it near the radiator, nothing happened at all to make me believe that is what we are seeing.
  4. I saw a few video's on you tube of snow fall in Texas where one guy was trying to melt it and it wouldn't melt. One guy held a candle under a snow ball and it just turned black and he said it smelled like burning plastic?
  5. For me, it's not about when it snows but what is in the snow? Since all this began I've slowly become so much more distrustful, I question everything.
  6. I think it's an influenza variant that people are getting. That said, let's not forget that people are dying from ordinary things that tptb are calling covid. My hubby and I live in an area where it it predominately old people, I can tell you that no one in our area has been sick nor died and there have been no ambulances tearing up and down. Just because they diagnose covid, that doesn't mean that the symptoms you are experiencing are covid. I've just been listening to David's latest audio from 2009 about vaccines. I remember my son getting the
  7. We're in UK too Bee, it kept trying to snow yesterday but didn't settle. I said to hubby if it settles I'm going to check it out to see if it looks normal. Since staying up every night and caring for a sick loved one until he passed in 2019 I don't sleep well so I sit up and watch my kdramas until about 2.30am. It's quiet because I have subtitles on and I'm hearing engine's overhead almost every night - early hours I'm not sure if it's aircraft or drones? I sometimes look out of the window but I can't see anything?
  8. Regarding the 'nano worms' it would be interesting to know if people have noticed a difference in loved ones behavior after regular tests and/or vaccine #1 or both? I've worked with thread for many years and I have never seen it move like the 'thread' in the video. More tests with these thing's needs to be done but they certainly look like the picture's of nano worms I have seen online. I wonder what would happen if a magnet was placed next to one or a drop of blood etc, very interesting and scary.
  9. A great dot connector this week, thank you. I listened to the podcast after that, just a couple of things Dr Yeadon mentions the courts toward the end, unfortunately I fear the majority of Judges may have been bought? Dr Yeadon also mentioned that he and his wife have nothing here anymore, the trouble with that is it's the same everywhere, especially now. I lived in Greece for several years and the only bonus was the weather, the bureaucracy was a nightmare and they changed the rules constantly, usually for expats, it was a fee for this, a permit for that.
  10. It's so many years ago but I don't remember him saying he was Jesus? I thought he said he was the son of god and when questioned by Wogan he continued "we are all children of god" I'm sure he said something to that effect. I don't believe in God per se anyway, I believe God was actually an alien and the people of that time were so 'spaced out' by its power and technology that they worshipped it as a God. Jesus, I don't know about but I do know one thing, David Icke has spent the better part of his life to this point trying to help humanity, if that isn't something a saviour would do
  11. No worries Mikheil, I understand completely. I feel exactly the same, unfortunately more and more of my family have had the jab including my son. Even though they are still alive I feel like I've already lost them. I'm not quite at that point where I want to alienate them all but if it comes to that I would have to in principle. Just taking it day by day
  12. I read Dr Coleman's transcript again where he talks about this and what Dr Bossche said. I've decided to hold off visiting for a little longer. I came here for advice to help me make a decision about visiting loved ones who have taken the jab after restrictions are lifted. I have to say I was a little taken aback with some of the angry responses which I felt were uncalled for, that said I can understand people's anger but they should make sure it's directed at the right people. I have absolutely no intention of taking the vaccine, I've managed to avoid being i
  13. Thank you for your replies Itsa, yes I've heard those guys too. @rideforever very good points you make there regarding our immune systems, thank you, thank you
  14. Thats right Itsa, my hubby and I have not had the jab but when restrictions are loosened we would like to visit certain family members who have had the jab? I was just wondering if it might be in our best interests to stay away from them?
  15. Hey guys, just to keep it short. Is it safe for non vaccinated people to be around vaccinated people when the restrictions are lifted soon? I've heard about viral shedding, I don't know much about it in relation to CV Thanks in advance, oldtimer
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