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  1. Regarding this weeks Dot Connector, I suspect they can influence while we sleep too.
  2. A great interview with Jacqui and she's right. I feel terribly guilty that I didn't do more for my sister but you trust them don't you? I only started researching it after I had visited my sister in her final days and the male nurse was giving her a shot of midazolam (I was tab hanging to find out what she was being given) and he told her it might sting as it was going in and my first thought was remembering something I had seen or heard about the lethal injection stinging as it went it. Two days later she was gone, that was May 15th The thing I feel guilty about is my other sister and I had visited her several days prior to that. She was lucid and my niece told us she had been hiding her tablets. My biggest regret is not asking her why? What were her concerns? My niece (her daighter) was the carer so I didn't want to impose but I should have asked her why and tried to do something about it! The trouble is my niece, nephews, other sister, son etc have all had the kill shot so they wouldn't have believed me. They had diagnosed my sister with cancer by the way and she was in a lot of pain so they had her on morphine, I don't know the fine details. She also had a needle in her arm whether it was a driver I don't know?
  3. Thank you BlueSky, yes I know. I don't know where he's getting his info' or if he thinks I'm too stupid to know better. My husband is still alive so he's my next of kin, I'm safe for the time being LOL I should add, I haven't told my husband about the messages because he would have thrown a fit! OT
  4. It was a great Dot Connector this week, thank you. Regarding the part about the vaccinated turning on the unnvaccinated, I had words with my own son last night, he was nagging me as usual to get the vaccine and he said ... When I called him on it and told him to give it a rest he said he was joking? Well, I wasn't laughing I can tell you! This is my own son trying to coerce, bully and frighten me! I responded and said it wasn't a joke, it was a veiled threat with a smiley added to soften it up, I don't know how you guys see it? He continued to say this is why he doesn't come to visit me with the GKs any because I'm "being stubborn about having the vaccine" I don't recognise him anymore, I feel like disengaging. He's had both his shots, so has my dil and more than likely they'll get my GKs done soon, they are lost. Anyway with what's going down in Australia, the way the police are treating the public and the way my son spoke to me last night and tried to scare me by mentioning POA, I wonder if they are being controlled or the jabs have begun to change them on a much bigger scale? and no, I'm not going to give in! I will cut ties with him first!
  5. As a doll collector myself I can tell you this is one I WONT be adding to my collection! I think mattel are in for a surprise if they think these dolls are going to sell well? Crikey, she looks like Eric Morcambe in drag, sorry Eric
  6. Would give anything to be with you guys on the 24th, unfortunately other issues prevent it but thank you to every one XX I'm longing to see an interview with David and Jeanette Archer.
  7. After reading about Google and astra zeneca yesterday I had a look on the GV website, They have their fingers in a helluva lot of medical and pharma' pies but one that got me was Soylent, for real. Plant based, nutritional 'supplements ' and I can't help thinking are they taking the p%£& or is it something more sinister hidden in plain sight? I mean, who would call their food company Soylent? I think it deserves a bit of a look into but I don't know how?
  8. I really enjoyed this weeks dot connector and a thought occurred to me ... it sounds crazy but after the last fifteen months ... we're all assuming that the 'zombies' we have been reading about are going to be the vaccinated, what if the vaccinated are programmed (like the hypnotised) into thinking we are the zombies so they attack us? It's just a thought that popped into my head as I was thinking about the vaccinated being programmable.
  9. I spent the whole day yesterday watching the interview with Credo Mutwa and I found it very interesting though I have a couple of issues with what he was saying. Firstly, regarding the part where he was talking about the men in black. He talked about very tall, very white men. My theory is that these men may have been guides from the Watusi tribe up north. I say respectfully because I know he was a well loved and revered person but I felt very ... uncomfortable when he was sharing his knowledge regarding human sacrifice, he knew a little too much for my liking. That being said, I tell myself he learned this information through his sources. I also thought about him eating human flesh and while I appreciate that he apologised for it I read somewhere, I can't remember where, that if you eat human flesh you get a taste for it? If one is capable of eating human flesh, perhaps one is capable of killing a human? I really want to believe in him because David admires him so, there is no doubt he was very knowledgeable on many issues.
  10. Thank's Captainlove, yes I know but I've thought for a long time that this "we'll give the patient something to make them more comfortable" is code for ' put down' My sister was 59 by the way and she was fine five weeks prior to her death. She had gone to the Dr with a bad back. I don't know how she ended up in hospital but for the first two weeks she was telling me they didn't know what was wrong with her. Apart from an aching back she was lucid and her usual self. Three weeks before she died she was 'suddenly' riddled with cancer and drugged up most if the time. Once when the drugs wore off she was on the phone to my other sister for a few minutes and my other sister said she had to hang up because a nurse came to attend to her. My other sister got the impression that the nurse had approached my sister 'because ' she was on the phone. They allowed her to come home to my nephews for the last several days where she was receiving palliative care keeping her drugged up? I guess we will never know?
  11. Going to watch the dot connector shortly. It's been a week since my family and I buried my older sister. They said she had cancer? She had been receiving high doses of Morphine and Midazolam. Something I discovered a coup!e of weeks ago but I mean, who can you tell, what can you do? Morphine and Midazolam is present in the lethal injections they give to prisoners on death row. It all made sense to me because about two days before my sister passed away I was visiting with her and two palliative nurses came to my nephews house where my sister was staying. One of them administered an injection of something to help her sleep, I think it wad Midazolam and he to!d her it would sting a bit. I'm sure I've heard on documentaries before that those lethal injections sting? The worst thing is I stood by and did nothing but she was in so much pain, I didn't know at that point about the lethal cocktail she was being given.
  12. That's what my husband and I think too. All I know she was fine about six weeks ago, ok she had aches and pains s you do when your getting older but nothing to be concerned about. She went in to hospital because she had extreme back pack pain and her breast was swollen and she was told she had sciatica. They kept her there for about 4 weeks and then let her go to my nephews house where she had palliative care nurses attending three times a day. She was being given high doses of morphine and midazolam and at the end another sedative that I don't remember the name of. When she was in hospital she was talking to my other sister on her phone and my other sister said she had to hang up suddenly. We both got the impression that the nurse rushed over to get her off the phone and she was promptly dosed up again, I don't know? I just know it all doesn't make sense, thank you for the kind words XX
  13. Just an update, my older sister passed away at around 3am this morning, cancer they said but she was fine six weeks ago. This is where it gets kind of confusing because I was under the impression that she had taken the jab but my niece said she hadn't and my niece has no reason to lie? My niece and nephews have though because they have those stupid frame things on FB saying "I'm fully vaccinated" anyway, my sister was spending a lot of time with one of my nephews and his wife, they were in her bubble. Her symptoms were extreme back pain, swollen breast and pain all down one side, sounds suspiciously like vaccine side effects? Vaccine transmission from my nephew and wife? I guess I'll never know. Regarding disconnection of the soul, my son is so cold and formal now, there is no warmth in his manner.
  14. There's some great information here especially the Ffizer document, thank you @Tom Pescatore I've mentioned that even though I tried to warn them last year that most of my family have taken the jab. I'm sad to report that my oldest sister is dying as we speak. They let her go to my nephews house and she is receiving palliative care and is in the end stages of cancer "they say" The thing is she was fine five weeks ago! I mention this because I visited her on Sunday, I had to make that choice of going in to the house of a vaccinated couple to see her because it may be my last chance. I did everything I could to protect myself, wore a mask, gloves (all I had were those you get in a hair colouring kit) I didn't hug anyone, touch anything or have a drink when offered and when I got back home I changed my clothing. My other sister who also visited her can barely walk and is using a stick? It's only two days but I've been fine, I have arthritis anyway so I'm used to certain aches and pains but I'll let everyone know if anything weird happens but as I say, it wasn't a proper interaction, I didn't do anything other than stand beside my sister's bed and talk with her for a while. hugs XX
  15. I've been feeling rather poorly since Tuesday, weak, lethargic, achy but today I feel almost back to normal. It didn't occur to me until I was washing my face in tap water and thinking about all the crap thats in it. I should explain, we recently purchased a 4 litre water distiller which after set up I started using properly from Sunday onwards. From Sunday until Tuesday I didn't drink anything but distilled water but only distilling 4 litres a day it was running out a bit so I had to use tap water again intermittently. I figured well we've been drinking it all this time, even if we have a mug or two of tea a day made with tap water our intake has still been reduced so that can't be a bad thing. Jump to today and I feel almost back to normal which brings me to the point of my post. Is it possible that I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms after I stopped drinking water direct from the tap and do I feel better today because I had to use it again a few times since Wednesday? Hubby hasn't noticed any difference but he suffers a lot of pain anyway. Has anyone else noticed similar symptoms when they changed their drinking water? I apologise if this has already been discussed, OT
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