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  1. Ah sorry didn't mean to post on main page guys. Wanted it inside the music Section. Can't figure out how to delete. Ehhh Failed project Cloudfare won't even accept any Youtube link i try too :(
  2. This whole Album is a Masterpiece guys WAY ahead of it's time. It's from 1989 i believe. You can listen to this now and it's pretty eerie how well it fits into the current climate. Whole album is a complex story from start to end. Please urge you to stick with it even if you find the music a bit dated and give it a fair go for the full story. Topics deal with MK ultra, To government and Media Corruption, Communist plan, Disease / Virus /. It's got the lot! If you haven't heard of these guys before you are in for a treat. https://www.bitchute.com/video/m8hRta
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