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  1. Hello All i have been lurking around here for a few days (was looking up something else and then came across the great reset debate) I consider myself to be open minded and have for a long time been aware that the world isn’t what it should be / could be. I have been fascinated with all things termed by the media as conspiracy theories for a long time and in fact watch my first Video by DI years ago. i have a few observations to spark debate rather than have a load of responses accusing me of being a sheeple. If the great reset is as predicted it
  2. can you expand (or link to resource) I’m not sure why a spherical earth prohibits the existentes of God
  3. thanks for answers to both questions , and I do like to consider myself a logical thinker problem solver / detective, but I like to hear how others thought patterns work. as a background to me and my beliefs , like everybody on here I don’t believe much of what I’m told and assume that most news is a skewed view of reality. However I also believe that the best way of covering up what is going on is to label it a conspiracy so it’s bundled up with all of the insane conspiracies out there. do I believe in Big Bang and luck or intelligent design , I think the Big Bang is much
  4. Newby question if the earth is flat why do people want to hide the fact, we thought it was flat, we thought it was a sphere, what difference would it make ?
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