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  1. Hello All i have been lurking around here for a few days (was looking up something else and then came across the great reset debate) I consider myself to be open minded and have for a long time been aware that the world isn’t what it should be / could be. I have been fascinated with all things termed by the media as conspiracy theories for a long time and in fact watch my first Video by DI years ago. i have a few observations to spark debate rather than have a load of responses accusing me of being a sheeple. If the great reset is as predicted it is indeed the beginning of a very dark period for the world, however I have some confidence that people will eventually realise what is going on and rebel , it’s the human way (although could take many years) The problem however with making people aware of what is happening is that they are driven to websites like this (no offence intended) where they are presented with “The Big Picture” and a number of other theories that in many cases would be too much for somebody on their journey of understanding to comprehend. As an example the Great Reset is being pushed now and people may end on this forum, but this forum has made the link between the great reset and covid being fake , it is relatively easy to belief that anybody who is curious will then dismiss the information on this site as the ramblings of insane people (how can the virus be fake my mate knows somebody who had it / why would the government fake it), the important thing they need to understand is to resist the Great Reset , they do not need to understand and may not be willing to accept the bigger picture. When the “enemy” want to achieve something they keep the big picture secret and drip small amounts of (dis)information out , they wouldn’t tell you they wanted you to take a vaccine so they could control what you did , they would tell you you need to take a vaccine to keep yourself and your family safe. I am ideas person (rather than a man of action - sorry), but is the fight against the a Great Reset co-ordinated , the first thing I would do is: create websites promoting the Great Reset , focusing on how it would mean the end of debt and personal ownership , and the start of a new greater communist way of life where mortgages and home ownership are a thing of the past, emphasise the positives while hinting at the reality , let people come to their own conclusions that it’s actually a really bad idea.. This would need to be legitimised (reach out to the WEF in support etc) to provide a tangible outlet for disinformation. You create hundreds of pages promoting this idea and forcing the new view to the top of website searches , all the while promoting the great view of a new world order where we can all be “citizens” together. Keep the picture small , no joining the dots to other theories , no mention of anything that would make people question the validity of the message “The great reset, the new communist future of the world”
  2. can you expand (or link to resource) I’m not sure why a spherical earth prohibits the existentes of God
  3. thanks for answers to both questions , and I do like to consider myself a logical thinker problem solver / detective, but I like to hear how others thought patterns work. as a background to me and my beliefs , like everybody on here I don’t believe much of what I’m told and assume that most news is a skewed view of reality. However I also believe that the best way of covering up what is going on is to label it a conspiracy so it’s bundled up with all of the insane conspiracies out there. do I believe in Big Bang and luck or intelligent design , I think the Big Bang is much harder to get your head round (how can something exists before nothing), for me I find it easier to subscribe to the theory that we are the product of intelligent design but believe that intelligent design in this case is from the stars not from heaven. I love ancient aliens but it’s so sad that it asks genuinly interesting questions and then promotes flimsy answers as facts. however, NASA being paid millions doesn’t seem be a reason to cover up the flat earth , if the money is being siphoned off for elicit means it could have easily been done through a different organisation . As an aside I used to be a firm believer that the moon landings where filmed by Kubrick , but now consider myself to be sceptical rather an outright disbeliever. I just can’t see that it would make any difference to people if the earth was flat or spherical , the move from believing the earth was flat to spherical upset the churches but didn’t make a difference to the people , what would have been the advantage of this change in belief in the first place. If it had turned out that it was wrong and the earth wasn’t a sphere it was flat who gained from hiding this and how did they gain. I understand these questions could be seen as an outsider trying to get a rise, but genuinely interested in antártica (why I read the thread) and also why people believe the earth is flat. Cheers Toby
  4. Newby question if the earth is flat why do people want to hide the fact, we thought it was flat, we thought it was a sphere, what difference would it make ?
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