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  1. I was listening to David’s interviews with Jimmy Church and Brian Rose recorded in the end of march and beginning of may. And in those interviews David claims that virus exists with ‘different strain’ responsible for exponential increase of deaths in Iran, If im not mistaken. So I was wondering how later reasoning of there not being a virus, explains rapid increase in deaths in couple areas. Thank you 

  2. On 11/17/2020 at 5:46 PM, Mr H said:


    Reminds me of the ol joke. 


    My dog's got no nose.


    How does it smell?


    Awful!!! lolz....


    Seriously dude, if the worst is gonna be a mate loses his sense of smell for 3 months - I don't think that is worth locking the country down for killing hundreds of thousands of people and sending millions into poverty.

    I’m not arguing that, I’m asking for explanation since David Icke claims covid is not existent.

    Just please dont get defensive, I believe that covid is a hoax as well. 

  3. On 11/17/2020 at 3:04 PM, zArk said:

    well, thats it peeps. game , set , match


    Why are you so defensive, I’m trying to find out the truth and ask a legitimate question. Your defensiveness doesn’t give credibility towards people who don’t believe that covid is a hoax.

  4. 19 hours ago, zArk said:


    An invading virus is nonsense


    The genetic material being found is the body cleaning itself up.

    Symptoms are toxic cells being removed from the body by its own cleaning system. 

    Viruses, bacteria and fungi are actually polymorphic cells of the body that are used to repair cells and maintain healthy function 

    So when the body becomes sick through poor diet, stress, poor lifestyle, air pollution , dirty water something as simple as drop in temparature( autumn) causing the body to work harder to maintain its heat .... symptoms appear... the clean up increases. This indicates the health of the nation and for the old, fraile and those with existing comorbidities it can be too much for their body to cope with


    For most a bit of a rest and better food gives the body the ability to heal quickly.


    Symptoms then no symptoms


    Same data but differnt interpretation


    One fits the other lacks evidence of a. Contagion and b. A purified organism that invades and makes sick

    thank for the explanation, you’re doing God’s work


    So if I person who allegedly has antibodies of corona virus tests positive again they jist gonna blame it on mutation? 

    Plus what’s gon happen to seasonal flu statistics that 50mil people die a year if now it’s all corona deaths. All of the sudden flu is not a thing anymore? 

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