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  1. I was listening to David’s interviews with Jimmy Church and Brian Rose recorded in the end of march and beginning of may. And in those interviews David claims that virus exists with ‘different strain’ responsible for exponential increase of deaths in Iran, If im not mistaken. So I was wondering how later reasoning of there not being a virus, explains rapid increase in deaths in couple areas. Thank you
  2. I’m not arguing that, I’m asking for explanation since David Icke claims covid is not existent. Just please dont get defensive, I believe that covid is a hoax as well.
  3. Why are you so defensive, I’m trying to find out the truth and ask a legitimate question. Your defensiveness doesn’t give credibility towards people who don’t believe that covid is a hoax.
  4. I know somebody who allegedly got covid over 3 months ago and still can’t smell anything, how do you explain that?
  5. thank for the explanation, you’re doing God’s work So if I person who allegedly has antibodies of corona virus tests positive again they jist gonna blame it on mutation? Plus what’s gon happen to seasonal flu statistics that 50mil people die a year if now it’s all corona deaths. All of the sudden flu is not a thing anymore?
  6. I was wondering, if the test doesn’t actually test for the virus but for genetic material, how about the people who test positive and then test negative after getting over it?
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