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  1. 5 years ago - having had the flu shot for years - I asked my Dr if he would have it and he said no. So I haven't had it since then. Why are so many Dr's and nurses still buying into it? Are they sincerely believing all of it? I think a calculated measured approach is best. I do get why David yells 'We ain't having it' however there are many many people who want to make their voices heard but who have little experience in finding a way to do it. Never been on a protest march. Never faced down the police. We all know what is going on but including everyone from the most brave / militant
  2. I like the sound of the more covert protest. I think more people would come out for it as most people don't want a fight with the police. But more and more of us first timers are coming on this march on Nov 27th but we are all out of our league having never protested before. The police are also morphing into some type of SS. Stopping an old lady and making her go back into the home? Are the old peoples homes the first genocidal camps? I am so scared of this. Really. And so many people I know are too. But going on a protest that is absolutely going to attract police in all their get up
  3. Thank you for the advice - I'll stay well clear of any trouble and I won't struggle to find taller people to stand behind!. Hopefully see you all there!
  4. I have never been on a march. I can't stand what's going on with all this. Everything being said in Alternative news is starting to come out in the mainstream - well some. Can anyone wiser protesters than me give me any tips to stay safe should things go wrong? I'm 5ft 3in and couldn't fight my out of a paper bag and I am not that brave when it comes to police and their horses. Can someone give me some advice on how it goes as I really am not missing this one at the end of Nov. Just not sure how it goes....Thanks
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