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  1. Hey, I have an idea, why don,t we folks just do what we did at area 51 and storm our way through security when one of these events is known to be going on and expose this bohemian whatever it is too the world!
  2. So I have decided to leave the lower 48 States, and I have flown all the way up here to the top of world to a very little known or visited State, called Alaska. A few of the reasons for this move, is number one, I was given a good job offer up here. Two, only about 5% of the state is accessible by car. So the other 95% of the state you can only get to by boat or charter plane. Three, this state makes Texas seem like a dwarf in comparison. Forth, the state is 40%water and there are over 3million lakes. Fifth, it is a really gorgeous and breathtaking up here. Finally, I am way away from all the nonsense and riftraft that is going on in the lower 48 States. Well anyways, you folks are welcome to come up here to this beautiful and quiet state, to get away from the protest and riots and well just all the nonsense if you,d like.
  3. An Isreal security chief has spoken publicly on the existence of extererestrials. Check it out at https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1250333
  4. I just got done watching this movie, 'Alien Reptilian Legacies'. It was well thought out and is a well made documentary. What begins to make sense to me in this documentary, is the fact that these beings, the Reptilians, are supposedly a minipulative race that comes and goes on our planet at will and with the sole agenda of enslaving mankind. Well after my experience with learning about the Illuminati, and interacting with them through a secret email they have provided me. I really believe now that possibly this Illuminati thing is an organization owned and operated by these Reptilians. In the documentary there were a lot of references to these beings being able to shapeshift into different things, or into something we want to see, like in my case I really admire Selena Gomez. So now what happened to me in Washington DC back in Oct of 2018 may have been a situation in which these Reptilians behind the disguise of the Iluminati were wanting to communicate with me, to scare me because I knew about the Illuminati, and they did not want to be exposed. WOW, this is all making sense now. There was an instance when I had gone into the National Space Museum, and I ran into this woman, who looked and acted like well Selena Gomez. It was only for about maybe a minute. We shook hands and I told her how cool it was to finally meet her and I told her how amazed I was by all the incredible space technology that is in that museum, after that we parted ways. It was after this meeting persay that the general public went crazy, and began humiliating me, and saying things about me that well I do not need to repeat in here. What is interesting about this moment in my life was there was no security guards around this woman. Whats really strange is that Selena Gomez according to thevweb at that particular time was in a mental hospital getting mental help. The illuminati sent me msgs telling me that they did all that for me out of love. Hmm now when I really look at that situation, I have to ask myself now, was that woman I met and shook hands with, a Reptilian in disguise as Selena Gomez? For the last yrs I have been trying to figure this out. I have only just begun learning about the bloodlines and now these Reptilians beings.
  5. It's interesting that the film that I just watched, which was really well done by the way; in which David Icke acted in called 'Alien Reptilian Legacies'; that was put out in 2016; and in who's very Director was a guy by the name of Chris Turner. Hmm Turner is one of the families that work hand in hand with the bloodlines mentioned in Fritz Springmeijers book '13 Illuminati Bloodlines'.
  6. Yes I actually got this information from the author Fritz Spring Meijer, in his book called '13 Illuminati Bloodlines. But yes after watching Ancient Aliens I do believe the human race was created by exterterestrials from another place in this universe. I believe they come from either the Orion, Serious, or the Pleidies constellations.
  7. I believe that I have found and am holding on too the real holy grail. I ve been studying the stars for years, and I have found within them all these family bloodlines. Now the holy grail has been fought for over 2 millennia. Men and woman have fought wars and died trying to get the holy grail. This holy grail was believed by millions to be some secret everlasting cup of life that many believed that Jesus Christ bled into. However, this was only a cover up to protect the holy families. I have found it(the holy grail) and I have discovered that there are 13 holy family bloodlines that run and operate everything in this world. Ok now strap yourself down and brace yourself. There are 13 family Bloodlines, and after doing research into these families, and finding them on Instagram; um they are pretty powerful and wealthy af. Yet most of the general public do not even know this. I have found that these families have connections everywhere. I am following people that have connections within the Vatican. I am following people that I have found to have connections within government agencies. I have even found people that are of these bloodlines, that run and operate behind the scenes of major superstars such as TaylorSwift and SnoopDogg, and so on. Most of these bloodlines go so deep that it goes all the way into an asian bloodline. This bloodline is known as Li, or Lee. The top family bloodlines are Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont(which has several different variations, and no dash between Du and pont), Freeman, Kennedy, Li or Lee, Merovingian (Family bloodline of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Isreal), Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn(also known as Van Duyne, Van Dien, Van Sise, Van Cleef, Van Cleve, Van Cleave, Van de Water, Van Dine, and other variations, and the names are not together, they are always split.) Now there are also several other well known families that people do not know that have very powerful influence; however they are in plain view, and some not. -Disney(think of Walt Disney world and who basically runs and operates every American TV show/series etc. Now this family is very difficult to find, cause most of the Disneys have changed there names to Miller.) -McDonald(this restaurant chain is everywhere in the world, lol makes sense), -Krupp, a dutch top family -O'Connor(an Irish top family, and I am part Irish), -Owens -Todd (basically a black family side that is connected with the Collins family) -Hearst(this family is connected with the Van Duyn families, and have major connections in communications etc) -Turner family Ok, so I've been following these top families on Instagram, and let me tell you that every major Superstar, celebrity and public figure is following someone or even many people from these family Bloodlines. This is quite fasinating. Now remember when looking for these people, is that if you misspell the name, then it is not the right family name. In the Chinese community it can be considered insulting. So Li is not Le. Only look for Li or Lee. And it's not MacDonald, it's McDonald. Collins is not Collin. So just remember that proper spelling is critical to finding the correct people. And these people are some of the most powerful families in the world. Now in Russia, it is believed that the Romanov family is connected to these top families I ve mentioned above. So I ve found the real holy grail. It's family bloodlines. It took me a yr to put the puzzle pieces together, but I found it. Oh wait, I am not done explaining yet, I am also following Bella Thorne and several other major celebrities. Now as an example, in regards to Bella Thorne I ve found alot of these folks in her list of folks she follows. I don't know if you know about the Playboy Mansion, which is owned and operated by the Hefners? Anyways Bella Thorne is a member of this secret club. According to a documentary I watched about this Playboy Mansion, is that it is open only by invitation from Cooper Hefner; interesting eh! Anyways, the people who get invited are very powerful and famous celebrities and public figures, and mostly woman. Now I could give you example after example to prove to you how real this is. To me this is fact, not just a theory. I just wanted to share all this with you cause I now feel like a veil was over my eyes untill I turned 30, then when I turned 30, mysterious I start learning about all this stuff? Very weird, but it is the truth. So I encourage you to start looking around and you will begin to see what I am talking about much more clearly. As a side note, the NSA, CIA, and the FBI knows that I know all this stuff, and the government has me sensored down to the finest detail and I am silenced, by the national US public. Everytime I go out into the public I am sensored and watched like a hawk. It's a hard life now. But I am truly thankful that I was given this secret knowledge. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world.
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