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  1. Maybe there's no need for them to. https://davidicke.com/2022/09/28/new-anti-globalist-italian-prime-minister-meloni-supports-digital-ids-backs-cult-puppet-zelensky-and-is-a-member-of-the-cults-rockefeller-funded-aspen-institute-how-very-anti-globalist/
  2. I agree with many of the points made in the video, but I'm put off by the narrator Peter Hammond implying that you have to defend the "Old Order" if you want to oppose the NWO (David Icke doesn't want a return to the Old Order either btw). It's also ironic that Hammond opposes globalism while supporting Christianity which is itself a globalist religion.
  3. I'm not saying there's a lynch mob mentality on this forum or even that it's prevalent in the field of conspiracy research. Just that it's a danger that should be guarded against.
  4. I too tend to trust David Icke (I'm still not sure about the reptilian stuff though). What's been happening this year with lockdowns and Covid has brought it into sharper focus. I remember during the first lockdown in spring there were brief moments when I felt panicky and I thought, "The lunatics have finally done it. They've brought in their new world order and this is what it feels like. If this is how things are going to be from now on, I'm not sure I want to be here." As for Bill Gates, I don't really "feel" anything when I see him speaking. There doesn't seem to be anything coming from him for me to "feel". Maybe that in itself should ring alarm bells. But I will look into the stuff about him and India and Africa.
  5. I agree. Doing extensive research on any topic can be bloody hard work, and a lot of people (myself often included) don't have the required mental discipline for that. I just get a bit worried that there is sometimes a "lynch mob" mentality in the conspiracy field, and there are people who will think Bill Gates (or whoever we're talking about) is evil because David Icke says so or because Kate Shemirani says so or because this or that conspiracy researcher/theorist says so. I just think we should be on our guard against that tendency.
  6. I was just making a general point about people not always following their parents' ways. I went a bit off-topic!
  7. Sometimes it does. Some people reject everything their parents stand for.
  8. Can't condemn a man because of who his father was.
  9. Can't condemn a man because of who his father was.
  10. In reference to Basket Case's post, for Bill Gates to go to jail it would still have to be shown beyond reasonable doubt that he knowingly or recklessly killed, maimed and crippled thousands of Indian and African children. But if we're talking about balance of probabilities in a civil case it's a different matter.
  11. If this has been the result of his actions, can we be reasonably sure that he did this knowingly and/or recklessly?
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