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  1. The Danish Covid mink scandal goes from bad to worse. Danish authorities had already been forced to admit human-human infection of mink-related Covid had not taken place between the region Jutland to Zealand. The original claim was used to justify the mass extermination of all 17 million mink in Denmark. The situation now has become even more shameful. Documents have come to light that show officials knew there was no legal basis for a nationwide killing of all mink at least one week before Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen gave her press conference. The law only allowed for mink within a rad
  2. The Danish Authorities admit huge mistake. They have now admitted that no human-human spread of mink related Covid had taken place from Jutland to Zealand. They say they made an unfortunate error. 12 people in Jutland had supposedly developed mink related Covid (Cluster 5) in August/Septemeber. Despite extensive testing, no further cases have been found since. Various Danish experts say it has presumably died out. Despite this, 17 million mink will still be exterminated. Dogs and cats can also carry Covid - how long before these fall victim to the Covid agenda? https://www.dr.dk/ny
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