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  1. I think regarding the vaccine a wise person could be able to avoid it if it came down to it I’d try simple stuff like changing my doctors, I’m kind of registered at two anyway, one near my house, one near my mums, id tell both doctors I had it at the other one, doctors are usually quite arrogant, they don’t care enough to check, the receptionists are usually too busy or would get confused anyway Same with work, if I had to I’d change jobs and say I had it at the last place etc, no work place I’ve ever worked at would care enough to check even tell the doctors I had it at work and work I had it at the doctors, give them a headache, so long as it’s not costing them money they won’t csre i do think it may be difficult regarding holidays etc but there’ll be ways around that too
  2. It’s not quite talking to myself but I do have a constant chatterbox going on in my head its only when I take a second out and observe or notice it that I’m aware of it, I guess doing something like meditation would make me aware of it and is one of the few times I can slow it down it’s nothing bad, usually mundane staff like having an imaginary conversation with someone I’d seen a few days ago, hope I don’t. Sound too crazy but that’s how my mind works
  3. How can it be 90% effective when the flu vaccine is only around 40% effective?
  4. I think it’s wrong but I also keep quiet on it mostly, I think only the pro life women can win an argument on it unless you’re very skilled and able for the abuse
  5. For me when I feel depressed I always exercise until I get an adrenaline rush usually takes about 3 hours or so before I get one Once I do it stays with me for a day or two afterwards as well its not a cure for depression but it definitely takes the edge off for me
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